Do's and Don'ts during egg stim
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3/3/2014 4:44 PM
Hi all you fabulous Ladies going through IVF! I am a newbie, just started my stimulation meds on Saturday, and wondered if any wise people out there might have some do's and don't to share with us newbies?
So far this is what I have found:
Things you should DO before egg collection:

Eat an egg or two each day or other protein rich foods.
Acupuncture (if possible).
Drink lots of water.
Exercise (only light exercise while stimming and after collection/transfer like walking. This increases blood flow to the uterus). Don't get heart rate over 140.
Eat lots of protein and high quality fats. Nuts, seeds, eggs, meats and beans etc...
Eat lots of fibre as well. This helps PCOS with IR to regulate insulin better.
Get at least 8 hrs sleep a night. Take frequent naps.
Baths are OKAY but don't get your core temp up. No Hot tubs etc.

Things you should AVOID before egg collection:

DH should not expose himself to sauna/hot tub.
Avoid cold/iced foods.
Avoid excess amounts of red meat.
Do not eat sugar or sugar substitutes. Sugar negatively effects egg quality.
No alcohol for either partner for at least a month before egg collection.
Reduce or eliminate caffeine intake.
Avoid eating fish due to mercury content.

So any other suggestions you all have please post them here!
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