First IVF Cycle at Age 43!
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11/7/2016 7:44 PM
I am 42 and I have one daughter who is 26 months old and she was conceived through IVF. I went to Shady Grove Fertility (both Waldorf, MD and Columbia, MD) and I had one failed cycle based upon my follicles not responding well to the medication. My follicles did not meet their criteria in order to move forward in the cycle so they cancelled. I moved on to Columbia Fertility in Arlington, VA only to go through another failed cycle using a different protocol. This time I was advised that I have low ovarian reserved and a high FSH. Dr. S told me that I had just as much of a chance doing inhome insemination IUI as I did continuing to undergo treatment there. I tried at least 5 times with at home insemination IUI without any medication and have been unsuccessful. My daughter was conceived with fresh sperm. However, I've used frozen vials for the at home IUIs. Unfortunately, Dominion Fertility doesnt accept my current insurance and this is going to be a completely out of pocket experience unless I can find another facility which accepts my insurance and has a high success rate given my age, low ovarian reserve and high FSH levels.

11/4/2016 12:03 PM
HI there. I went to a great place in Wilm, DE. Called RAD Reproductive Associates of DE.
They are great and it worked for me. I really don't think a person has to go to India! There's lots of great places here in the US
To give you an update, Auracynthia had a beautiful baby boy and I had a beautiful baby girl. I delivered last month at age 44.
Best of luck to you and I can answer any questions (hopefully) that you have.
I'm so grateful that I had the chance to do IVF. We spent a lot of money!!! But looking at our baby girl, you can't put a price on her. She is priceless and it was worth every dime.

11/4/2016 10:30 AM
Yearning. I am doing treatin San Francisco as well but at UCSF, how far are you in the process

10/3/2016 10:59 AM
Jasmine Why would your sister go all the way to India when there are places here in California. I'm going to a place in San Francisco right now Called Pacific fertility. This process is expensive enough as it is and I believe the added stress of traveling is too much to endure.

9/14/2016 3:09 AM
Hi there! May i ask where you had your IVF treatment. My sister is age 43 and is looking for IVF clinic possibly in India. She's been trying to conceive ever since and got the opportunity or budget to have it done. Now she is after the best clinic so if you have any suggestion please share it. I really want to help her lessen the expenses and right now we have a quote given by this medical tourism company named PlacidWay since my sister needs to travel to India. And they said the cost may start at $4000 or Rs. 2,50,000 so we are still open for other options. Please! Please! Need your opinion. Thank you!

3/6/2016 1:28 PM
I just sent you a request! Awesome, now we can put both a face to the name! Hey, see if you can delete your last post, just incase other people are reading this, and they look you up. (unless you don't mind) Just fyi, I haven't posted anything about baby because I'm still waiting.
Ok, I'll email you through there!!!!

3/5/2016 8:06 PM
That's awesome! It's so amazing to be able to see her move, isn't it? I feel like I could lay there and watch an ultrasound all day. I'm doing good, feeling good, just tired easily which is fine. I'm 14+3 - next prenatal appt is on Monday. I don't think she'll order the anatomy scan until after my next appt at 19 weeks. Time is flying by though! Glad all is well with you - I'll update again after my appt. Are you on Facebook? If so, look me up - Aura Truelove - then we can converse directly.

3/4/2016 10:22 AM
Got to see my little peanut today!!! So cute!! Her little arms and legs were moving a little. Like twitches. Heartbeat was 174. I have 3 more weeks with the specialist then I graduate to the OB level!
Hope you're feeling wonderful and life is great!

2/25/2016 8:36 AM
Oh! I'm so glad everything is ok! It's terrifying when that happens, and it seems like it happens to almost everyone at some point. I had bleeding and cramping one night at around 6 weeks. I was sure it was over, and then it just stopped. Looking back, I think it was because of the progesterone suppositories. Man, I hated those things!! Anyway, again I'm just glad you didn't have to worry for too long before you were able to get the reassurance that only an ultrasound can give you. Sounds like she's perfect! Take care of her mama! I don't really have anything new going on. I'm 13 weeks and one day today and feeling good. Take it easy! Talk to you soon!

