Egg donor cycle using known donor
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4/6/2016 10:34 PM
Absolutely nothing new with me! Anyways I was just a little concerned when I hadn't heard from you. But all in all you're still pregnant and that's fabulous. I wish u well!

4/2/2016 7:48 PM
Hello. Sorry I have been radio silent for a while. Anything new going on for you? I am now 10 weeks tomorrow! We have had 4 ultrasounds and I can't believe how fast the little guys are growing! My blledung issue is slowly resolving. The clot was much smaller this week on the ultrasound. But ai have had some bleeding these past 2 days. I know the dr said it is nothing to worry about but I still get a lottle sick to my stomach when it happens. Nausea was pretty bad earlier this week again. I got some Seaband bracelets though and they seem to help. Just trying to get to the gym when I can and stay active. I have gained 2 pounds so far. But thats about it. Hope you are dojng well.

4/2/2016 1:26 PM

3/7/2016 7:49 PM
Hello Yearning. I appreciate the response. I am definitely excited but I can't help be afraid to be too much. I was doing better but unfortunately I started bleeding again today at work. So I am planted back on the couch until I have to go to the drs tomorrow afternoon. I am not cramping anymore right now, I was when I first got home and laid down. I just can't imagine I am losing them after the dr was so optimistic in Saturday. I don't want to believe it is possible. I know I have to stay positive. Trust me I am trying. I am afraid it has something to do with my job, I am a pharmacist. My job is not physically difficult but I work 13 hour shifts several days a week and am standing 99% of that time. If they say I have to sit more, I definitely will do it but it will be very difficult in my particular store. And I don't have any vacation time left until the summer. I just need to get through the night and morning tomorrow until we can have another ultrasound and see what the heck is going on.

3/7/2016 11:14 AM
Rest, not only your body but your mind. Only positive thoughts. You Seem like you are holding back some of your enthusiasm for this pregnancy. I understand you want to be cautious, but let loose there by releasing some of the tension. Curious, are your coworkers aware of your situation? the more they know the more sympathetic they will be. Nevertheless, people understand when you don't feel well and have to leave work. So don't worry about that! Enjoy the support.

3/6/2016 7:35 AM
We have had a very eventful last few days. Thursday night I went to bed with a headache and feeling generally crappy. During the night I woke in a panic thinking I was cramping. I went to the bathroom to discover that it was bladder spasms and I figured I had a UTI. So I called the RE's office from work Friday morning. They didn't call me back until almost noon (and they close at noon on Fridays). So the nurse told me to go to StatCare and be seen as opposed to waiting all weekend. Luckily I was able to leave work for a bit and they confirmed I did have a UTI. They gave me some antibiotics and an anti-spasmotic to help with the bladder pain when I would pee. So I was back at work feeling a little better but still peeing every 20-30 minutes (which is very inconvenient where I work). I went to the bathroon yet again but this time I had one dime-sized very red blood spot on my panties. I told myself not to panic because UTI's can cause bleeding from the urethra but when I wiped there was what at the time, seemed like ALOT of blood. Now I panicked. I was instantly crying, no idea what to do. I went back in to where my co-workers were and grabbed my phone. I called the RE's office, of course they were closed. I did have the IVF nurse coordinators direct number though. As I am crying and trying to explain to her the situation, I am just getting more and more upset. She tried to reasure me that this is common in IVF patients and they don't always have a reason, but it is usually not a problem. She said unless I was uncontrollably bleeding she didn't want me to go to the hospital. She said to go home for the rest of the day and to come in to the office the next morning (yesterday). I am so fortunate to have such great coworkers, they told me to just get home and they would handle the rest of the day. So I somehow made it to Sat morning without losing my mind. I was so nervous on the way up there, on top of the morning/car sickness it was not a fun hour ride there. But the dr on call did an ultrasound. He said he saw no glaring reason for the bleed, which was good, and which had basically stopped by this point by the way. He is not my reg dr and asked how many embryos we implanted. We told him 2, and after moving the probe around ALOT and taking ALOT of measurements he moved it to show a frontal view of my uterus.... And our twins!!!! My husband and I are still in shock. I can't believe both embryos took. He said everything looked fine as far as he could see, gave several possible reasons for the bleed but said since it was essentially a single bleed, he was not really concerned as long as I wasn't cramping. He said I had to take the rest of the weekend off and to keep my original appointment for this coming Friday. He said we may be able to see heartbeats by then! I was so excited to text my best friend who was our donor, as she is a twin herself. I know we have a LONG way to go still but on cloud-nine right now.

2/26/2016 7:59 PM
Just a quick update. My second hcg test was this last Wednesday and the results came back over 900! So my number doubled perfectly in 2 days! I have my ultrasound on March 11. That seems so far away. But I am just so excited. I hope everyone has a good weekend!

