Frustrated with my care
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9/28/2011 9:09 AM
I was very frustrated with my care the last round (our first round) too and don't know what to do next.

They never put me on Lupron before my cycle, now it seems that everyone else was on that first and wonder if I should have been on it too. I found out two days before the retrieval that I should have been taking a low dose aspirin every day the whole time and of course hadn't been because I didn't know.

They let me run out of 2 of my meds, fortunately one of them I had a dr. appt. that day and was able to get a dose from them, the other med they called me a few hours before they wanted me to take it and I was just out of luck with that one. I only had 6 follicles and the day of the retrieval they found that 4 of them were empty. They didn't say that I'd ovulated already but I suspect that I had and that it may have had something to do with the med that I was out of and didn't take.

We got really luck and both eggs fertilized but neither of them took and I started my period while I was still on progesterone, which makes me think my dosage wasn't correct because that med is supposed to keep you from starting your period.

Unfortunately we had to drive an hour to get to the clinic we went to and there are no others around. I feel it's hardly worth bothering to go back to this clinic, but there aren't any others that are accessible (the only others that are nearby are operated by the same clinic, same doctors, same nurses).

6/27/2009 9:38 AM
You can take your embryos wherever you want. The stakes are too high to stay in a place where you are dissatisfied with your care.

6/26/2009 10:04 AM
Hi everyone. I am new to this board, so here is my story. We tried for one year to conceive on our own. I am a marathon runner, and after I went off the pill, my period was very irregular. When I was training for my last marathon, it stopped altogether. We saw a RE and I was instructed to stop running and she started me on Follistim. I was converted to IVF because I responded so well, however, only 2 eggs fertilized and we did not get pregnant. I was VERY unhappy with the care I received- no one ever went over side effects on the injections, every time I called the office I felt like I got a different story or explanation. So we got a second opinion, but by the time I got the appointment I had already started the meds for my next round of IVF. However, the MD we did see was a bit shocked at my story and did not agree with my current MD's course of treatment. My insurance company would not let me transfer mid-cycle so we stayed with the same MD. I developed OHSS with this cycle, but did get pregnant. Unfortunately, I had no heartbeat at 8 weeks and had to have a D&C. Obviously, this has been overwhelming to us and we are trying to heal. We have 3 frozen D5 blasts left that we want to transfer. We were going to stay where we were for this last cycle, but I am again having second thoughts. When I spoke to the RN yesterday she told me my insurance approved a fresh cycle- she had no idea I was doing frozen. It just makes me nervous that there is such a lack of communication in this office and I am worried that we are not doing the right thing. Has anyone else changed doctors, and if so, at what point?? Sorry for such a long post!
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