1st IVF cycle, has tubal ligation with endometrial ablation in 2007
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1st IVF cycle, has tubal ligation with endometrial ablation in 2007 Expand / Collapse

7/25/2013 3:54 PM
Hi everyone! I have been reading all of your stories and am just fascinated at all you have all dealt with. I'm 36 and my hubby 32. On 7/12 we went for our consultation, but it turned out that my period came 8 days early and the second day of it happened to be the consult day. Dr suggested we do bloodwork and vaginal ultrasound to check uterus since ablation. Well, all was ok. Sperm analysis ok the following week, but doc told us to consider ICSI, but that we were on the borderline so up to us. We are doing it. Had mock transfer last Friday, went well, but he did see some scar tissue due to c-section in 2000. He says the transfer may be tricky, but that he is confident and has dealt with it before successfully. All meds came in yesterday. Geez!! That'll scare the day lights out of ya! This Friday I have ultrasound to see if uterus is in good shape ( been on BCP & ASA for 10 days). If all goes well, will start meds Saturday and egg retrieval is tentatively scheduled for 8/2. Any words of advice?? Had to pay out of pocket so this may be out one and only chance. Thanks and good luck to everybody!!!!
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