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7/26/2015 7:50 PM
Hi Ladies, First, I would like to congratulate everyone who is pregnant! Many blessings to you, your husband, and baby. I am starting the IVF Journey this week. My injections start Friday evening. Any advice on side effects? What to do/not to do? I nervous and excited at the same time.

7/21/2015 7:30 PM
Wannabeamommy that is wonderful news!!! I'm so happy for you & your husband! Big hugs & kisses! I will keep you in my prayers that your baby continues to grow strong inside of you & that you will hold them in your arms right on schedule! Keep us posted. Yeahhhhhh!!!

As for me, I just started my meds this morning & have a headache already. I didn't have a lot of follies but I know by now it's quality not quantity. We all have to take this just one day at a time. All my love to all! Xoxo

7/21/2015 1:35 PM
Good morning, ladies...so nice to hear from you. I am happy to announce that my first beta turned up positive with an HCG of 112 and Progesterone at 11. I started injections yesterday to boost that number. I am scheduled tomorrow morning for another one. I hope and pray that the numbers have tripled. It's been a long journey of emotional and financial rollercoasters but we are finally where we want to be. I'm a little fearful of last year's experience where we were positive but the second blood test was very bad and we lost the baby. However, my numbers this time are much better! Yay! I am about 4 weeks along and am feeling some symptoms...tingling in the abdominal area and breasts, ridiculous cravings for V8 (with lime juice and cayenne pepper-just like last time and this was my clue I was +), light headedness and today some nausea after I had raspberries. I'm super duper excited and can't contain myself! Do you guys remember at what week the first ultrasound or sonogram is done? I believe it might be at 6 weeks? I can't wait to hear the heart beat.

khayes, wishing you so much luck in the next cycle! As we have all learned, patience and faith are great virtues to have. You have been through a lot and with these experiences, we grow. I have a good feeling about this! So, you are potty training? How cute and challenging! I'm sure in your line of work, you come across OT's or child development specialists that can give you tips. I work for an agency that works with developmentally disabled and have speech therapists, OT's, and other specialists and potty training is a hot topic. Lots of luck!

2014Mom, lol, so, solids are not a hit with your little girl? What a blessing you have! Wow, so you are getting ready for another round? Wish you all the best!!!

KanaJoy and Cann13, also thinking about you and hoping all is well.


7/18/2015 1:28 PM
Good Luck wannabeamommy! I'm praying this is your miracle moment! You have put so much love & sacrifice into this process, that I hope it is time to receive your blessing.

Happy to hear things are well 2014mom! Solids can be challenging but hang in there. I'm a speech therapist & specialized in feeding therapy for many years so let me know if you have any questions!

As for me, we are just starting a cycle in a couple days. After everything that has happened I'm not sure how I feel about it all, but with my age, I don't really have the luxury to wait. I'm very close to wrapping this part of my life up. It has been a long journey that has brought gifts in unexpected places, and pain as well. Keep me in your prayers please. On a happier note, we are potty training my son to get ready for preschool. I have the summer off & it has been great to slow down a little to watch him try new things. All my love & blessings to everyone else wherever you are in your journeys!

7/17/2015 9:16 AM
Hello there @wannabeamommy, keeping you in prayers and with you all the way.

How are all the ladies doing? It has been really quiet in here. @KanaJoy how is Jonathan doing? Hope all is going well. Cann13 hey, girl how are ya?

We are doing well too. DD just started having solid foods, she is not such a fun, so it takes pulling all the tricks in the books. Believe it or not, already planning out on the next ET. We have 7 still left and we pay 900 a year to keep them. As soon as DD turns one, we will do another ET.

7/13/2015 1:39 AM
Hi ladies. Hope you're all doing well. Unjust wanted to share with you that in went through another FET yesterday, Saturday. I'm on bedrest forn3 days...back to work Tuesday. Ok excited yet a little scared. The regimen is very similar to my other times with the exception that I'm now on thyroid medications and doing heparin injections twice per day. I go in on the 20tj for my first pregnancy test. Keep us I your thoughts and prayers please

*miss you all and hope all is well

5/7/2015 10:56 AM
Good morning, NWells...good to hear from you. I, too, get confused as to where everyone goes with all the different pages in this forum. Lol.
I think that we are nearing the same place you are in. I have, maybe two more FET's (7 embryos). After that, if things don't turn out well, we will be looking at other options. I am taking a little break now but in June, we will begin our journey again and I hope and pray it will work and we get pregnant.
So, are you considering foster to adoption or is it straight adoption? My husband and I have also talked about this and are in agreement that regardless of how it happens, we will be parents. I don't think I could do foster care to adoption because I would be too traumatized if the parent reunifies with the child. I know of a few successful adoptions that went that route and the families are very happy. I wish you and Michael lots of luck and joy with what the future has in store for you. Enjoy your vacations!


