First cycle started shots last night!
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First cycle started shots last night! Expand / Collapse

12/1/2015 8:58 AM
I'm talking to a woman right now on Baby center that is 44 and is pregnant with her 2nd. Her first at 42 was a success.
I'm hoping for the same and best of luck to you!!!!

11/23/2015 7:42 AM
Hi! I am 34 and my husband and I started our first round of shots last night. After a losing battle with endometriosis both of my tubes are completely blocked so here we are. 6 years after "banging our heads against a wall" as my doctor stated it. Hey at least we were having fun trying lol! I have a ton of mixed emotions but I wanted to share on this particular site that I think women in our situation are especially amazing. Not to say women in general aren't amazing but I think we take the cake! Every single one of us is battling deep emotional distress but we push on stronger than most to fulfill the most amazing dream of motherhood! Well congratulations ladies. We are not damaged goods or emotional roller coasters, quite the opposite! We are warriors and there is something to be said about that!

Anyways after that I will say I would love to hear some great stories both successful and trying. I like to be a realist. I try not to think about the future. Right now I am waiting for my bus to take me into to NYC for work and I am living in the moment. Loving my cramps and bloating. My body is getting ready to make a baby!!! That is a miracle in itself.

Is there anyone else embracing this experience as a whole? Please share!


Love to all of you and good baby vibes being sent all around

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