Getting through the TWW
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Getting through the TWW Expand / Collapse

3/15/2016 2:11 PM
What are your strategies for getting through the TWW? We have MFIF and after 3 failed IUIs decided to go for IVF since we were on our last vial of donor sperm and he is no longer in the program. I do not have IF so the process was pretty smooth. I produced 14 follicles, had 12 eggs retrieved, 9 fertilized and 6 made it to blastocyst. We had one day 5 embryo transferred on 3/5/16 and beta is on 3/17, making me 10dp5dt. My cycles are normally exactly 28 days so my period is about 2 days overdue. I'm going nuts! I'm having symptoms not typical for PMS, at least for me. I want to take a HPT so bad! But, I was so sure I was pregnant with the last IUI and didn't even make it to test before my period started, so I'm apprehensive.
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