5/7/2015 9:58 AM
OH here you all are: here is the post I put on IVF Buddies

So my last post was back in Nov, a lot has changed in the past few months!!! I met with my RE in Dec and told him i was DONE, no more. We talked about all the options and he could say one would work better than the other. I hugged him good by and said it was wonderful working with him. He said he wishes me the best and he has seen stranger things happen.

We Met with DCF, and started our classes on March 18th... Last night was our 7th one we have three to go and then it is our home study and licensing. My husband and I are in a great place. We had a wonderful winter of skiing, a cruise planned for August and a summer full of trips and hiking and kayaking. We figure if child enters our life anytime in the next few month it will be a welcoming adjustment but we just have to make it happen. The classes are great and Michael and I have learned a lot about each other, our parenting styles and even our strengths and weakness. So next time I post I am hoping to be letting you all know, I am finally on my way to being a mom.

Ladies who are just starting this journey, utilize your resources, this forum is a great place, it helped me through the last 6 years, it is has kept me strong and pushing forward. The ladies are wonderful and are there for you. Who knows where your journey will end, just know getting there will have its ups and downs, and for each person the end result of being parents is different, doesn't matter how you get there, it just matters you made it there, you are parents!!! Looking back, I almost feel this is our calling, we were meant to be where we are, wish I came to this realization 6 years ago, but then we wouldn't have been ready... Now we are!!!! Stronger and ready.

Love you all!!!

4/17/2015 11:10 PM
Hi Friends,
So nice to hear from you 2014mom! I can't believe 3 months has come & gone. Just a year ago this was just the beginning for you! I hope you find balance in working & parenting. I was lucky enough to do part-time after we adopted our son. I actually enjoy working the 3 days I do. It helps me to be a better mom the time we do have together. It is very difficult to seperate when they are itty bitties though so I will pray the transition is smooth.

Thanks for checking in on me wannabeamommy. It has been a challenging 4 weeks. So I ended up having a D&E last week as expectant management was not working after 3 weeks. All the docs were concerned about infection, blood clots, & scar tissue developing from necrotic tissue left inside me too long. The other major sad reason I went forward with it was that my dad was very ill & expected to pass. I didn't want to spontaneously miscarry & miss his funeral. My wonderful father did pass away last Friday & we had his funeral this past Thursday. Needless to say I'm a little overwhelmed with grief the last week between Willow & my Father. I know both are in a far better place but I can't help but miss their physical presence in my life. When it rains it pours sometimes. So I'm learning to embrace the rain. Physically the D&E procedure went well but I won't know more about the health of my uterus until after my 1st period when a sonohystegram can be done. Sadly my milk came in earlier this week and it has been an emotionally painful reminder of what I've lost.

Thank you for your prayers & support. I'm happy to hear your most recent tests came back normal. I tried some herbals too, but I think ultimately you need to just trust that your body can do this if there is a healthy embryo present. Have faith in yourself. I will pray things go great for you & your hubby in June. I'm feeling very positive vibes for you this cycle!!!

4/17/2015 10:43 PM
Hi Guys! I can't believe the time when I created this post and now it has 68 posts, it's hard not to feel alone when these things happen to us. I fully understand how it feels to lose someone who hasn't even been out yet from our wombs. I've had 2 miscarriages in less than 6 months, it was very devastating most especially the 2nd one as i got pregnant naturally. Now, that time is my enemy, I can't afford to wait for a natural pregnancy, so we would have to try again the FET next month. I'm hoping this would be the time God will bless us with a wonderful gift. I know most if not all of us experience the financial adversities and challenges. But I believe each and everyone on this forum will be blessed with a wonderful gift because we all deserve to be moms It's funny how I keep quiet for a while then every time something happens to me in regards to this journey, a new post shows up in my inbox I think it's reminding me not to forget to share every step of my journey to all the ladies in this forum God Bless you all and I will keep you guys posted. Please do pray for my successful transfer and pregnancy. I need it very much, thank you in advance

4/17/2015 2:32 PM
2014Mom, so nice to hear from you...wow, 3 months already?!?!?! She must be gorgeous, what a blessing! I bet you don't want to go back to work! Enjoy every minute now while still home.
I had to modify some of those supplements because my liver function test has come back abnormal and I had to get a new set of blood work and ultrasound done. Thank God, all came back normal but was told to stop a couple of the meds. My husband and I are going to try another transfer in June. Right now, we are focusing on saving money for our next cycle and paying of some of our credit cards. > I'm super excited about Maui!

