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12/4/2013 7:59 AM
I said I would post if I was successful so here it goes...I had a canceled cycle back in August due to the donor overstimulating and thought I had to start from scratch. Two weeks later I found out that the donor I originally chose in March (but who was unavailable) would be available to sync in October. Synchronization and stimulation went smoothly and on November 19th the donor produced 12 eggs. Six of them fertilized and two 8-cells were transferred on 11/22. The RE said they were "really pretty embryos"! We hoped to be able to freeze the other four but unfortunately they deselected. I had already had one failed attempt with my eggs and our donor egg process hit several setbacks so my DH and I had decided that this was our last shot. Not having any frosties as a backup was really disappointing.

But, I thought I might be feeling a bit different (sore boobs, tired, hungry a lot) so I caved and took a HPT on Thanksgiving...negative, ugh. I was only 6dp3dt so I knew I was pushing it but I was so anxious. Two days later (my birthday) I gave it another shot and it was positive (very faint second line but it was there)!!! Of course, I took another test the next day and thankfully it was clearly positive (much darker line!).

When I called to schedule my 1st beta I told them I had a positive HPT so they let me come in early (11pd3dt) and I had a beta of 286! I go back next week for a f/u beta and then they will schedule my 1st u/s for sometime during week 7. Now that I have a high beta it's a bit more real to me but I still don't really feel any different. Friends have told me that it will hit when I see a heartbeat and the RE said that my high early beta may indicate multiples!!

For anyone who has had a struggle with DE's I just wanted to post some good news. I know I'm not out of the woods yet but this is the farthest I've gotten and I'm thrilled.

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