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1/31/2013 8:09 PM
I´m going through my second IVF. In the first one they managed to retrieve 20 eggs but unfortunately we only had 2 good embryos and it didn´t work that time. Now I´m again in another cycle. This time the retreival was for 30 eggs, I was amazed, but right now we only have 4 embryos that look normal and have managed to develop to the stage of blastocit. I´m waiting for some news from the laboratory but every day is a mixture of frustration, sadness, and loss of faith...

I all ready had 3 miscarriages, one in week 11 and it was absolutely devastating. I just feel the need to share this with people that can understand how difficult is sometimes to cope with infertility and the physical and emotional cost of this...

5/5/2010 3:06 PM
I have gone through two IVF cycles with PGD and have had successful pregnancies with both. Both of my children are perfectly fine. Out of 23 eggs and 4 embryos for one cycle and 12 eggs and 6 embryos for another cycle, the PGD identified only one viable embryo in each cycle. I have a balanced translocation, so all of the other embryos would have resulted in a miscarriage had they implanted, so for me the PGD was imperative to not having to go through all of that. Starting up another IVF cycle now to go for a third and we will again be doing the PGD.

3/20/2010 5:25 PM
Hi Izzy, Go to the "General Discussion" area and then to the "IVF-Buddies". There are some women in that discussion that have gone through what you are going through.

3/19/2010 10:12 AM
Today I am going in to speak with my second DR. about IVF with PGD, I am so nervous. Anybody out there going through the same thing?

12/3/2009 5:44 PM
I am starting my second cycle of PGD/IVF soon and just wanted to see if there is anyone else out there going through this too?

5/18/2009 10:19 PM
I just started my stim on the 14th and I am also doing PGD. So far I have 7 growing follicles and some smaller ones. My doctor just increased my doses to try to get those smaller follicles to grow also. He said he would like to see between 10 and 20 follicles, and the closer to 20 the better. I really hope this works. I did look into getting pregnant naturally and then having a CVS, but I had a misscarriage last year at 9 weeks, which was extremely difficult for me. So I decided that having a CVS at 10-12 weeks would be too emotionally upsetting. But it is much earlier than the amnio. I'm not sure how long you have to wait for results though. Does anyone know?

4/11/2009 6:03 PM
Hi all.
I do not know anything about PGD but wanted to advise you that there is an alternative to 20week amnio. I too did not find that idea appealing. When I was pregnant with my 2year old daughter I had prenatal testing called cvs(chorionic villus sampling). they actually retrieve genetic material from the 10week old fetus. It was painless and was a very intensive screening as they actually did chromosome mapping and study. The risk of mc is nearly the same as amnio. Just wanted to share another option. PGD was not an option for me at this time as I only had one normal embryo for transfer. I am day one post transfer and keeping my fingers crossed.

4/11/2009 4:21 PM
My husband and I have recently gone through the PGD procedure. We were able to extract 15 eggs with 14 being fertilized. All 14 embryo's were able to be tested for the genetic disease and there was only one healthty embryo. We completed the transfer and it was successful. We are currently 10 weeks along. Just had our last ultrasound with our IVF doctor. He said everything was looking good and has released us to see our regular doctor. I also wonder if the PGD process will have any effect on the embryo. If anyone can share their results please do. I'm so happy that we went through the process. It gave us so many answers.

3/14/2009 11:52 AM
I also had genetic testing performed on 5 embryos with 4 resulting in abnormal complexes. Unfortunately, after an 18 egg retrieval from one ovary, only one was normal. We just implanted 1 grade B egg. I have heard that good health prior to the retrieval is essential for good eggs and that acupuncture helps as well. If this egg doesn't take, I will consider a different medicine to stimulate the ovary--my Dr said that she will change the medicine (stimulant) for my next egg retrieval in the hopes of obtaining better egg quality.

I have never been through this process before...i have a new found respect for anyone who goes through this!!! Good Luck to all of you!

3/6/2009 12:33 AM
I wasn't totally successful with PGD, but I am so glad we did it. Because I am older, 41, we worry about the risks. In my last round of IVF, I had five eggs that fertilized and four had genetic issues that were clear because of PGD. One embryo had Turner's syndrome and would have had the potential to successfully implant. The fifth was what they call a swing embryo and they couldn't get a clear read on it. It implanted, but then I ended up with a chemical. It's clear that I have egg issues and PGD helps you identify it. We are definitely doing it again.

2/15/2009 4:33 PM
I will be starting IVF soon and want to know if anyone has done the PGD or PGS and had success. I am wondering if it is safe for the embryo to be cut and sampled prior to implantation. The screening appeals to me because I find it ethically more appealing than a 20 week amniocentesis, but am I wrong? It is more harmful to the baby?
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