Kahyes....how are you doing sweetie? I've been thinking about you often and wishing you peace.

Cann13, how are you? It's been so long and have wondered so much how you are doing. Hope all is well with you and your heart is healing

Hope you ladies have a wonderful day.

XOXOXO to you all!

4/17/2015 1:08 PM
Khayes, I am extremely sorry to read about your loss. I am extremely sorry dear, we do not understand why these things happen to us or why we even have to go this route to be mothers. I really do not know how to encourage you other than to say I am thinking of you and holding your hand and praying with you.
Wannabeamommy, I remember I also tried some herbal things and I was thinking well, It can't hurt…enjoy Maui, relax and think of nothing.
It is almost time for me to go back to work. DD almost three months old.
You ladies are aways on my mind even if I do not post often, I always think of you.
Lots of love.

3/26/2015 1:22 PM
Khayes, I couldn't find the words to express how very sorry I am that you and your husband have to, yet again, go through such a loss. I was procrastinating writing back. I was literally in tears when I read this. I had to share with my husband and, he too, was heartbroken.
I'm sure it was so beautiful to have experienced Willow Grace growing inside your womb and that you got to feel her inside you. When I was told we had a positive pregnancy test, I was ecstatic and could not help holding my tummy. Unfortunately, that was short lived. What a blessing to feel the little nugget grow. I pray that God gives you the strength during the labor and that you have a moment to hug and kiss her. Know that I am thinking about you and praying for your family. I'm happy to hear that you have great support during this rough time. Please let me know how you are doing.


3/24/2015 7:33 PM
Thank you wantobeamommy. Yes, we found out about her passing last Wednesday. At 13 weeks 1 day her heartbeat was strong, & at 14 weeks 1 day we got the heartbreaking news it had stopped. I can feel the hormones dropping so I'm expecting to miscarry by a weeks time, but we will see. A wonderful perinatal hospice group has been giving me support since the diagnosis. A doula who specializes in miscarriages, stillbirths, & babies not expected to live long will join me in the hospital once I start bleeding. I've had 2 early losses from ectopic pregnancies but have never experienced labor before so I'm sad it has to be under these circumstances. I'm praying I deliver her intact & I might have the opportunity to hold her. Things started off so good & I know so many were so happy to see us finally achieve our dreams. I don't regret any of it though, as feeling her grow inside me has been a blessing. Because of all of our past struggles, I've had good clarity and strength through this so far. However for now she is still with me, and I know once my womb is done protecting her the real pain of seperation will begin. I appreciate all of your prayers for us during this difficult time and we surely will keep praying for you. Xoxo

3/24/2015 5:04 PM
Oh, Khayes, I'm at a loss for words. I am truly sorry for your loss and the amount of pain you and your family must be going through. This just happened last week? I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please don't give up on your dream of becoming a mother. Big hugs headed your way. XOXOX

3/24/2015 4:51 PM
Hi Friends,

It is with a heavy heart I have to say that we found out our little girl's heart stopped beating at 14 weeks. At 11 weeks she was diagnosed with a cystic hygroma. 50% of the time that means a chromosomal abnormality, 25% of the time a cardiac issue, & another 25% of the time it goes away and the baby is perfectly healthy. We had the maternal fetal blood test done & discovered she was high risk for trisomy 18.....Edwards syndrome. 90% of these babies die inutero & of those born alive, less than 10% make it to their first birthday. We were willing to fight for her despite every doctors recommendation to terminate. It has been a blessing to be her mommy. She showed me my uterus is healed & that love's depth has no timelines. I am expectantly managing the miscarriage as I don't want a D&E to cause scar tissue secondary to my history of Asherman's syndrome. I knew it was a girl, but one of the first things we did when getting the DNA results was name her. We chose Willow Grace as Willow means grace & healing. We also loved the idea of being able to see a Willow tree or bush & think of her. Thank you all for your constant support. We are always praying for all of your rainbow babies!

