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3/13/2014 8:26 AM
Thanks wanttobeamommy, I will be persistent, also in prayers. So when I first got my prescriptions, the doctor wanted me to get a 10-day supply of Bravelle and Menopur, I was to take 225ul of Bravelle and 75ul menopur. I am paying out of pocket..The nurse sort of adviced me to get 8-day supply first coz I can always go back and get more. So I followed her advice, I odered 24 bravelles and 8 menopur...which is 8 days worth considering my dosage. After my first blood work, my dosage was reduced! Now instead of 3 bravelles daily I am on 1 bravelle daily. Talking to the nurse yesterday I may know by tomorrow when they will retrive the eggs. Tentatively she said Monday or Tuesday depending on how follicles grow ( I am being positive and ignoring the fact that she had said the follicles were small) which means I will end up having 9 bravelles left! I paid 60 dollars for each. I still have not picked up my ganirelex and ovidrel from the pharmacy, still holding off to hear from the nurse...the pharamcy does not take returns...If I knew then what I know now, I would have orderd enough medications to take me to the first blood work and ultra sound. I am really being positive then good will come out of all these, for all of us, all the women in this forum and all the women I see day in day out coming for blood work and ultra sound.
I wish you the exteme best in your journey wanttobeamommy. Have you ever heard of Tomiko Frasier-Hines? She used an egg donor and she now has two little boys who just turned one. If you do not know her, Google her and read he fertility journey. And she is 46 yrs!

3/12/2014 4:36 PM
Hi 2014Mom, first wanted to let you know that I, like you, felt no different from any other day while doing the injections. I was also doing the Bravelle and Menopur injections. So, it might be a normal thing what your feeling. I went through it twice and the first time I had better looking follicles but the second round was very similar to yours. We were told that using an egg donor would be the best thing to do. We did so but on our attempt, didn't get pregnant. We have 12 frozen embryos so, I'm happy that there are more possibliities.
It's a good idea not saying you are going through the IVF process for several you said, people may not be as supportive as you would like them to be, not understand, and might say something hurtful. What I found difficult was having to see those people that knew after a negative pregnancy result. It's really hard so we have opted to limit who knows. We only have a couple of people that know we have chosen an egg donor. One of those is my best friend and the other, also a very good friend of our that she and her partner also went through a sperm donor and understnad what we are going through.
Best of luck to you and your husband and be patient...I know it is easier said than done, but you have to try.

3/12/2014 3:37 PM
So my nurse just called estrogen levels are high but follicles are small...she says this is a warning...that I may not have mature follicles...gosh...heart broken

3/12/2014 3:19 PM
Dear mothers to be, This is our first IVF cycle, I am currently on Bravelle and Menopur. The Daily injections are not as bad as I had thought. I started on Saturday. First blood work and ultra sound was yesterday. Nurse called me back saying hormones are going up but follicles are still small and she reduced my bravelle dosage. Had my day 2 blood work and ultrasound today. I did not realize that I will be having blood work and ultrasound daily until egg retrieval. I do not know how I feel. Is it normal to not feel anything? I am just there...not nervous, not scared..I am worried that I am not feeling anything. We chose not to tell anyone about this coz people around us tend to be extremely nosey and unsupportive and we really need support at this time.
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