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12/1/2017 9:15 AM
Hello everyone, I wanted to share my story. I am 30 and my husband is 33. We tried to conceive naturally for 2 years, both healthy and active (normal BMI). We had blood tests, sperm analysis, sonograms and all the tests returned normal. My infertility specialist recommended IUI but I declined as it cost $10,000 for one cycle and required at least 4 cycles plus chance for pregnancy was 10%. Specialist was agreeable to move forward with IVF. I started on Menopur SQ in am and Follistem SQ in pm for 5 days had ultrasound, follicles were developing well and Ganirelex injection was added SC in pm with a baby aspirin. this continued for additional 4 days. after my 4th ultrasound when I had couple mature follicles, it was determined I was ready for the trigger shot "pregnyl IM in buttock x 1". I was instructed to have no intercourse and to take doxycycline at bedtime. I arrived in Pittsburgh (2.5hour drive) at 630am and had my retrieval at 730 am. I was under anesthesia for this procedure. My husband and I got a hotel room and I stayed in bed the rest of the day getting up to use the bathroom and going out to eat. I was given prescription for prednisone for 5 days (4xday), another dose of doxy and told to start 1 cc Progesterone oil IM into buttock daily. I have to say if I could do it again I would refuse to do the progesterone oil injections and opt for the vaginal progesterone suppository(too painful-couldn't sleep bc of pain). 6 days later I returned to Pittsburgh for the transfer (one embryo was transferred, I asked for 2 bc chances are greater for pregnancy but was denied). 8 days later I got a call stating my HCG was 1 and needed to be a 5. a recheck was done in 2 days and it returned again as 1. I was told to stop progesterone and it was a failed attempt. They offered another cycle in 4 months but I declined. One cycle alone cost me close to $10k. The specialist office offered a consultation to discuss other options but I declined appt. I was not going to pay another co-pay for them to tell me they do not know why it failed. I am grateful for the experience, I had only 3 interactions with the doctor and the rest of the time it was with nurses in the span of 4 months. I hope all those who try IVF don't get discouraged. during the week I was getting IVF there were 5 others like me and only 1 conceived. I still feel I may have had better chances with two embryos rather than one but I will never know. Blessings to all who are going through this!
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