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8/2/2009 5:55 AM
I used an anonymous donor but for different reasons. I am a single mom, I was 40 and had one failed adoption attempt and decided to use a donor. I had iui 3 1/2 years ago and have a beautiful daughter. I decided about 7 mos. ago to try again. This time...not so easy...after 2 failed stimulated iui attempts we went straight to ivf because of limited samples. There are great donor web sites, some have more info. some have less. some have picture matching(ideal in your case), and some have donors who are open, meaning they are willing to meet potentially future offspring. I have absolutely no regrets...you take your chances with any partner, and I would venture to bet I knew more about my donor, than alot of women know about the father of their children. I have one bit of VERY IMPORTANT advice. When you pick a donor, an onerous process, get plenty of samples...lots. If you should desire to have another biologic sibling, one to 2 years down the road, that donor will likely be inactive. This caused me a great deal of stress. I am happy to say ivf was successful withonly one good embryo and i am now 19 wks pregnant. Best of luck to you!

8/1/2009 11:32 AM
Has anyone used a sperm donor? We're dealing with MFIF, have failed with 2 fresh/1 frozen IVF cycles and it looks like our next step might be to consider donor sperm. Our RE actually mentioned it before we attempted IVF but I really wanted to try it ourselves first. Seeing as we pay completely out of pocket and I'm not currently working, we really can't justify the cost of another round of IVF.

I'm still on the fence about using a donor and haven't discussed it with DH recently. I really think he'd be fine with it, I just need the courage to bring it up again.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has gone this route and is willing to share their experience. I guess my biggest fear is not having a complete medical history for my child. I have two siblings who are adopted and they haven't run into any issues with not having familial history, but I'm just so worried about it.
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