Bleeding and swelling anything to worry about?
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4/14/2014 8:03 AM
Hello HopefulAmy sorry to hear about your reaction. There are a number of ladies who have been on Lupron, post this same question in IVF buddies forum, more ladies view that and will be able to answer your question. I am also curious to know because I will be starting Lupron this coming Saturday. Also just post to let us know what the doctor says. All the best.

4/13/2014 9:52 PM

I'm new to this site but hoping someone can give me some relief until I can talk to my doctor tomorrow. I've been on Lupron since the 2nd. Tonight's injection bled and immediately swelled. Is this something I should be concerned with? Up until now I haven't had any trouble and just one little bruise. Thanks in advance!!
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