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7/18/2014 1:59 PM
Hi hopeful1,

I'm not in your situation but have been in the fertility game awhile with several disappointing twists & turns. My advice would be if you have limited numbers of specimen from your husband, is to push for IVF. The success rate is so much higher & you don't want to look back & say 'should have, could of would of'. It sounds like things are good with everything else, but as I'm sure you understand, unexpected things happen. You should give it your best shot every time, particularly when dealing with limited 'resources'. I pray that your family building journey goes smoothly & your husband continues to grow healthy. God bless both of you!

7/11/2014 5:27 PM
I am 26 years old, never been pregnant. My husband, 29, was diagnosed with cancer last year, went through a surgery & chemotherapy. He is now in remission with surveillance, due to a spot still being detected, but surgery way to intense for how little the spot was, so the Dr's. thought that the remaining chemo would shrink it. & so far so good.

Anyway, the whole reason why we have to do IUI or IVF is because of him having this cancer. All of my prior tests are good, minus my slight insulin resistance. Due to limited number of vials that we have, our fertility Dr. wants to try IUI 3x before IVF. Also, he has placed me with injections, Follistim & Ovidrel, to help increase the chances. I am just curious if anyone who has gone through this may know what my chances of this first IUI working.

My husband & I would just love to finally get our family started. Being blessed with a child would bring so much joy into our lives after everything we have been through & will continue to go through with his cancer!

Thank you & God Bless.
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