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2/23/2014 10:20 AM
This morning I finally had courage to start reading everybody posts. I was amazed on how supportive they were to me. My husband and I are new to IVF after 4 pregnancies and no baby.
In 2007 during our second pregnancy we found out that I have a balance translocation. My Chromosomal 3 and 20 and flipped and after trying 2 more times my doctor said we should go thru IVF before I scar my uterus and terminate all the changes of caring a child. So here we are and it has already been bumping. First my Dr. put me on DHEA and CoQ10 for the min of 8 weeks due to my low egg quality (0.48) and now I have an estrogen producing cyst that is huge and most likely do to the DHEA (we found out on Day 2 of IVF so we could not move forward). My period is late for over a week and I am not pregnant, which means, the cyst is still there and producing too much estrogen. Now I am off all medications and waiting for my body to recycle naturally. My Dr. gave me the option to induce my period by taking progesterone but my husband flat out said NO. He said he felt that I need to get off all the medications and give my body a rest since we know you don't have issues getting pregnant and being pregnant, it issue is the translocation (so we are doing the IVF with PGD). I want to take the progesterone, but my gut feeling is telling me to listen to my husband and not put any more medication at this time in my body. So here I am waiting for my period, stressing about it and taking pregnancies test almost daily.
Anyone dealing with delays in treatment? Wishing all of us and the best of luck.
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