3/23/2015 8:21 PM
Hi 2014Mom. It's so good to hear from you ni was thinking the other day that none of us has updated. I'm doing well. I'm going the naturopathic way right now. I'm on sinthroid to regulate my thyroid. I actually went in for labs this afternoon to see how my numbers are doing. My friend met a lady from Nicaragua and actually sent me this root that is supposed to help with fertility. I just prepared that concoction and am going to give it a shot. It doesn't hurt is our thought. If we don't get pregnant naturally, I should be returning for another FET in June. My husband and I are headed to Maui for one week right around Memorial Day. I hope that we have baby news before then.
So your little bundle is getting bigger and bigger. How exciting!!! Big hug and kiss. I'm so happy for all you guys!!!!

3/23/2015 7:39 PM
Hello ladies, just checking up on you. Nicole24 and Hopeful4 wishing you guys the best during your transfers. Keeping you in my prayers.
Khayes very happy for you and your family. Keeping you in my thoughts. Wannabeamommy, been thinking of you a lot lately. How are you doing?
On my end moving along DD growing older by the day.
Love you ladies

2/22/2015 10:51 AM
KHayes- Congrats on your pregnancy! That is wonderful. I hope you are starting to feel better by now. Did you do a fresh transfer?

Nicole 24- Sounds like we may have our transfers around the same time. We will have ours March 27th (if everything goes to plan of course). My doctor only does frozen transfers unless there is a special case for a fresh one. So we are in the waiting period. I started BC again last week, and Friday I will start Lupron. We did find out that we had 8 embryos to freeze. We ended up paying extra for PGS testing because I have had miscarriages and it is supposed to make our chances greater. We haven't heard of the update on the testing yet.

I know what you mean about cost. It is so expensive! Our insurance doesn't cover anything so we have had to pay out of pocket for everything. Hopefully in the end we will be blessed with a baby or babies . That would make everything worth it of course.

2/21/2015 8:06 PM
Hi Nicole 24,
9 embryos are great & I understand now why you want to do another retrieval sooner than later, especially if you are thinking of siblings down the line! The thing with ectopic pregnancies is that they don't just occur in the tubes. They can happen in the corner of the uterus and cervix as well. (Even outside the reproductive system but this is not a concern for you with blocked tubes). So even if you are doing IVF with blocked tubes, you still are at risk for a cornual or cervical ectopic pregnancy. Both are considered even more dangerous than tubal pregnancies because if they rupture, the blood loss is much more significant, so you have much less time to get to the hospital. They don't understand all of the mechanics of why women with blocked tubes are less likely to be successful with IVF. Some think a chemical is transmitted by scar tissue that attracts the embryo towards it, leading to an increased risk of a cornual ectopic (as happened to me). Others think it has something to do with the endometrial receptivity with damaged tubes present. However research suggests this decreased success rate is eliminated if the blocked tubes are completely removed. My IVF dr. Is a veracious researcher and has studied some of these things himself. Not sure if your average RE is aware of these risks. I'm not trying to be a downer, I just wish I was better informed before going through a traumatic cornual pregnancy, after having a blocked tube. My damaged tube is now removed and finally my pregnancy is in the right place! Just some food for thought. I completely understand how complicated this all is & it doesn't mean you will have the same bad luck as me. I truly hope you are successful with whatever you try & please keep us posted! Thank you for your prayers & I'll keep you in mine!

2/21/2015 9:45 AM
Khayes: I mixed you up with hopeful4. I am sorry. I was responding to your post. I wish you all well. Sorry for the mix up lol. I am new to blogging. Computer stuff is not my forte. Talk to you soon.

2/21/2015 9:40 AM
Hopeful4: you are so sweet for responding to my post. You of course will be in prayers. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am so excited for you. To answer your questions: I have 9 embryos, and we bought a package that included freezing for two retrievals because of my age (35) and because I want to freeze embryos for future babies and my fear is if the implantation doesn't take I have enough embryos to keep trying. My doctor recommended two retrievals also on case I didn't make enough eggs. I ended responding to the medicine better than he thought. Both my tubes are blocked due to endometriosis and they have not been removed. I have had two surgeries to remove the endometriosis in my uterus but no one has told me I needed to remove my tubes. I will ask about what you said though. I was warned about atopic pregnancies but that was only if we were trying to get pregnant on our own I thought. Anyway, hope that answered all your questions, lol. Please keep me updated on how you are doing. I hope you feel better. I appreciate all your feedback.
Nicole24: I am now just waiting for my period so we can do one more cycle of meds and a second retreval. My husband travels for work so I am a little stressed about timing of everything but our doctor assures us they can work around our schedule so we are confident. I don't want to wait any longer. I just want to finally be pregnant. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. You all will certainly be in mine. Best of luck to everyone!!

