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7/1/2016 12:49 PM
Donoregghelp, there is a place in San Francisco called Pacific that guarantees to blastocyst. I will be trying them out shortly.

9/7/2015 11:33 PM
It is sad but you must stay positive despite all of these.
My wife and I recently traveled to get the Best Egg Donation Clinics Abroad, We found this medical tourism services company called Placidway then this company refer us to In Vitro Fertility Clinic in Tbilisi, Georgia which have modern and highly specialized medical center and they have staff that will make you feel comfortable. For info visit -

7/22/2015 6:59 PM
We have been unsuccessful in the donor eggs and/or the resultant embryo quality with the agency we have been working with and looking to see if anyone has great success with any specific egg banks or donor agencies? The growth phase from fertilization to blastocyst has been unsuccessful and we have been unable to have cells biopsied for PGD/PGS testing....Any successful egg banks or donor agencies that have worked positively for anyone out there?
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