Single 37yo freezing my eggs (not embryos). Anyone else?
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Single 37yo freezing my eggs (not embryos). Anyone else? Expand / Collapse

7/31/2015 12:51 AM
I hope that you are better now, see that after the second round, you don't have any other complications such irregular menstrual problems. Take care!

9/18/2014 8:00 PM
One last update. I decided to go for one more round of egg freezing. I did the same protocol but had a much better response this time. I had 13 eggs retrieved yesterday, 9 frozen. So in total I have 15 frozen eggs waiting for me someday. Hopefully I will never need them!

6/26/2014 5:22 PM
I'm posting an update with my results in case anyone decides to pursue this same procedure in the future. My initial bloodwork in March-April showed FSH 6.1, AMH .75 (low ovarian reserve) and the US showed 14 antral follicles. During the tx to freeze my eggs, I gave myself 300IU of Follisitim and 2 vials of Menopur each night, and 20 units of LdL morning and night. I stayed on this same dosage throughout the 10 days. I will add that the needles were small and I had no difficulty injecting myself. My doctor said he was hoping to get mid-to-high teens quantity of eggs. However, my US during my treatment showed that I only had 7 follicles and 1 questionable smaller 8th one. I was very disappointed to hear this! My retrieval was yesterday and they were able to get 6 eggs. They called today and said all 6 were mature and were able to be frozen! SO according to their stats 5% x 6 eggs is a 30% chance of a livebirth someday. Other online calculators only give me a 15% chance, so who really knows. I spent about 10k on this procedure and will spend another 7k when I want to warm, fertilize, and transplant, and there is no guarantee. My overall feeling is that I am VERY glad that I did this. I'm not crazy to think that it will definitely give me a baby someday, but I feel like I have some sort of chance, and I am glad that I took every precaution to preserve my fertility!

6/21/2014 9:17 AM
Here's a good blog I wanted to share for anyone else interested in freezing their eggs.

6/14/2014 8:38 PM
Hi, well I know that I could I thaw my eggs and fertilize them with donor sperm later, but I didn't think about doing it in advance. However I still find it hard to get mt mind around the donor sperm concept. I guess I want my child to know its father, hopefully a man I am in love with. I really hope this egg freezing thing works! On that note, any idea of differences in rates of success in freezing eggs vs embryos? Really wish there was more data on this!

6/13/2014 3:28 PM
Good luck with your cycle! I think it is great that women have the option to preserve their fertility & you shouldn't feel embarrassed. No one thinks a second about men not being married & waiting to build a family well into their 50's! Our uteruses don't age, just our eggs. Sharing your story helps others to not feel stigmatized. People used to be dead by their 50's, but of course the world has changed. Have you thought about fertilizing even half with donor sperm in case mr. Right never comes along or has a fertility issue himself? They would freeze better & perhaps give you the best chance of having a biological child someday? Hind sight is 20/20 & there r lots of things we didn't imagine we would do until that bridge comes. Just some food for thought. It is a brave new world out there. Best wishes to you on making your dreams come true!!

6/11/2014 5:22 PM
Hi, my MD did not give me success rates when I talked to him bc he said its a newer technology and not enough data is known. He did say fresh embryos were better, but I'm not in that boat. The form on my doctors office's disclaimer page said that "live births from frozen thawed eggs is estimated at 5% per thawed egg" and I had to sign that I understood. They are hoping to retrieve mid to high teens, then hopefully 80% of those can be frozen. I will lose a few more during thawing, but he said that hopefully technology will improve in the next few years and I won't lose as many during that process. So I figure if I can thaw 8 or so I would have about a 40% chance of a live birth. I will let you know exactly how many we are able to freeze!

6/2/2014 8:14 PM
Did your RE tell you what the success rate is with egg freezing vs. Embryo freezing? Our RE told us the embryo would have a better chance at survival, but I'm not sure if it's a significant difference. I would want to know those stats! Don't be embarrassed for wanting your own biological children, it's natural.
Good luck to you!

6/1/2014 3:58 PM
So yes I'm 37 and single. I'm not sure how that happened or where the time went. I feel like I am in denial about my age! I've decided to explore my options for maybe having a baby someday. I am still hopeful that a great man is out there, so I have decided to freeze my eggs. I had my initial bloodwork and everything looks good. My ovarian reserve in low average, but I had 14 follicles. So I just bought the meds (this is all 100% self pay) and start them in about a week. I'm nervous and am wondering if anyone else has done this? Have you retrieved your eggs a few years later and fertilized them with a successful pregnancy? I will end up spending around 10k-12k for this and there are no guarantees, but I feel hopeful that I might still have a chance. I feel embarrassed to tell my friends and family about this for some reason, like I'm a failure for not being married and having a family by now. Since this is a newer option in the reproductive arena, I'd love to hear your thoughts or opinions on this. Thank you!
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