2/24/2016 2:23 PM
We had a scare today. I was spotting. Of course I panicked. I had an appt already for my ultrasound and here is the CRAZY thing. Last night, I had a dream that I went to the bathroom and saw blood on the toilet paper and someone in my dream, I think it was husband, was saying, "don't worry, it's normal for IVF patients". So today I got to the gym and went to the bathroom before my workout and looked and saw blood! Well, I didn't listen to the message (if that's what it was) in my dream and panicked! I was able to get in earlier for my ultrasound and everything was fine. Her little heart was beating away. I was in tears! My poor husband was so scared and raced home from work as fast as he could. I have a tear and I don't remember what the name of it is and she, the ultrasound tech, told me not to google it because it will freak me out but she said its very common with FET patients and they don't know why but my tear is about a centimeter. She said it will heal most likely on its own but I have to take it easy. Cut back on exercise and limit steps, etc. But I can continue to have some blood. It was so scary. I never had anything like that with my other kids. God I wish I could have a glass of wine after today!!!!!! But baby girl heart beats were at 153 and she is measuring 7weeks and 4 days. Right on schedule.
Hope all is well with you!

2/20/2016 8:56 AM
Wow!!! You go girl running marathons! That's awesome. Yes I've heard if you ran them prior, you can still continue up to your due date I believe. A friend of mine did that. Not me. I ran in high school and vowed never to run again but I actual have been getting the itch. I did a mud run a few years ago and I LOVED it! I love running trails, like I did in school for Cross Country. The mud run, we laughed the whole time and yes, we were covered in mud.
I think that since we are older, we have to stay in shape during pregnancy because it will be that much harder to get back to normal AND its better labor when you're in shape.
Take care and have a great weekend!!!!

2/18/2016 3:05 PM
Oh, I'm so happy to hear that. How wonderful that we started out together with the odds stacked against us, and now both have our little miracles well on the way! I'm 12 weeks and 1 day today. Starting to get a bit of a bump, and overall feeling much better. I am a marathon runner - my last full marathon was in June, but once I started my stim cycle they told me I couldn't run. My OB gave me the ok to start again so over the past 2 weeks I've been running 3-4 times a week. I've actually lost a couple of pounds! Which is ok, I think because I put on about 8 pounds in the 1st trimester due to having to eat constantly to keep the nausea away. Plus, I'm much less bloated since I came off all the meds. I took my very last progesterone capsule last Saturday, and that was it for my meds. I made one last trip to the RE for blood on Monday and my progesterone level was 18 without any drugs, so I'm officially graduated completely to my OB! No, I haven't had a flu shot, but I never get a flu shot. I'm always afraid it's going to make me sick. I never get the flu, and you're right, flu season is almost over. Totally up to you though. I know it's recommended for pregnant women, but I won't be getting one. My OB didn't say anything about it.

2/18/2016 9:38 AM
I just got back from the doctors and saw a heartbeat!!! Her beats were at 117 per min. So cute!! I'm 6 weeks 4 days. I go in every week for ultrasound and check up until I get til 11 weeks. Then I stop meds and graduate up to the regular OB. I can't believe it!!! I'm still hungry all the time and tired. I am putting on some weight. I'm smaller to begin with so it's noticeable on me, at least I can tell. I'm trying to hit the gym and walk on treadmill and do a yoga class. I love to do body combat and trx and I've seen pregnant woman taking those classes but I'm scared to over do it. I was starting to take a aerial yoga class but No way now because its a lot of hanging up side down and flips. Tons of fun and a great work out but again, I'm scared to over do it.
Did you get a flu shot? I totally forgot and not totally sold on getting them. Well my husband really wants me to get one now and I don't........I feel as though flu season is almost over and I just don't want to.
Hope all is well and you're feeling great!!!!!

2/12/2016 1:59 PM
Well, I got good news yesterday - the results of Wednesday's blood work looks really good, and tomorrow will be my last dose of oral progesterone, and then I am totally off all of the hormones. I don't know if it's because I'm almost totally weaned off the medications, or if it's because I'm almost through the first trimester, but I'm feeling much, much better..way less tired, and the nausea seems to be completely gone. I even have the energy to work out - I did that 3 times this week! And today for the first time, people at work have started commenting on my little pot belly - of course, they know I'm pregnant. Anyone who doesn't know me would still just assume that I'm just a bit chubby at this point, lol. I'm really looking forward to the second trimester though! How are you doing? When's your next ultrasound? Hopefully you'll see a heartbeat next time if it's not still too early. ) How many weeks along are you now? I've lost track. I'm 11+3.

