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11/23/2017 5:43 AM

Hello dear,

Do not worry, many people are suffering from the same problem. Please consult with the specialist before taking the medicines or tests. One of my friends tell me about surrogacyinfo (Happy Family) and also tell they solve all the problems related baby.

So, do not get frustrated. Try this, hope this will help you!

Happy to help

3/5/2016 9:49 AM
Hi Beloved. Sounds like you're doing everything right. Good luck for your results and prayers that you get that perfect embryo.
Read the thread First IVF at 43! It's positive and its my story and another woman's, Auracynthia. We are both pregnant from IVF and from doing the same things you mentioned. It's been a long process but we are both doing great.
Best of luck to you!

3/4/2016 10:38 AM
Hi. This is also my 1st IVF Cycle. I am 42. Before I started the process I was taking vitamins for about 6 months (coQ10, prenatal vitamins, vitamin C, Folic Acid, and fish oil). Once we know we will start this process I quit my job ( crazy but necessary because the stress was high). Then, I was afraid about the accuracy of the injections. However, Everything went well. My husband who is a nurse watched me doing it the first time to give me some reassurance and after that it went smoothly. I did it all myself! I had the egg retrieval on Monday: we got 15 eggs, 14 of them where fertilized and we are waiting for Sunday to see how many of them are going to make it. We're going to send them to PGS as well. I have to say that once I started I have felt very calm and tranquil. I am very detach to the results. My husband is afraid that we have to do it again, because financially we wouldn't be able to do it. I just decided to let it go and let it God. I just believe that He put this dream in our hearts to make it happen, so I should no fear. I have found that the greatest thing I owe to this process in the opportunity to reach for God in my life. I am enjoying this process and instead of seating nervously waiting for the results I am continuing with my life, so I am praying every day, I've been doing guided meditation, and write in my journal of gratitude 5 things that I am thankful for everyday, I go for 30 minutes walks, I am working on my masters degree, spend time with my friends, going to church, I have positive affirmations in my bathroom mirror... everybody deals with situations differently, I just can't let my entire life stop for this even when I want it with all my heart. Ah! and I don't let anybody to tell me their horrific experiences....if it's not positive I just don't want/need to hear it. All is well!

2/28/2016 3:34 PM
Great job! It only gets easier from here as you get used to it. At first, my husband and I thought it would be better if he did the shots but I couldn't stand it, not knowing when he was going to do it. It was much better for me when I did it myself. BTW - I'm 43 - my husband and I decided to go for one round of IVF (I had a tubal ligation 14 years ago, long before I met my husband so we knew we needed IVF). We were set on one round only because it's all we could afford, and we figured if it didn't work, at least we would know we tried and we could live with that. I had 23 follicles, 19 eggs retrieved and 14 fertilized. We had 5 embryos make it to 5-6 day blasts. We had PGS done on those 5 and in the end had 1 that was healthy with no chromosomal abnormalities. A male, which is what we were hoping for! I had my FET on December 14 and I'm now 13 weeks pregnant and feeling great!! At first I thought I was absolutely crazy to think that this could happen with only one try, but I'm here to tell you that it can!! Stay positive! I agree with Hopeful - get some acupuncture if you can. Do some guided meditation designed for fertility treatment. If nothing else it helps you to feel like you're doing everything you can. We're cheering for you - it takes a lot of courage to go for it like you are!

2/27/2016 9:08 PM
Just gave myself 2 shots; 375iu follistim & 75 menopur. I have never given myself a shot before. I was so nervous for no reason. They didn't even hurt! Few! I'm so glad the first time is over.

2/27/2016 11:52 AM
Thank you so much for explaining! This is my first cycle and there is so much to think about. I've heard acupuncture is good. I guess it's time to pursue that. We decided not to do the PGS testing. My husband isn't thrilled about all of this and how unnatural he thinks it is. I'm starting to think maybe it could save us a lot of grief. It's all just so expensive. My meds were a lot more than I originally thought they would be too. Again thank you for sharing. No one I know has experienced any of this so it makes it even harder.

2/27/2016 8:00 AM
So when we paid for our treatment, we paid for the main "package" (which was doctor visits, blood work everything that went along with stims except the meds) then we bought a "bonus" package. When you send out your embryos to be PGS tested, it cost $5000 to test up to 8 embryos. So if you send 1 or 8, its the same price. So when we bought our package, to add a second cycle, The 2nd cylce cost $5000. This way we could batch the embryos (get as many as we could) If we had a great cycle the first time around and got 8 embryos, and opted to not do a second cycle, then we would lose that $5000 but with my age, the likely hood of that was very slim. If we did our first cycle and got nothing, THEN wanted to do another cycle, it would cost $10,000. So the second cycle was more of an insurance thing, if that makes any sense. So I wish I had a crystal ball back then because I would have only bought the 1 cycle, tested the embryo and did the transfer back in Aug. BUT we were and I think, did the right thing by the 2 cycles to increase our chances of finding that good egg. My husband is a numbers guy, I'm the emotional one. When we did the 2nd cycle, and only showed 2 follicles, I just wanted to go ahead with retrieval and move on because we had agreed to do only 2 cycles. Well he put it in prospective with, the 1st cycle we got 5 and 1 was good, what were the chances of only showing 2 follicles, and doesn't mean that mature eggs were in them, out of 2, what were the chances of 1 being good. So we were able to do the cycle again for no additional cost because they said the expensive part is the retrieval. But, we did have to pay for the meds again. We did the next cycle at the end of Oct and got 12 eggs, which I couldn't believe and got 6 that made it. The interesting thing is, when the PGS results came back, It shows you which embryo had what chromosomes wrong and who gave the bad chromosome, which was me in all the case. All were girls too except 1 and that one had 3 chromosomes wrong. None were downs, they were ones that would have caused a miscarriages so it was good to eliminate that heartache.
Will this be your first child?
Something that I would recommend is acupuncture. I don't know how or why, but I think it really helps.

2/26/2016 8:45 PM
Congratulations! If you don't mind me asking, why did you go on to a 2nd and 3rd cycle and not transfer after 1st cycle?

2/26/2016 7:53 PM
Hi there. Sorry you're not feeling well but yes, I know the excitement of getting started. I started my first cycle in June and got 5 mature eggs and 1 made it to 5 day blast then my second cycle, I only showed 2 follicles so we opted to NOT go to retrieval and try again. We didn't have to pay more, just for the meds. So that cycle in the end of Oct, I got 12 and 6 made it. So We sent out 7 for pgs testing and 2 came back good. I had my transfer Jan 21st and I am currently 8 weeks pregnant with the embryo from my first cycle. I am turned 44 on jan 26. So it was a good birthday present to see the double lines!
Good luck to you!

2/26/2016 1:52 PM
Well this week has been a bummer. I ended up with the stomach flu. Definitely not a good start to this process. In a good note I get to start my stim shots tomorrow. I'm oddly looking forward to it.
Is anyone else going through this same cycle? I would to here your stories.

2/22/2016 8:33 PM
Hello.....I'm very new to all of this. I've never posted or shared my story publicly. Im 34 and have been trying for 8 years. I've done a few rounds of clomid with no success. Last summer I was getting ready to start my 1st IUI and found out I was pregnant. Unfortunately it was an ectopic and damaged my right tube. I only have my right ovary because I lost the left one to a dermoid cyst several years ago. Anyway all of that has landed me with starting IVF. I started Estrace today and will begin stims this weekend. All I think about is IVF and I'm so nervous. I can't afford to do this a 2nd time so I'm praying this works but I'm really just trying to take one day at a time.
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