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5/4/2015 6:57 PM
Wow, it certainly is a small world. I heard about Dr. Panda from a friend of mine who had a friend that saw her. She was also one of those lucky ones that was able to get pregnant with her treatment. I hope this is our year...we have all been through a lot and it's time.
Good luck to you and your husband!

5/4/2015 3:41 PM
Between myself and my husband, we are on tons of supplements too. I wrote a couple of blog posts about it. I have been going there for almost a year now. I have seen great improvements in all the areas we have been working on. I haven't had a transfer yet so I am not sure if it will help us find the BFP yet. I run a RESOLVE support group in San Diego and thats how I found out about her. Several of our members go to her and I have seen her get other girls pregnant. I hope she works for you!


5/4/2015 2:44 PM
Good morning, Heather. OMG, what a small world, yes it is Dr. Panda I am seeing. Wow, that's so funny! I mentioned it to my husband and he was also surprised. How has your experience been? We met with her just once, since we live in LA but have had phone consults and email exchanges. We really liked her and we hope that her method will help us either get pregnant naturally or these next transfers will take. I'm taking a bunch of supplements and am pretty tired of it all but I know that the end result will be well worth it.
Have a wonderful day!


5/4/2015 12:48 AM

5/4/2015 12:30 AM
We took a break too, in between #3 and #4. It takes incredible strength to continue. It just takes so much out of us. Part of the strength came from writing the blog and opening up about this. We has received an unbelievable about of support just at the time I feel we needed it the most.

Are you seeing Dr. Panda by any chance? That's who I see in SD.

Good luck with you DE cycle. If this cycle turns into another BFM, we are going to go down that path ourselves. I wish you the very best.


5/3/2015 11:14 PM
Hi Heather. I am definitely doing to read your blog as, we, too have also been going through these cycles, 2 IVF cycles and 3 using frozen embryos with donor eggs, so 5 cycles for us as well. It's so overwhelming and emotionally draining. I read your husband's blog and broke down. He nailed it! My husband goes through these emotions. I handed him the my phone so he could read it but he broke down and said he would get to it later. I don't know what to do sometimes. I feel desperate! Right now, we are taking a break and will resume in June. We are seeing a naturopathic doctor, actually in San Diego (we live in LA). She found I had Hashimoto's and is giving me a treatment for my thyroid. Apparantly, your thyroid antibodies could prevent a pregnancy or attack it.
Anyhow, thank you for sharing the link to your blog and will resume reading it later.

5/3/2015 9:46 PM
Hi Everyone-

I am sadly an IVF vet. I am currently almost to the end of my 5th cycle. This time around I decided to blog about what it is like to survive an IVF cycle. I tried to write as many tips and tricks as I could. I remember being so scared my first cycle and not knowing what to expect. I wrote this in the hope to give back and help others that are just as scared as I was.


Hope it helps,
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