First and only attempt at IVF
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10/1/2013 8:09 PM
I definitely understand your worries and concerns with the financial aspect. My husband and I have been trying for several years and have come to IVF, starting the meds/injections this week. I am so nervous about the shots and in the back of my mind keep thinking what if this doesn't work? How could we possibly afford another cycle if we barely scraped enough up for this one. We have really put all our trust in the Lord. He knows all of our individual situations and has a plan for all hopeful mothers to be. He will provide what we need in life, I truly believe that.

8/11/2013 10:52 PM
Hi praying08-
Hang in there! I'm on day 8 of stimulation and I have to give myself three shots a day and surprisingly it is not too bad! You can do it! As my nurse tells me all the time - so many others have done this, you can too! For some reason that works for me and twice in the morning and once at night I give myself a shot! Many prayers to you!

8/10/2013 6:33 PM
Hey Ladies...I have never been on a blog before but after reading your posts for weeks I felt all the positive support and positive energy and just needed to get some advice from women who can really relate. I am 39 and my husband is 32 and we will be beginning our IVF baseline in 6 days and I'm so emotional. I have children from a previous marriage and he has a child from a prior relationship. I had a tubal reversal 4 years ago but have not gotten pregnant due to egg quality due to my age. We are paying for everything out-of-pocket ($7,900.00 for meds) which makes me sometimes feel crazy because I feel like we should be saving the money for out children's college tuition. Our Dr. said she is giving me the highest doses of meds to increase my chances of becoming pregnant because we are only doing 1 cycle. I hate - HATE - needles and the thought of all the shots alone terrifies me but I know it's a labor of love so I'll make it through. I don't hear a lot of success stories for women knocking on 40 being successful, especially not on the 1st attempt but we can't even afford this 1st attempt so I know I'm praying for a miracle...but I believe in miracles. Thanks for listening.
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