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4/15/2014 3:02 PM
Hi ladies! I first found this forum after having some swelling, bleeding, and bruising with my lupron injection on Sunday. I wanted to come back and formally introduce myself! = ) My apologies as I'm not very familiar with all of the lingo yet so bear with me! The doc said the issue I had on Sunday is ok- shouldn't have happened but perhaps my husband went in a little fast or may have tilted the needle a bit as he pulled it out, but nothing to worry with. I started the Gonal- (something- cant remember now) this morning and will start the Menupur along with the Lupron tonight. I thought I was going to get by without having to do the progesterone injections as they scare the crap out of me- and by that I mean I feel like I could pass out just thinking about needing it done everyday. Unfortunately, my doc just faxed over the prescription to get this filled. I'll also do the suppository. The HCG intramuscular injection is set for the 23rd. Right now we are hoping for retrieval on the 25th and transfer on the 30th. A little about us- my right tube is 100% blocked, but unsure what from. I had a trial transfer to make sure everything looked good and he said we're good to go. My hubby had a vericoceole, which he had surgery for in September. Unfortunately it didn't help at all and he still has HORRIBLE numbers where IVF is our only chance of pregnancy due to almost no motility. They plan to go in and retrieve his swimmers at the same time as my retrieval. Curious to see if anyone has had this done? I'm trying to stay hopeful but scared and doubtful at the same time. Yesterday was the first time I felt like I was starting to become an emotional mess as it was a VERY bad day which involved spilling a full bottle of water in my purse- still trying to figure how that even happened! Anyways- thanks for reading about our situation. I look forward to share our experiences together! If I can help in any way- I'm here!! Have a great day everyone!!!
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