Any Encouragement For Low Follicle Count
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6/16/2017 7:40 AM
Hi verycapey,

Keep your head up. At age of 38 my AMH was 0.80, and we tried IVF in Dallas, TX with no luck. I'm currently with a new place called CNY Fertility located in NY State and they are known for their success rates! Now at the age of 41, I am in my priming month and will be undergoing IVF retrieval next month. They have a very personalized staff and Dr. Robert Kiltz is a hands on doctor. Even at our consultation he stopped in to introduce himself and talked to us, like real people, for about 20 mins. They have a dedicated travel team of nurses that deal with nothing but out of area patients. They are located in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany, NY. I am going to the Syracuse location and several friends of mine have had alot of success with them. I live in PA and I know of people that have come from out of the country for Dr. K's care.

Basic IVF (not using donor eggs, sperm, etc) is $3900 plus meds and they offer an in-house payment plan for up to 18 months! They have all their prices listed on the website and nurses are always available to answer questions. They also have special pricing with local hotels that will provide transportation to/from airport and the doctors office in Syracuse. Website is and I would highly recommend them.

I am now 41, and hubby is 50. We have tried for over 3 years and have had no luck with 3 failed IUI's and 1 failed IVF cycle with the TX doctor. We are hoping to expand our family very soon as I'm not getting younger and I have one 9 yo daughter from a prev relationship who desperately wants a sibling. Keep your chin up and don't give up hope!

I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted as to how things go for you! Baby dust to you!

10/16/2015 10:15 AM
Hi There VeryCapey!

Do your best not to stress out, a low follicle count can be very disappointing but you have to remember that it's the quality of the eggs that matters, not the quantity. I had only 5 follicles total when I went in for my retrieval on Wednesday but it turned out I only had 3 eggs. The 3 eggs were very healthy and mature and ALL 3 fertilized! Now we wait to see if all 3 live to Monday for our transfer. As long as they are healthy and growing you don't need a huge amount of them. I've also read that if you have a lot of follicles you typically can have smaller, less healthy eggs that don't egg up fertilizing anyway. Just stay positive, you can do this!

10/14/2015 7:23 PM
Hi, So happy I just stumbled upon this community as I have been feeling pretty alone on this journey. I am 38 and have low AMH and we also have some issues on my husband's side. Although we do have beautiful 2.5 year old that we had no trouble conceiving! We've been struggling the past year and have had 6 unsuccessful IUIs. We moved onto IVF this month (even though the dr warned me I wasn't an ideal candidate b/c of my age and egg). My ultrasounds so far have been discouraging-only 1 follicle. They were close to calling it off but are having me try intramuscular (instead of subteanceous) injections for the next 2 days.

Has anyone had similar results? Even though we are continuing, I did not get a very encouraging vibe from the doctor. And now I'm stressing/wondering if another protocol is even worth trying or if this is an indicator that I'm not going to be a responsive candidate.

Thanks for listening. I knew this was not going to be an easy journey but am super frustrated and am only 2 weeks in!
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