Low Follicle Count at First Ultrasound
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10/8/2015 3:10 PM
Thanks! I've been so nervous about this and everything seems so last minute trying to plan the next step, it's been very overwhelming. It's great to hear that you had such a big improvement in numbers over only a few days, I'll keep my fingers crossed for that as well My next ultrasound is Saturday morning, wish us luck!

10/8/2015 3:04 PM
Hi, wanttobeafamily, I have definitely learned that you can't really compare experiences, because everyone is at least a bit different, but here's mine: I'm 43, and just finished my stim shots last night, on cycle day 14. I'm triggering tonight, retrieval on Saturday. On my day 8 ultrasound, I had 9 follicles, which I was happy with, not expecting amazing numbers due to my age. I had another ultrasound on day 12, and was astounded to find out that I had 21 follicles. So, after day 8, things can change dramatically. I had another ultrasound today, and I now have 22 follicles, almost all of which are between 20-30mm! So, it's definitely very possible that you will end up with more than what they're counting now in the end. But even if you dont, I've heard plenty of stories where people only have a few eggs, but still get that baby. It's a total cliche, I know, but it really and truly only takes one! Stay positive! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

10/8/2015 10:15 AM
Hello Everyone!!! I love how supportive of a community you all are and so I'm seeking some help and guidance. I'm 31 years old and on day 8 of stims for IVF. My husband and I had to go straight to IVF because of male factor infertility. My first ultrasound was after day 5 of stims and I only had 4 follicles. I've been feeling very depressed and scared that I won't have enough for egg retrieval and/ or that they won't be good quality. My next ultrasound isn't until day 10 of stims and I'm getting extremely anxious. Does anyone have any advice or stories from a similar situation? Thank you in advance
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