2nd IUI attempt-folistem injections
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2/5/2015 6:02 PM
Hi Ksnow!
Sorry to hear about your bleeding. It is so frustrating to not know how these hormones will interact with our bodies. I haven't heard of bleeding with follistim but I'm sure anything is possible. We went straight to IVF due to male factor but I've heard insurance company's want 3-6 trials of Iui before moving to IVF. It depends on what provider you have and factors such as age and your medical dx.
I hope you get a response from your doctor & you can still push forward with the cycle. Remember though if not, at least you learned something new about you and your body in response to this process. It took me several cycles to really understand my body's response & even then, sometimes it changes. Don't get down on your body, this is not a NORMAL process to put our bodies through. We are asking it to do extraordinary things in response to meds. It takes time to figure out the formula thats right for you & get your body to adjust to something else taking charge. I'll say a prayer for you & hang in there!

2/5/2015 5:36 PM
Hi friends... I'm new to this forum but it has already been so helpful and encouraging to read your stories.... My husband and I go into our 2nd IUI attempt on Friday. My first attempt, I was just on oral letrozole which really did nothing. This time around, I took the letrozole and a one time injection of follistim. The day after the shot(yesterday) I woke up bleeding pretty heavily and I am currently still bleeding. I've left a message with my doc, waiting to hear back. Has anyone ever experienced this with follistim?Also, how many IUI attempts do people normally do before heading to IVF? Thanks you for your help.
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