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12/9/2013 1:30 PM
Hello All

I know I have been quite over here, work has been very busy. I am school counselor and I have seniors this year so they have me really busy. It is crazy how fast time goes by, and here we are in Dec and college application deadlines are upon us. So I am going a bit crazy.

I just wanted to post and let everyone know we are doing good. I am not sure if I posted that in Sept we ended up with a HCG level of 15 and two days later it dropped so we were heart broken and not sure what our plan was going to be. My husband ended up meeting a women who had recommended a doctor at UCONN and I was in a wedding in Sept and one of the bridesmaids who also went to UCONN said the doctor was really good. So in Nov Michael and I went for a third opinion. The Doctor seemed to really be focused on Research and what works best and what doesn't. He plans to totally change up my entire protocol, no Lupron, no Lupron depo, nothing. He said if I do bleed we will just freeze the embryos and do a FET, which he said research shows more pregnancy result from them anyway because there is better control over your hormone levels. He is going to watch my Progesterone levels, I didn't know this but he said if your progesterone spikes to high before transfer the embryo will not attach AND the fluid the embryos are in is called Media and apparently they can change that if your embryos aren't growing, so he said he wants to know what kind of Media our embryos were kept in at Yale because he plans to try a different one. So will begin a cycle at UCONN starting in Feb. I go in Thursday for a minor procedure so he can look at my uterus and make sure everything looks good, hubby is going in for some testing and blood work and at our post op appointment we will figure out my protocol and we will begin. So I will keep everyone posted and let you know when I strat. Right now it is all about Christmas and Skiing in January!!!! I will be in touch!!!!

Wishing every one well, baby dust to all!!!
Happy Holidays

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