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11/23/2017 5:50 AM

Because of my uterus, I don’t have even 1% possibility to conceive a baby, But we (me & my hubby) didn’t give up. It is a big tragedy of my life that I couldn’t bear my child, touch my belly and feel the kicks, care my baby… But Today because of Happy Family Surrogacy and IVF consulting I am happy mom, I have amazing healthy active daughter, we are really very happy. So, girls, be brave and fight for your happiness!! Thanks for surrogacyinfo, and I am very satisfied with final result! I am a mom of healthy active daughter. They treated well and also got accommodation, food supply, transportation in Kyiv and the most important unlimited attempts! All of it I received without help of agency which offers it for extra fees. I have dual impressions if talking about service. More and more infertile couples find happiness in surrogacyinfo. They are really good, just need to correct some organization things and they will be the best. Try this & you will get definitely good results.
Best Luck All

2/29/2016 10:18 PM
When I did donor eggs I went through Donor Source. They have so many profiles to choose from. But if you do not mind if the baby looks exactly like you then you can also ask who has been a successful donor so you have a better guarantee of eggs and quality. We used them twice and were happy with them.

2/29/2016 8:01 PM
I want to reach out to see if anyone has a recommendation for a good egg donor agency. I've had 12 IVFs and was told to consider using an egg donor. At this point, I'm not considering using my own eggs for a 13th if I want to move forward I know my only option is an egg donor. Therefore, if anyone has worked with a donor agency and had a great experience with them please share. I've searched so many websites and am having a hard time finding a good one.
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