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Injections Expand / Collapse

12/21/2014 7:08 AM
Hi Karen!
Good luck in your cycle. The shots aren't that bad. I found it's better if I do them myself versus someone else. I would recommend pinching the surrounding skin while you put it in or icing the area if you need help with the pain. Some shots burn a little when you plunge the medicine in, so I found going a little slower when I plunge them helps to minimize any discomfort. I hope this helps a little. Be strong sweetie, you can do this!

12/19/2014 3:08 PM
Having ny first IVF experience now. Got my injections in the mail yesterday and I am terrified. I hate needles, shots, IVs, blood work, all of that stuff. I've gotten past the IV and blood work fear somewhat, but am terrified and overwhelmed at the thought of getting 4+ injections a day. Anyone have any insight or advice when it comes to injections?
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