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5/11/2014 9:00 PM
New to Board. Just starting first IVF this month as well. Have been TTC for 2.5 years, started seeing a fertility specialist 6 months ago. I did clomid for almost 8 months (6 with prior OBGYN) and 2 with fertility, 2 failed IUI's and last IUI I took femara instead of clomid. It's a very frustrating situation and constant/ never ending medical bills. I'm on my second day of shots and I already hate taking them. I feel like my husband and I have so much responsibility in putting the injections together and making sure we don't mess up. For most ppl getting over the sticker shock of price is the first hurdle; we didn't qualify for must assistance which is sad because it's expensive regardless of how much money your household makes and especially if your insurance doesn't cover it; like ours doesn't. I'm hoping this works; because I can't take much more negatives results.
Were going with two embryos and I'm praying that everything works out. Besides logging on here and posting, I've started a private journal to write something everyday (well technically started the first day of shots ). I hope it helps with the pain and sadness of dealing with this. My husband doesn't talk much about it but I know he talks to his parents and his best friend and I hope that helps him relieve some of this.
Thanks to anyone reading this, I hate to vent but sometimes it's hard being so strong all the time. I wish the best of luck to everyone dealing with infertility.

5/6/2014 6:24 PM
Thank you! we have our moments im sure just like any other couple going through this. it was stressful at the begining when we didnt have much information but once we got our nurse assigned to us and talked with her and the financial advisor and now that we have our outlined plan, step by step process it seems so much more easier to handle and go into this i admit i have some fears like the cycle being canceled for one reason or another but i have done my best to stay on a more positive side (can be hard at times) its now only days away to starting shots and weeks for egg retreival and then inplanting. we should have our first preg test done on or around my birthday! exciting or not but something to look forward to and celebrate or enjoy a good cry and some wine! lol.

5/6/2014 5:25 PM
Hi and welcome, Faith1219. It's definitely not an easy thing what we are going through but is reassuring to know you are not alone. Those feelings you are experiencing are very normal. Take it all in and be patient. You will see that this will bring you so much closer to your husband. It's a bittersweet thing but, God willing, we will all have the same happy end result.
Lots of luck to you!

5/6/2014 4:36 PM
Hi! I am going through my first IVF ICSI cycle, I just finished my birth control the doctors put me on today and if all goes as planned and my i start i should be doing shots this weekend.. i am excited and a little nervous, i just cant really talk to family or friends they just dont understand it no matter how many ways i explain it. I have never done any of this blog stuff but it is comforting and nice to see we are all not alone!

11/20/2013 4:33 PM
I am new to all of this... infertility, blogs, forums... and I guess I am really just looking for a place to vent for now. I really can't talk to friends about this, as we are dealing with male factor infertility and my husband isn't ready for the world to know... so I guess strangers are my only outlet. We had been trying for almost two years, so right after my 30th birthday my husband and I had testing done. As it turns out, he has a microdeletion and will never produce sperm. This was such a hard pill for me to swallow, because I had to be his rock. He was struggling with feelings of inadequacy, and the inability to give me a child. I was crushed. I had quit my nursing job to move across the country and marry my now husband, I never started working out here because my goal was to start a family right away. I never made any friends here and didn't really try because I figured I would soon be too occupied with a house full of babies. I never wanted a career, never cared for a social life. I didn't want a big house or a fancy car, I just wanted to be a wonderful mommy. I know that I am so lucky and have a wonderful life, it just really sucks that the only thing I have ever really wanted is just out of reach. I had a horrible reaction to clomid (rashes) and estrogen (migraines) our first (failed) IUI with donor sperm, and now the doc is suggesting we go to IVF. I am still relatively young (32) and I think the only issue I have is a tilted uterus, so I am bummed to hear that he is so pessimistic about IUI and am trying to figure out how we can afford IVF, especially if there is no guarantee of success. Thanks to all for letting me post, it really did help to get it all out there... sorry to any that wasted time reading this :/ I hope you all get little miracles soon!

10/31/2013 12:05 AM
Hi keokismom. Welcome to the forum. It is great to be on a place where other women are experiencing the same as you. It's good to vent and share experiences. I went through one full cycle of ivf and, unfortunately had one really good embryo to transfer and a not so good one. Both were transferred but, sadly, did not get pregnant. I would recommend moving forward with the two do your chances are greater. I had started a second round of ivf but, because I wasn't producing many follicles/eggs, my doctor recommended we not pursue retrieval and try with just timed sex. Once again, no pregnancy. My husband and I have opted to go with an egg donor. I'm excited to say that we begin that process this Monday. Good luck to you!!!

10/30/2013 7:30 PM
Hi everyone!!! I am on day 4 of my shots and I guess retrieval will be next week sometime this is all new to me- I don't even understand half of the abbreviations I see on these forums lol but it's fine I'm 41 and had 2 unsuccessful IUIs. Am in the midst of deciding on a 1 or 2 embryo transfer. Am doing genetic testing and my nurse is suggesting just one. I have to decide by Friday. God willing everything will work out well this week. Any advice is appreciated. I'm grateful to be able to have a place where other women are experiencing the same thing I am. I wish all of you the best!
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