2/22/2016 11:34 PM
I had my day 10 hcg blood draw today. I can't believe it. My level was 436! The nirse coordinator called me after a nerve wracking 6 hours to tell me. I am still in shock. I couldn't wait to tell our donor but of course I couldn't get through to my husband (he was out working and didn't have service) so Inhad to wait until I could tell him. She is so excited. My husband and I are being cautious. We have gotten a positive before, after the first IVF cycle that ended up being a blighted ovum. So he is really reluctant to get too excited until we know everything is ok. Which will pretty much when I give birth to a healthy baby. Since my level was higher than averages I read online for 4 weeks, our donor swears its twins (she is an identical twin herself). I go back Wednesday for the second blood test. Then they will set up the ultrasound if everything is A-ok. Just so excited.

2/22/2016 11:26 PM
Yearning. i am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties. What's going on?

2/22/2016 7:20 PM
I had to distance myself from the forum because nothing was happening for me. Nothing good anyways. All kind of depressing. But cassinews I'm happy to hear of all your progress. It sounds wonderful. Best of luck to you all.

2/18/2016 4:18 PM
So today is day 5 of my 10-day wait and I am starting to get antsy. My work schedule is weird so I have had yesterday and today off. As much as I enjoy being home, I have too much time to think especially after my husband leaves for work. Trying not to overthink every twinge and tingle I feel. I am trying my best to stay busy while also not over doing it. I hate that I wasn't allowed to work out at the gym at all this week. I guess I could go and just walk on the treadmill. But thats no fun. But this is my weekend to work so at least the next 3 days will go by quickly. I keep telling the two perfect embryos they transfered to dig in deep and grow every day. It is hard to kep myself from being overly excited. We haven't told the vast majority of our family or friends but I do have a few that I can talk to about it all. Hope everyone reading this is doing well in their cycles/pregnancies. Have a great rest of the week.

2/12/2016 11:15 AM
The embryologist called again yesterday morning (day 3). All 21 embryos are still growing propperly. She said they will have plenty to choose from. My transfer is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I am very excited but trying to be cautious. We never got to do a day -5 tranfers the two cycles we used my own eggs so this is encouraging. Best wishes to everyone in the current cycles.

2/9/2016 10:41 PM
Got the call this morning from the embryiologists. Of the 32 eggs retireved, 24 were mature and 21 fertilized. Our donor is amazing!! They will leave them to grow big and strong until Thursday then we will get another update amd find out what time our transfer will be on Saturday. Sending happy thoights into that incubator all day today that they continue to thrive. More news to come.

2/8/2016 8:04 PM
So our donor had her retrieval this morning. They were able to retrieve 32 eggs! Yes I said 32! I am just blown away. The poor thing said she felt like she has been a baby the last fee days because she was so tired and uncomfortable. No wonder! She is recovering well at our house. She had lots of cramping and spotting earlier but said she is feeling alot better already. We just napped all afternoon and got our favoirte pizza for dinner. My hisband has been great at taking care of us. We will get a call tomorrow from the office with how many eggs were mature and were able to fertilize. Will update more later.

1/31/2016 9:05 PM
Another update… we are smack dab in the middle of our donor egg IVF cycle. I decreased my Lupron to 5 units last week and started my estrogen therapy. I am now up to 1 vaginal estrogen tablet each night and 4 (yes FOUR) estrogen patches that I replace every other day. It is a ton of estrogen but I really haven't been having too many side effects so far. Besides the hot flashes and a few night sweats I am feeling pretty good. Waiting for the uncontrollable crying, but it hasn't started yet, and I hope it doesn't. I HATE to cry. My friend will be up here starting tomorrow night or Tuesday to stay for the long haul. She started her gonal-F shot last night but unfortunately she got really sick afterwards. She swears that it is a stomach bug but I am worried. What if she doesn't react to the meds well?! She said she feels much better this evening but I feel terrible. I would never want to put her in jeopardy. I never took that med with either of my IVF cycles. Does anyone have experience with gonal-F? She was throwing up and had diarrhea for almost 24 hours. Any help would be appreciated. Well wishes to everyone.

1/15/2016 7:27 PM
Hello, figured I would do a quick update. Things are really moving along in my cycle. I had all my bloodwork, a saline sonohystogram and trial transfer last Thirsday. The dr said everything looked great there. I meet with the nurse coordinater while I was there and she went over the prep part of my drug protocol. I started Lupron shots this last Wednesday and am taking a prenatal and folic acid supplement as well as the active birth control pills only. My hubby and I are both finishing up a Z-Pak (just standard procedure). Next week I will add a low-dose aspirin, vit D supplement also. The 19th will be my last birth control pill. I continue with the Lupron until right before the retrieval I believe. Estrogen pill AND patches begin the 26th. My friend who is our egg donor will be here starting the 29th and will stay with us until after the retrieval, which is looking like will be the 8 or 9. That puts my transfer at the 13 or 14. It will be here before we know it. How is your planning going Yearning? Hope all is well!!!

1/3/2016 11:05 PM
Yes donor fees are included in the overall cost. As long as it's someone with the clinic already. And this is a staggering amount of money, $30,000!!!! So to use Someone from an outside agency, is an additional 3,000 minimum. It kills me to take such a risk, for something that's not guaranteed! Yes we will have to take out a loan, and be in debt. And I'm going to die if it doesn't work.

