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11/20/2016 7:22 PM
I just started my injections last night I was terrified. This exact time last year I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. With that being said I went under hormone therapy helping to fight the cancer. With the chance of it coming back I will have to have a hysterectomy after o have my babies. After the ok to get pregnant with a 3 month window that I'm a week over the 3 months. My dr wanted me to have ivf but it was to expensive we can't afford it so our insurance will cover the iui. So we are on our journey to having a baby I also just need prayer I have 8 days of injections then the iui I pray it works the first time.

9/12/2016 1:30 PM
Was your IUI successful?

12/6/2015 9:19 AM
Hi, I had my first IUI done on 11/24. I had been on Follistim prior to and had a Pregnyl injection 2 days before. I had a Progesterone blood draw on 12/1 and it was 36.60 which I hear is really good. I had a booster injection of Pregnyl later that day. I'm a nervous wreck as this is all so new to me. I do have 2 other children from a previous marriage but this will be mine and my current husbands first. He had cancer and had to go through total body radiation so this is why we have to go this route. He went through so much and I am really hoping and praying this works for us.
Has anyone else had a successful IUI and what was your Progesterone level? Any advise would be appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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