2/10/2016 3:04 PM
That's so great to hear!!!
Wow time is flying by!! That so great you're doing great as well and lucky you to almost be off of everything. They told me today that I will most likely do the shots til my 11th week so......(I think I might have said that in the last post)
I was still thinking of doing the ultrasound that checks for Downs but not any other test. I know the one where they put the needle in the belly can cause mc. But I will talk to my OB when I start going to him about it.
Yes, we both need to enjoy this time as much as we can and really appreciate it. My only issue really is how hungry I am all the time. I eat and then 2 hours later, I'm starving. So I'm constantly trying to have "good" food ready to eat. Healthy food. No junk. It's so easy to quickly grab something bad for you. I do nibble on goldfish crackers but other than that. I made a super big batch of vegetable chili last night so it's my go-to food for right and try to have chicken that I can just pop in the microwave. I need to buy more organic foods. I heard that it's important to eat organic, especially when you are pregnant.
Ok, talk to you soon

2/10/2016 2:12 PM
That's great! I'm so happy that everything is going smoothly for you. How are you feeling? I'm 11 weeks today! I had my first prenatal visit with my OB on Monday. She confirmed my due date (Aug 31st) and said that everything looks completely normal, which is GREAT! I will see her again in 4 weeks. I'm still in the process of tapering off all my meds, but now I'm only on oral progesterone twice a day. I'm off everything else, which is so nice! I had blood work today, so maybe after they get the results from that, I'll be off the progesterone too. We're not doing a 12 week ultrasound because the purpose of that is to check for downs syndrome which, thanks to PGS, we already know he doesn't have. We decided not to do any of the other genetic testing for the same reason. So, for the next 4 weeks, I'm just going to enjoy being pregnant and try not to worry about anything! The nausea is almost gone - way better this week than it has been. Still feeling pretty tired but that's getting better too.

2/10/2016 12:12 PM
Had my first ultrasound and saw the sac and the yoke sac. We go back next week to see heartbeat. I think I'm in shock right now.....:O Happy Shock. Was glad there was only one in there. Said I'll be on the shots til about 11 weeks. Ugh, my butt, it's worth it.
Hope all is well

2/8/2016 3:45 PM
Hope you had a fun Super Bowl Party and the team you wanted to win, won!
Got my numbers back, 5781 and prog 37. I go in on Wed for ultrasound. She said they are looking to see if the pregnancy is in the uterus and for gestational sac and possible yoke sac. I don't know why I'm nervous now. I feel like this is viable. I can't believe how hungry I am!!! Every 2 hours I need to eat! And I'm tired. Taking nap everyday. I work from home so I'm able to lie down but I'm always busier towards the end of the week and wont be able to rest as easily. Boobs hurt of course. I wish I was one of those woman who don't worry about anything. I envy them
Ok, glad you've almost graduated to the OBGYN patient status!!!

2/7/2016 10:23 AM
Those are great numbers, and more importantly, that is an excellent doubling time! Looks like all is well so far! Very exciting! Is your first ultrasound scheduled yet? I had blood work yesterday, but I won't hear anything until tomorrow. Lets hope I get to stop the rest of the meds! Gotta get ready for our Superbowl party now - have a great day!!

2/6/2016 1:03 PM
Holy Moly!! My numbers came back today as 2985 and prog 30!!! They are having me come back in on Monday morning for another blood draw. Sounds like my place is a lot like your place with a lot of blood test. Also she said my thyroid came back good too. I totally forgot to tell them that I only have 4 needles left for my shots so I guess pregnancy brain is kicking in!!
That so great that you know your doctor that well and have a good rapport. I've been to the same ob for all my kids and he delivered all my kiddos, well not the last one. He was on his way but the doctor who was there had to deliver her because she arrived so fast! My labor was less than 1 hour when I delivered her. I arrived at the hospital at 1:55am and she was out by 2:07am. Everyone heard me come in lol!!! I was scared out of my mind to deliver 100% natural because that wasn't my choice. Anyway, I'm happy with the numbers. I don't think a blighted ovum or anything else would have numbers that high (But I will still google it)
I just want that ultrasound!!!
Ok talk to you more later!!!

2/5/2016 8:10 AM
This week has been the worst by far with feeling nauseous, which is fine. After a few more weeks that should pretty much be gone. After my blood work on Tuesday they stopped my progesterone suppositories and decreased my Estrace to 1mg three times a day, so now I'm just on that and oral progesterone. I go back for blood work tomorrow too - after that they'll decrease my meds some more or maybe stop them entirely, we'll see. But I am feeling more and more like a regular pregnant person and less like an "IVF patient" which is nice. I get to go for my first prenatal visit with my OB on Monday, which I'm really looking forward to. My OB is a good friend of ours (I'm an RN and my husband is an OR tech so he works with her quite often in the OR)-anyway, she's brilliant, and as excited as we are about this baby so I can't wait to go see her! I think I'm starting to see an ever so slight swelling in my lower belly that isn't bloat. Most of my regular pants either don't fit at all or are uncomfortable, so I'm starting to wear maternity pants - especially jeans. I'm looking forward to actually looking pregnant. Let me know your results tomorrow! I'll be praying for a nice strong doubling time for you. It's definitely a good, high number that you're starting with so I'm sure all will be well. Grow little girl!

