IVF #3 Stimulation - Low Estrogen and Follicle Count
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IVF #3 Stimulation - Low Estrogen and Follicle Count Expand / Collapse

4/29/2015 6:46 PM
Hi everyone. I'm looking for some encouragement. I'm 43 years old and in the middle of stimulations for my third IVF cycle.

My first cycle failed. 6 eggs retrieved, 1 mature, 1 transferred.
My second cycle resulted in a miscarriage. 8 eggs retrieved, 5 mature, 4 transferred.

I'm on the same protocol as the second cycle (Antagonist-Vilvelle). I'm currently on day 12 of stimulation and I have 4 measured follicles and my estrogen is at 651.

The last cycle, at this time I had 6 measured follicles and an estrogen level of 1800.

My estrogen continues to rise and the doctor likes that the follicles are more uniform in size than last time. If I continue at this pace, he says I'll probably trigger on day 14 or 15. They will trigger with 3-4 growing follicles, with the hope of getting 4-5 eggs.

Has anyone had such a dramatic change? I'm trying to stay positive but concerned that 5 months age difference is the issue.
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