2/19/2015 7:21 PM
Hopeful4- 13 sounds like a great number! I pray you and your hubby find success during your frozen transfer. Update us on how things are going!

Nicole24- 9 is a great number as well. Did you mean eggs or embryos? I will say a prayer for you & your hubby too! If you don't mind me asking, why are you doing another retrieval before a transfer? If you are paying out of pocket it sounds like extra money you don't need to spend yet with the possibility of so many embryos already? Also, if god forbid the transfer isn't successful, it might change your retrieval protocol for the next time. Do you still have your tubes or did they surgically remove them? The reason I mention it is that my left blocked tube from an ectopic led to my left cornual pregnancy. My RE stated IVF is more successful if the damaged tube is removed, & decreases risk of another cornual pregnancy. We had to pay a lot out of pocket as well so I understand that feeling of getting it right ASAP. I've known several women who went on to healthy pregnancies after surgery to treat their endometriosis. All of my luck & love to you!

As for me, I'm 10 weeks and things continue to look good. However I think I have a mild case of the stomach flu right now. Please keep me in your prayers as well and everyone else will surely be in mine!

2/19/2015 12:17 AM
Hello, I am also very new to IVF. We have been trying for fours and counting now with one failed IUI
and three fertility doctors. I have stage 4 endometriosis and my tubes are now completely blocked. We were IVF was our only option and here we are. I started injections two weeks ago and just had my first retrieval this past Thursday. They collected 12 eggs and out of that so far 9 eggs made it. We were super happy about that. This process has been so difficult both emotionlly and financially. Our insurance covers nothing and we were forced to decide between a house or a baby after thinking before IVF that both things were completely doable. My husband is my rock and he is amazing. Our families have also been amazing. It's just sooooo tough seeing how easy it is for everyone around you to have babies accept you. I was born to be a mother and I am determined to make it happen. It's so comforting knowing I am not alone. Thank God for this forum that I found by accident. All your stories have helped me and I hope mine helps you. I am open to any advice or suggestions. We love our fertility doctor now but I have no one to compare results with. My doctor thinks we are doing great but it's so helpful to compare results and medicines. I was put on both Lupron and Follistim injections. Lupron gave me bad headaches but other than that I have been fine. I have one more retrieval to go before they implant. We very nervous about implantation which will happen late March early April. This just has to finally work.

2/14/2015 11:14 AM
Hi ladies. I am new to this forum and trying IVF for the first time. We have been trying to conceive for 4 years and had tried various things including 2 failed IUIs. I had my retrieval on Wednesday and they took out 20 eggs. Out of those 20 fifteen were mature and 13 fertilized. I haven't heard about anything new yet and today is day three past retrieval. My doctor is doing a frozen transfer with me, hopefully in March. I am trying to be as positive as possible through this journey, but it is hard when you have had so many disappointments. We will see. Good luck to all of you in your journeys and I look forward to reading more about everyones experiences!!!

2/9/2015 6:43 PM
Hi Hope37,
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. That is devastating news to receive! Perhaps the miracle in it all was to show you that you can get pregnant naturally. Trust your body that it knows how to care for you and do all the things it was created to do. I don't think you did anything to cause your loss. Tragically, some of our babies were just not designed to live beyond our wombs. When my uterus became scarred after my cornual pregnancy I was angry at first, like someone was pouring salt in my wounds. However as I progressed through my process, I realized the scar tissue was a way of my body protecting itself from another life threatening emergency from happening again. Our bodies have infinitely innate wisdom. Trust in it to guide & protect you. My sister is a victim of sexual abuse & when she got pregnant naturally she was terrified of the process of giving birth secondary to post-traumatic stress disorder. Her therapist recommended this book which greatly helped me to get in tune with my body as well, instead of being scared & at war with myself. It is by christiane northrup, M.D. & is called Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom.....creating physical & emotional health & healing. I'm finally pregnant again after two years & 4 surgeries but still have a long road ahead of me. I hope your next miracle is just around the corner sweetie. Your body can do this....don't stop believing in yourself! Big hugs!