2/5/2016 7:23 AM
I googled the progesterone numbers so I understand now what they are. Yes I'm getting super excited. Can't wait to go back tomorrow. Hear the numbers and then they will schedule me my ultrasound!
How are you feeling? Still good?

2/4/2016 11:18 PM
Awesome! Those are great numbers! Congratulations! That is so exciting.

2/4/2016 1:40 PM
Got my blood test results back. My preg hormone is 937 and progesterone is 21. I don't know what the 2nd number stands for but the nurse said those are excellent numbers. I go back Sat for another test and then we will schedule a ultrasound. I asked her, the nurse, could the numbers let you know if its a blighted ovum. She said she can't say if it is or not by the numbers but with my numbers being so high, she doubts it but can't say for sure until the actual ultrasound. So I'm moving right along!!!!! Yay!!!!!! I'm right behind you!!!!!!

2/3/2016 10:40 AM
That's such great news!! I'm so happy for and I love hearing your success. I would love to see one of those 3d pics!! So cool!!!
This has been such a long week!!! The first week wasn't so bad but this week is crazy long. I'm really nervous about tomorrows blood test. I just want to hear my numbers are good. I'm actually starting to feel bouts of sickness. More than I have. Just little here and there. I might be eating my words saying "I love it!" but I do know that's a good sign.
Ok, I'll post more tomorrow!!!!

2/2/2016 3:10 PM
10 - week ultrasound today! I wish I could post a photo - they did a regular one, and 3D. Baby's measuring right on for 9 weeks 6 days and his heartbeat was 179. Everything is looking good! Doc says I will be off all my meds within the next 2 weeks, and the risk of miscarriage at this point is 1-2% so all good news!! It was so awesome today to be able to see him moving around in there. How are you feeling? Blood test coming up, right?

1/31/2016 5:24 PM
Yeah, I never understood why they counted like that. I clicked on Baby Center to Oct Birth month and it said "You're probably not pregnant yet..." but the calculator said "Congrats, You're about 4 weeks" It confuses me lol. I don't care. I just want good news on Thursday blood test. I'm actually not feeling great today and my stomach isn't great. I love it!! I want to feel sick because that's a good sign but those darn shots can also make you feel not so good so I'm hoping its the baby. Did I tell you I took another test today? I did. Came out with a line, still faint but its there. I'm going to test again tomorrow just because I want to see the line darker and I like seeing the line
Ok, I'll talk to you soon!!!!

1/31/2016 10:30 AM
Yeah, it's weird, but since usually, they count the first 2 weeks after your last period, plus the fact that you transferred a 5 day blast, you're actually around 3 weeks pregnant already on the day of your transfer.

1/30/2016 7:10 PM
Wow! It says my due date is Oct 8. .......that doesn't seem right but I guess it is........pretty cool site. Thanks!

1/30/2016 5:58 PM

1/30/2016 5:55 PM
My due date is August 31 - here's a link to a due date calculator for 5 day frozen embryo transfer. Put in your transfer date and click calculate.

1/30/2016 11:37 AM
Thank you for all the info. Yeah I can't wait to hear the blood test results. It hasn't sunk it yet but once I hear the numbers, I'll feel a little bit better and then a heartbeat. I'm praying and talking to the little girl a lot telling her to keep growing!!! Hey did you get your due date yet or will they know when you go to the Ob?
So exciting!!!

