Egg Donor Success Stories Over 40 Please!
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12/3/2015 10:57 AM
Hello everyone! My husband and I are just beginning our journey to use an egg donor and I'm desperately seeking some success stories from the ladies over 40. I just turned 43 and my hubby is 38. We have been diagnosed as having secondary unexplained infertility as I have one son (24) from a previous relationship. My hubby has no children (but has healthy swimmers) and we would love a child together, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards for us based on my age now. So, here we are. We will be seeing a specialist in January and I would love to hear about everyone's experiences. Please do share with me. I'm a bit of a nervous wreck. Were you successful on the first try? How many embryos did you transfer? Advice? I feel like I need to know everything and I know nothing right now. *big grins Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing what your overall cost was? We are paying everything OOP, unfortunately, so we need to know how much we will have to save. It's so unfair that we have to pay for something that is free for so many people. *sigh

Thank you so much in advance. I look forward to hearing your stories and advice!
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