12/28/2015 11:39 PM
I completely understand not wanting to wait. We started the conversation with my friend over the summer. When we went to the drs in September and we worked out a general timeline, February seemed way too far away. But it was the best time for all parties (the lab at my clinic shuts down for two weeks between the holidays in Dec for cleaning, training, etc and our ED competes in horse shows so we needed to wait until the off season for her. But now, we have both started out first meds (birth control and prenatals) to get our cycles aligned as needed. The retreival/ transfer will be here before we know it. Are the donor fees included in your overall cost throigh the clinic as long as you use one of their donors? I really have no idea how it all works as we never considered a donor before my friend offered. I can only tell you that there is so much that goes into this process the time homestly does go quickly. You will have many appintments and steps you have to take that this summer will be here before you know it, if you decide to wait for her. Keep me posted.

12/28/2015 9:38 PM
Yes, I think the donors are amazing to give of themselves literally. I'm not excited to start the search again. Plus Using an outside agency is a minimum of $3000 extra.I'm debating waiting for this lady who won't start until summer. But that seems like eternity, and it seems like every month I grow two times older. If that makes any sense. Have you told your extended family what you are doing? I don't plan on it.

12/25/2015 1:31 PM
Yearning. I am so sorry to hear that. We all on here are unfortunately all to familiar with disappointment. Not that it makes it hurt any less. In general I believe that women that are egg donors are angels sent here to give women such a special gift, but the one that you picked obviously does not understand the implications of what she did. I am sure she did not mean to hurt you but it hurts none the less when you get your hopes up. Especially if you had so much trouble coming to the decision in the first place. The only thing we can do to get through these disappointments is to try to find a bright side. Maybe now you will be able to find a donor that looks more like you. I am confident that you will find a better fit now. Try to stay positive love.

12/25/2015 12:42 AM
Sounds like everything is about to fall into place. And Christmas is the perfect day to get the ball rolling. Allow everyone else to take on your anxiety, Except for your donor friend of course. As for me, we finally made the biggest decision of picking the ONE who be the Other half of what my baby is made out of. And it was a struggle because I couldn't find anyone that looked like me. But I accepted it, and pictured my baby with those looks. Then yesterday I was told that the donor didn't update her availability, she wouldn't do it until June. The company doesn't want to work with her anymore because she didn't follow the rules. Now I'm back to square one. And sad.

12/23/2015 11:34 PM
Well surprise! My cycle decided to come a little early this month (3 days). So we are officially on the cycle in which we are starting the prerp for our donor egg IVF cycle! Very excited but I have noticed some increased general anxiety these last few days. Nothing worrisome, just noticable. But anyways, I will start my first pack of birth control on Friday, day 3 of my cycle. My friend and donor should be a few days behind me in starting, which is good because my nurse coordinator said I need to be a few days ahead of her in our cycles. I was supposed to call her today to let her know I started, but we unfortunately just played phone tag all day. So I guess I will try to call again Saturday to set up my husband and my blood work as well as his seman analysis. Then we just need to get up to the office to sign all the papers and give them all our money. 😉 I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays, I probably won't have anything to report until after our next appointment. Best wishes to you all!

12/20/2015 9:48 PM
Yearning- how is your search going? As for our situation, our friend actually made the offer to us. I had not really even considered using an egg donor. We were leaning more towards donor embryos. I am not sure how to start that conversation. But if you have a friend in mind already then she is obviously someone you trust, know enough about to want to use her genetics if using your own is no longer a viable option. It was not an easy decision to take her up on the offer. I told her she needed to do more research in the process and then we could discuss if she still wanted to offer her eggs. After going IVF twice I tried to explain to her the process shouldn't be taken lightly. She called me a few weeks later and said that she had not changed her mind, and we started the tedious process with my fertility clinic. So because we were not even looking at egg donation previously, I have no idea how stressful the annonymus donor selection must be. Does your clinic have a good suppoort staff to walk you through it all? I wish you the best and hope the process goes smoothly. I am confident you will find the perfect donor. Keep me posfed and I will do the same. Take care!!

12/17/2015 12:04 PM
Cassinews I'm not as far along in this process as you are. We've been searching anonymous donors, Right now we are narrowing our selection down. I had briefly considered asking my best friend but how on earth do you get the Courage to ask that? Anyways the excitement must be building for you since everything is underway. I wish you the best of luck.

12/15/2015 11:14 AM
Just an update. Our donor (hate using that term because she is my best friend, but it is what it is) will both be starting our BC in about 2 weeks. Started a prenatal this week as well. If all goes to schedule we are looking at a retreival/transfer the week of Valentines Day! Anyone else on a simialr time frame? Best of luck to you all on the forums. And everyone have a great holiday season.

11/12/2015 2:29 PM
Hello. We are in the process of starting our 3 IVF cycle, but this time using an egg donor instead of my eggs. I was wondering if there was anyone on the forum who has used a known donor (mine is my best friend). I have done hours of online reasearch but still looking for more personal accounts of the process. Thanks for any info provided! Best of lick to you all on your journeys.
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