1/30/2016 9:38 AM
Omg! That's great news!! Congratulations! I totally understand feeling cautiously optimistic. I still feel that way. Every time I have a test or ultrasound I'm scared of bad news. BUT, keep in mind that most miscarriages are due to chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo, and you already know your embryo is chromosomally healthy. My first bfp, technically was on 5dp5dt, when I went in for blood work. I thought it was way too soon to check hcg, but my RE called me later that day and said "congratulations! " it was only 7 that day, but he said anything over 5 was positive. That was December 19. They checked it again on December 24 and it was 233. They checked it again, I think around the 29th or 30th and it was over 2000. My first ultrasound was January 5 - I was 5 weeks 6 days by then. That's when we only saw the gestational sac and yolk sac. I had another ultrasound a week later and we saw the heartbeat. Then they gave me a little break - I didn't go back for blood work again until this past Wednesday, and I have my 10 week ultrasound and blood work, and last appt with my RE on Tuesday. They started weaning me off the meds this week, and hopefully I'll be off even more of them next week. My first prenatal appt with my OB is on February 8th! Honestly, I think my RE does blood work and ultrasounds a bit too much. It caused a lot of stress and worry, as I was constantly analyzing and comparing my results and trying to interpret what they mean. But at least he promptly and patiently answers my emails to help me put all my craziness to rest. Lol. Anyway, I'm very, very happy and excited for you. You're pregnant!! Hooray!!

1/30/2016 9:12 AM
I took a test this morning and got double lines! The second was faint but it was there. I'm very cautious feeling. I've had two positives in the past and they both ended in miscarriage so I need to get the blood work and hear what the numbers are.....then see the heart beat. Trust me, I'm praying so much and want this more than anything right now but I guess I'm in protective mode. I think my husband is wearing off on me. He is such a logical man, not emotional at all and of course me, I'm the emotional one. I want to start thinking of planning the nursery but I'm trying to stay calm and not get too ahead of myself but.....its so exciting!!!!! He's going to buy two more test today (I'm working) because he wants to see better test. I hope that line keeps getting darker.
I'm doing estrace too 2x a day and the shot in the butt once a night. Hate those darn shots.
How soon after you got a BFP did you go in for check up? Do they do am ultrasound right away?
Ok have a great day!!!!!!!!

1/28/2016 10:13 PM
I'm not on the shots anymore - I stopped them on January 2. I had blood work done yesterday, and today they said I can stop the patches and decrease the progesterone suppositories to once a day on the 31st. I'll be continuing the Estrace and oral progesterone for awhile longer though which is fine. I'm happy to be done with the patches! I emailed my RE tonight though because my hcg level was 75, 131 yesterday and 2 weeks ago it was 20, 910. So it's nowhere close to doubling every 48-72 hrs at this point. He said that it's only expected to double very early on, and then it plateaus at 8-9 weeks. I'm 9 weeks and 1 day now, so that's reassuring. He said the important thing at this stage is the ultrasound, and so far so good for us! On my first couple of home tests, I could only see the line if I put it right under the flashlight on my phone. My thoughts on it are, if you think you see a line, it's probably there. So yay!!!! Are you going to test again or wait for your blood test? Ok, take care of yourself, mama - talk to you soon.

1/28/2016 8:40 PM
Yeah, they make you wait the full 2 weeks. I'm 1 week today since transfer and I took a test. I'm not sure if there was a line or not. If I held it in front of the window and at a certain angle, it looked like there was a line. But not sure if it the line that is already there that would pick up the HCG or what. I tried taking a picture of it but it doesn't really show up in the pic. My gf said it looked like a line but if you zoomed in on it, you couldn't see it. My DH said he couldn't see the line in the pic. So I took the test apart to see if you could see it better and you couldn't. So I'm going to retest on Sat. We will see.....
That's great that you will maybe be able to stop your meds. Are you still doing the shots?
Ok Take care and I'll email you again Sat!!!!!!

1/27/2016 3:49 PM
The 4th is a long time to wait! That's more than 2 weeks. Ugh, I feel for you - the anticipation is hard. I'm feeling good - 9 weeks today! I had blood work this morning, so I'll get the results tomorrow. I'm really really hoping I can stop my meds soon. I have a 10 week ultrasound and final appt with the RE next Tuesday. Not really showing yet. Mostly I just look like I've been skipping my ab workouts. Lol

1/27/2016 3:46 PM
I had a headache too right after transfer, and lots of crampy feelings and little twinges, aches and pains in my tummy. I think it's really hard to say early on if it's the meds or if it's early pregnancy. I took my first home pregnancy test 6dpt, and I also had a blood test on that day. My hcg level 6dp5dt was 7, and my RE called and congratulated me and told me anything over 5 was considered positive. I was stunned because I thought it was way too early to know anything. My HPT showed a very very faint positive that I could only really see in bright light. Then I took one every day after that until my first ultrasound so we could watch the line get darker, which it did. My hcg level 5 days after the first blood test was 230 and it kept climbing from there. I don't think my experience is typical though. I think it's totally normal to not get a positive hpt until 10 - 15dp5dt. That's the evil thing about home tests. They're super reassuring when they're positive, but they can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and worry if they're not. It's a tough call.