2/9/2015 11:29 AM
Good morning, hope37. I'm so sorry to hear about all you have gone through. I can't even imagine the heartbreak that you and your husband have endured over this loss. Be strong and have faith. Your husband is right...God will bring you what you want, one way or another. I believe that he will not throw things at us that we cannot handle. It's definitely not easy and it will take some time to get over and move forward. I think we have all suffered the loss in one way or another and at different stages in the process, and it really hurts like hell but only time heals those wounds. Give yourself that time before moving forward. We are giving ourselves a little bit of time. I started seeing a naturopathic doctor who discovered a thyroid problem, which may cause problems with fertility and miscarriages. I am on medication for that as well as other supplements. On top of that I am also doing acupuncture and cupping. We are hoping that we might be able to conceive naturally but if not, we have 7 frozen embryos. One way or another we will be parents.
Life doesn't always seem fair and I have definitely sulked in that thought in the past couple weeks but last night I learned that my friend's parents are gravely ill. This all puts things in perspective. Fortunately we are all healthy and not battling a terminal illness. As my husband always says, "it could always be worse." One day, hopefully soon, we will all be celebrating just like 2014Mom.
Sending you lots of hugs!

2/9/2015 11:13 AM
Congratulations 2014mom. I'm so happy for you and i have to admit, i am so jealous. I have not been here for a while coz so many things have happened. After i had my hysteroscopy and scratching to remove the polyps they found after my first miscarriage from the IVF, i was supposed to wait for my next cycle to go back to my doctor to check for remaining polyps. But i didn't get my period and when i emailed my fertility doctor what was happening, this was in jan and my hysteroscopy was back in nov. i thought there was something wrong. i went to my pcp for check up. I was pregnant, naturally! I was about 7 weeks pregnant then and i was stunned coz my fertility doctor told me before I could not get pregnant via natural way since my tube was damaged, and most probably the other tube is same way either damaged or non functioning. Anyways, i was about 9 weeks when I started bleeding and i went to ER they told me baby was fine and heard the heartbeat. But when i had my 2nd prenatal visit, in jan 31, no heartbeat. fetal demise. i was shocked and devastated. i had D&C that Saturday. I cried all week and didn't want to talk to anybody. I felt so hopeless. I thought I considered it a miracle baby. I blamed myself and still am. I felt i didn't take good care of my body. I don't know if I will be pregnant again naturally. I don't know if there's something wrong with me if I am not able to carry fetus for 39 weeks. What if me and my husband have chromosomal incompatibility, what's gonna happen to us? these are the questions that bother me. I have consultation with my fertility doctor on feb 17. I don't know if i should change my fertility doctor for if when i decide to do FET cycle. Sigh...I am so confused right now. But ofcourse I am hoping that I get pregnant again naturally and have a viable baby that is normal. My husband is so patient and understanding and doesnt lose hope. He told me that God is only going to give us what we pray and ask for, a normal healthy baby. If not for him, I don't know how I will surpass these very difficult times of my life.

2/8/2015 8:58 PM
Congratulations 2014mom!!! I can't believe it's a day later & you're updating us already. I'm so happy for you & your family. I hope God continues to bless you. Thank you so much for all of your support. I know your hope has helped me!

2/8/2015 10:35 AM
2014mom, congratulations to you and your family! I'm so excited and happy for you. I had to share your message with my husband! All the best to you all! Xoxoxox

2/8/2015 9:49 AM
Hello ladies.....quick update....baby came yesterday via normal delivery...
7lbs 02 Oz..20 inches. She is doing well....so is the new mommy.
I hope my journey will encourage someone. First try and here we are.

1/17/2015 5:53 PM
hope37 ~ How's everything going?

1/17/2015 5:52 PM
2014Mom ~ Thanks! How are you?

11/6/2014 12:12 PM
Hi Everyone,

I know it's been quiet lately. Anyhow, I'm back here. I am starting my FET Cycle due on Dec 10 for the implantation. They had me start with Lupin, contraceptives and I'm on my 5th day today. Then I will be starting Lupron and other meds, will keep you guys posted. I have the scratching next Wed, Nov 12. I hope and pray this time it works. Doctor recommended 3 implanted as opposed to 2 on the first try. I just hope everything turns out normal, healthy successful pregnancy. Please do include me in your prayers I'm trying to stay positive about this. God Bless everyone!


