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8/21/2013 3:47 PM
I'm another new one to this so please bear with me. I am almost 43 and due to the fact that my husband (age 53) had a vasectomy 27 years ago, we have to do IVF with ICSI. I did an IVF cycle in February 2013 but failed due to only getting 3 eggs and none fertilized (I guess because of my age). We immediately decided to try Egg Donation.

The donor we chose was already working with another recipient and we were told she wouldn't be available for us until late May. The beginning of June came around and I still hadn't heard anything so I reached out to our "Egg Donation Coordinator". I heard back that the recipient had over-suppressed so their cycle was pushed back a bit. I followed up a few weeks later and was told that now the donor had ovulated while on pills so it was being pushed back more (honestly, maybe it was the other way around, I don't remember). Since the donor would need a month off meds between donation cycles, she wouldn't be available to me until sometime in September.

I was concerned about the wait but also because this was the donors first cycle and what if she decided not to donate back-to-back?? It just so happened that another donor became available at that time. She wasn't as ideal as the first but I was anxious to get going. We were told the new (2nd) donor had just had her period so it would be 3 to 4 weeks before we could synchronize. Six weeks went by and I finally called the Coordinator on a Friday to ask what was going on. She said that if the donor didn't menstruate by Monday she would bring her in for blood work. On Monday I got the call I was expecting (no pun intended)...the donor was pregnant, ugh!!!!

My Coordinator felt terrible since there were now two donor setbacks, plus a failed IVF. She reached out to a previous donor who she thought was perfect for me but had stopped because of family obligations and asked if she was willing to do it one more time. I was ecstatic when the donor agreed because she the was the best match by far. Luckily, we were able to sync really quickly and the retrieval was set for next Monday, 8/26, with transfer hopefully on 8/29.

I received a call from my Coordinator this afternoon - the Dr. was cancelling the Donor due to over-stimulation, and she's moving out of state in a few weeks so I can't use her again. I am devastated (yet again) and I'm trying really hard not to believe that this is some sort of sign that I should give up. I know I won't, not yet, but I need some encouragement to stay positive.

I didn't write this to upset or discourage anyone because I think Egg Donation is great and the only choice in a lot of cases, plus my multiple situations are probably an anomaly but right now I need some positive feedback. I know there are success stories out there and if I end up being one of them someday I will surely post.

Having said that I need some encouragement, especially if anyone has had a similar experience. Also, if anyone out there is just beginning this journey I am willing to answer any questions you have. I wish the best for anyone in our situation.

Thank you so much for listening.


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