1/27/2016 2:00 PM
Hey There! Well, I've had a headache for a couple of days that's pretty bad. I've only taken Tylenol, which doesn't work well for headaches. I'm crampy too but I looked up the side effects of progesterone, and headaches and cramps are up there on the list. I was hoping its a sign of pregnancy but could just be the shots.
Did you take a pregnancy test before your blood test? If so, how long did you wait? Someone posted on one of the boards on baby center that she took a test 2 days before her blood test and it show a negative but 2 days later, her blood test confirmed she was pregnant. My husband is telling me to wait. It's only been 6 days. So other than the bad headache, I'm trying to keep my mind busy. I go on the 4th for my blood test.
How are you feeling? Are you showing yet?

1/26/2016 9:49 PM
Hi! Thinking about you. How's everything? How are you feeling?

1/22/2016 8:42 AM
feeling nausea is a great thing and sign when you're pregnant. I hated it when I was younger because I took it for granted. I will embrace it now.
Yes, I'm just taking it easy and relaxing. After the 24 hour mark, I will get up more and do more but nothing too much. Cant pick up anything over 10lbs. I'm just hoping I have everything I need (food) for the big storm. It's not like we cant drive to the store but our govern already called for a state of emergency so......... perfect for taking it easy.
Ok, Ill post more later!!! :-D

1/21/2016 8:51 PM
Awesome! So glad everything went well. You didn't pee out the embryo, I promise! Lol My doctor put me on bedrest for 3 days. I don't think that's totally necessary, but I went along with it. Just use this time to relax and pamper yourself. You deserve it! I'm feeling ok - nausea is in full swing now, but I really don't mind. It's manageable and it let's me know everything's still progressing along. I get short of breath really easily and I'm still tired a lot - asleep by 8pm most nights. Looking forward to the second trimester when I can hopefully get my energy back! I'm super happy and excited for you! When's your first blood test?

1/21/2016 8:31 PM
Oh and Thank you Cassienews. I tried doing the shots that way. I have been warming the meds up too. I put it in my top or rub between my hands. It helps with the pain

1/21/2016 3:31 PM
I'm here! Had the transfer and I'm now home in bed, taking it easy. What an experience! I'm so nervous that I'm going to do something wrong. When it was over, they have you lay still for 30 min and of course I had to pee so bad that they gave me a bed pan to pee in! LOL but now I'm worried that I peed out the embryo!! :O I just don't want to do anything wrong. What did you do? You just took it easy for a few days right? Well, we are suppose to get clobbered with a snow storm so it'll be perfect to just lay around.
How are you doing? You feeling ok? Are you still doing the progesterone shots?
Ok take care

1/20/2016 9:46 PM
HopefulDE - good luck with your transfer tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you and looking forward to an update!

1/18/2016 10:10 PM
Another trick I learned from my mom (a nurse) was to lay on a bed then pull the leg on the same side you will be injecting into, up towards your chest while leaving the other one straight. Not sure if that made sense but if injecting into the right hip, lay on your left side and draw your right leg up. It sounds counterintuitive but it actually helps you relax that muscle. And definitely rub that spot after, and the foam roller is a great suggestion. I will have to try that one this time around. Good luck!!! Just keep telling yourself it is worth it.

1/18/2016 9:35 PM
hmmm, Ok, I'll try that.

1/18/2016 5:35 PM
With the progesterone shots, I always iced the area I was going to inject for a good 5-10 mins prior to the shot, I also would draw up the med ahead of time and put that in my bra to warm it up, to make it less thick, and then I would also massage out the area with a foam roller after the shot. It was all a bit inconvenient and time consuming, but my shots were almost painless.

1/18/2016 9:51 AM
THANK YOU so much for telling me that!!!! I would probably have a break down if that's all I saw not knowing its possible when you have an ultrasound early.
The progesterone shots, did you only do them in the back side? The first one we did was no problem, the second one, last night, my butt is so sore!!! There's no way I want a needle in that side again!!! I think we can use the inside of the thigh. I'm trying not to complain but boy, it hurts!
That's great you have had such a positive response.
I wish I could email you privately but I don't thinks there's a way to give each other of info without having 1000 other people who are reading our post to see.
I'll keep you posted!

1/17/2016 5:10 PM
Oh, and the response to our pregnancy announcement has been overwhelmingly positive. Most people were very, very surprised because we told hardly anyone that we were even trying! It was fun. Our Facebook post had almost 400 likes and over 100 comments!
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