11/6/2014 10:59 AM
It has been quiet here lately. How is everyone doing?

KanaJoy, happy second trimester!

Pespgirl07, how are you doing and feeling? Few more weeks to go. Do they not say full term for twins is 32 weeks? Let us know how everything is fairing on.

Khayes, how have you been. How was your procedure? Hope all went well.

Wanabeamommy, it has been a while, how is everything with you on your end?

Just got back from Vacation, and officially started my 3rd trimester, so far so good except the leg cramps that wake me up in the middle of the night. Not complaining though.

Hope you hear from you ladies.

10/20/2014 8:36 PM
I am like overall emotional bout my whole ivf process , idk why maybe I'm looking at sites & women saying they failed a lot, I was overly excited but all of sudden got scared, this is the only place I can't vent where people understand my pain ... Everyone keeps saying your young don't worry..... My boyfriend thinks the Novarel is making me emotional but only took it once , I've even had a glass of wine today to ease stress while waiting for period to start cycle

10/18/2014 10:21 PM
Wannabeamommy, I don't know how you do it. I'm truly amazed that you could go through so much and still be trying. It's very inspiring. I didn't go through any kind of shared plan because my insurance actually covered close to 70% of my activity so far. Unfortunately my insurance ran out with my new job which does not cover infertility so now I'm on my own. If I was on the shared risk plan I wouldn't have been able to get coverage. I can see you've been through a lot and appreciate the support. I did take a look at a few other forums and posted on one of them. I had a D&C and wish that I could've miscarried naturally. It was tough and it was expensive but I know either way it would've been sad. Plus there was a risk that my uterine lining could've been damaged which wouldn't happen with a regular miscarriage. The risk is very low and fortunately it didn't happen but it was a worry for a while. I appreciate the support for women my age and I'm going to take it one day at a time. I did post on the other site that I was trying to get information about anyone's experience with mindfulness. Classes are offered through my medical program but it's expensive and I'm not quite sure how effective it is. The only reasons I can think that my FET didn't work the last time are stress related. I'm going to start meditating again and try to keep a positive attitude. I don't know how all these fabulous ladies on this site do it. Every setback makes it more difficult. Thanks again for your encouragement.

10/18/2014 1:31 PM
You guys are so helpful , lots & lots of baby dust to u all !! Here I am 26, undergoing my first ivf & I'm anxious & terrified at the same time

10/18/2014 1:22 PM
Hi Trieditall,
You are definitely not alone! I had my first baby a couple of years ago at age 44 (7th IVF cycle after a 2nd trimester loss) and have been trying for baby #2 for the past year. We will have our final transfer in a couple of months. Did get PG earlier this year but miscarried due to what we thought was a blighted ovum around 9 weeks. Beta numbers started very low on that one then spiked but fetus never really developed. Had a natural miscarriage and it was much more difficult than I imagined it would be. Wonder now if I should have had a D&C to make sure uterus was completely clear of everything though u/s looked good so didn't. Tried again with PGS normal embryos this spring, transferred 2 but a BFN. RE sent me for an MRI and diagnosed that I had adenomyosis which is more common in women who have had a C-Section or other uterine trauma. Currently doing a down regulating cycle for 3 months to treat the adeno and hoping that will help with better lining and implantation on this last cycle.

I am also on another board where many women had their first or second babies around your age so not to worry. Many have had normal pregnancies. One gal ended up using a gestational carrier but has a wonderful baby boy now.

Did you end up going with one of the clinics that has a shared risk program? I know several who have traveled to go through Shady Grove because of the money back guarantee and they have all been successful.

Good luck to you and hoping your baby is just around the corner!

10/17/2014 2:25 PM
Thank you so much for the reply and encouragement. I haven't told many people about this because it's so personal and really appreciate the support and having people to talk to. I'm sorry about your struggles as well and excited for you to try again. It's great to have somewhere to go where people can relate to what you're saying and all the emotions that go along with it. It looks like I'll have to wait until end of November, beginning of Dec. to try again. 50 is the new 40, right??? Thanks again and good luck to you.

