Sperm donor offspring - how do you tell them?
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Sperm donor offspring - how do you tell them? Expand / Collapse

3/15/2016 1:51 PM
We have MFIF d/t husband's cancer treatment years ago. In order to have children we needed to use a sperm donor. We elected donor who is open to meeting the child/children after age 18. We find out Thursday if our first IVF cycle after 3 failed IUIs was successful.

Throughout the whole process it's been weighing on me how to eventually tell our child my husband isn't his/her biological father. I wonder at what age we should tell them, or if we should just raise them kind of knowing and if so, how do we do that. I'm afraid they'll have an identity crisis or feel disconnected from or out of place with my husband and his side of the family.

Anyone here have children who know they are the product of an unknown egg/sperm donor? Has it created issues for them? How did you tell them? What did you do or wish you had done to help them feel okay with it?
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