10/17/2014 2:01 PM
Hi and welcome, Trieditall. I'm sorry that you have been going through this journey to try to have a baby and now doing so alone...well, you aren't alone because all of us on here are feeling the same things you are. We all have the same fears, frustrations, sadness, etc. That's awesome that you are not giving up! There are so many women that have children late in life, why can't we?
I'm 44, been married a little over 2 years. My husband and I actuall tried to conceive before our wedding but were unsuccessful. We saw a fertility specialist and begun our IVF journey. After the second try, we went searched and found an egg donor. We have already tried two times with embryos with the egg donor but were unsuccessful. Actually, the last one, in July, I did get pregnant but lost the baby. We have 10 embryos and will try again as soon as my menstrual cycle comes this month. It should happen soon since I'm already cramping. For the first time, I am anxious to get it. Lol. Don't give up and know that your feelings are completely and totally normal!
By the way, this is a great site to be at...all the women are amazing and so supportive. We've been there for each other during all our moments of sadness, joy and weakness.

10/17/2014 1:41 PM
Hi All, I'm new to this site and am hoping to find encouragement without judgement and know I'm not alone in this journey. I'm 49 years old, yes I know I'm an oldie but a goodie. I've been through a divorce and was hoping to meet the man of my dreams before starting a family. My boyfriend and I had been trying for 3+ years before he decided he really didn't want a kid and we subsequently broke up. Prior to that I had 3 IUIs and have been working with an adoption attorney for almost 2 years. I've had no luck in that it's hard to find someone willing to give their baby to a single mom and the ones that were had histories of mental illness and drug problems which, as a single mom, I didn't think I can provide the proper care. That has left me with IVF, donor egg and sperm. I have wanted a child my whole life and it kills me I didn't try this earlier but I wanted to wait until I was financially able to support a child which only happened about 5 years ago. In this last year I've spent about $40,000 on IVF and related procedures. I got pregnant in June and found out at 9 weeks my child had Turner Syndrome and had to terminate. After I spent about $6,000 on testing, I discovered I had 4 out of 6 remaining embryos that were normal. Just had another transfer on Oct. 7th. Was so sure I was pregnant, had symptoms and everything and just found out yesterday I wasn't. I am heartbroken and feel like someone up there hates me. Knowing the embryo was normal and my utuerus and health are good, I can't understand why it didn't work and my doctor says there's no reason he can point to. I don't feel like I can give up on this journey despite my age as I'm afraid I'll regret it for the rest of my life. I've really tried it all and nothing has worked. I feel alone and scared and would appreciate any encouragement. Thank you.

10/17/2014 10:05 AM
Hi! Glad to hear your blood work was good. I'm doing okay; on Wednesday I'll have my consultation with the surgeon who will be doing my surgery, so I guess I'll know more then. Other than that I'm just trying to stay positive and live my life while this particular dream is on hold. Sending you hugs and baby dust and all the best wishes for a better cycle next time!!

10/15/2014 8:05 PM
Hey Hunny thanks for checking on me my doctor said blood work looks good so looks like the Novarel did way it was supposed too , just hope for a better cycle this time , how are u & how'd everything ?

10/13/2014 5:55 PM
Hi @Momfor26, just wanted to say I'm thinking about you today. Hope everything goes well for you!

10/10/2014 11:24 PM
Not taking Any meds , Monday I'll find out what's next I will keep u posted

10/10/2014 4:27 PM
Oh @Momfor26 I'm so very sorry! So you're still taking the meds though? What happens next - is there something they can do to remove the cyst, or does it clear up on its own? Keep me posted and know that I'll be sending you all of my best cyst-blasting mojo!

10/9/2014 11:41 AM
So my cycle got cancelled due to a simple cyst which was causing a lot of estrogen so I go back Monday the 13rd for bloodwork again After taking the Novarel

10/8/2014 7:56 PM
Aweee yes it'll be good , keep me updated & good luck

10/8/2014 10:33 AM
@Momfor26 the acupuncture doesn't hurt at all! The needles are so tiny. You may feel a sensation as they go in, but once they're in you don't feel them at all. The placement is along energy meridians in the body (you can google image search it if you want); it will be up to your acupuncturist which specific places they'll go and will also depend on your individual needs.

As for me, I found out yesterday that I do in fact have to have some surgery before we can proceed with my transfer. I know that it's for the best and will increase my chances of successful implantation, but it's hard not to be super bummed about the delay (and nervous for another surgery).

Good luck today!
Hugs everyone!
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