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9/6/2013 2:39 PM
Hello ladies - new to the forum, first post. On day 5 of meds, scheduled for IVF retrieval next week (first time IVF). Have had 3 prior pregnancies all miscarriages. So far everything going well. US this morning showed 8 follicles (MD said not overwhelming but not horrible). Also doing acupuncture. Any other tips for IVF? Diet? Relaxation? Dr said no exercise so trying fertility yoga DVD only. Thanks!

8/26/2013 3:13 PM
Hi everybody! Well I am going in for my embryo transfer tomorrow!!! We opted for PGS testing and only ended up with one good embryo. I am almost 26 (on Sunday! hoping for a GREAT birthday present) and have no known issues. My husband had a vasectomy (during a previous marriage) so we are trying IVF to have a baby! I am super nervous about tomorrow! Any tips or advice for tomorrow and the LONG 2 week wait?

8/23/2013 2:45 PM
Hi AngieS...funny but I was thinking about all of you (us) last night about how no one has been posting anything. I hope everyone is doing well. Congratulations on your pregnancy! It's a bittersweet moment knowing that that you have a baby growing in your tummy and the other did not "attach."
Well, I have yet to hear from my cousin. You have no idea how disappointed I am. I find it hard to believe that she's left it alone this long. My husband seems to think it was her husband that might have had an issue, however, a courtesy call or even a text would suffice to let us know one way or another. Anyhow, it is what it is. Unfortunately, the relationship with her has been tainted. This is such a sensitive and emotional matter and not contacting us really blows!!! So, we had a pretty good candidate we found online but then we became fishy about her. She suddenly wanted to "rush" the process. She said she had to move to northern California to help a sick friend. The whole story did not seem to make much sense. Our IVF Coordinator also felt the same as us. So, we are on the lookout again and have heard from a couple other girls. I hope they are serious and interested. I'm getting really anxious and frustrated. If any of you ladies know anyone that might be interested in donating, please let me know. We're in the southern California area (Los Angeles).

8/23/2013 1:47 PM
Everyone has gone quiet….
Chrissy I have been thinking of you and hope you’re doing OK.
JAK1234 – how did the retrieval (and transfer?) go?
Wanttobeamommy – have you had any response from your cousin or are you continuing to look into other donors?
I had my first scan a few days ago and the baby looked great. I was so anxious before it that I was shaking. And there was only one baby! I know is the best possible outcome, as my sister had preemie twins at 25 weeks, but I am still a little sad for my other little emby that didn’t make it.

8/11/2013 11:00 PM
Good luck Chrissyb5! Many positive thoughts go out to you!
Wantstobeamommy- maybe your cousin needs more time but on a positive note, I'm so glad to hear you are getting responses on your ads. Sometimes it is not the way we have planned... Many positives coming your way
AngieS- exciting news! Can't wait for Aug 21st!

I'm on day 8 of stimulation & the doctor says Retrieval will more than likely be on Friday!

8/7/2013 5:17 PM
Oh Chrissy I am so sorry that you didn’t get any embryos to freeze. I know how you feel – it is devastating. I had always assumed I’d have plenty of them – my husband and I had even discussed what we’d do with extras we didn’t need (had decided to donate to couples who couldn’t do IVF for whatever reasons). That conversation seems so silly and unnecessary now! BUT it really one does take one! I am sending you all the crossed fingers and toes that I possibly can and some VERY positive vibes. I have no doubt that this week will be the longest ever, hang in there. I would say try and do stuff to take your mind off it, but that didn’t really work for me. It was all I think about for 7 long days!

Wanttobeamommy – I am sorry your cousin has been unresponsive. I can understand that it must be a unique and difficult situation for her but that’s disappointing. That’s great that you’ve had some responses though, how exciting!

As for my update, I had my second beta test on Friday and the level had more than tripled in 3 days!!! I have my u/s scheduled for 8/21.

8/7/2013 11:29 AM
***just reread my message this morning, sorry about all the typos. The iPhone didn't catch all those errors.***
Hope you're having a good morning!

8/6/2013 10:48 PM
Hi Chrissyb5! Reading your update this evening brought me flashbacks and to tears. I can totally relate to that phone all telling you that your embryos have expired. I'm sooo sorry that you went thought that. I was seeing it as 'my babies' had not survived and it killed me! BUT, Chrissy, you have one very good one in your womb...remember, that is all it takes. Keep positive!!! It's going to be a long abd grueling week but you'll be fine. My thoughts, prayers, and positive energy is headed your way. I've shared your story with my husband and he also sends you well wishes. We always say "GO TEAM BABY!" I'm rooting they for you now!
An update on our if yet, over one week and no word from my cousin. My husband messaged her Saturday and she didn't even reply to that. I seriously think she doesn't know how to address this with us. So, my husband opened an online ad, I opened a Facebook page and we posted ads in a couple university campuses. Surprisingly, there have been inquiries and one girl seems legit and very interested in donating. She's been in touch with my doctor's office to get the questionnaire. I'm excited but sad that we've come to these measures to form a family.
Well, have a good evening and congratulations my friend! Keep me posted.

8/6/2013 9:21 PM
So everyone, here is an update...

I had 5 eggs that fertilized but only 4 of them made it to day 2. Of those 4 there was 1 that divided twice, 2 that divided 4 times and one that had divided 8 times by day 3 so I did a transfer of that one little guy on Saturday morning. My doctor said it was just below perfect as far as their grading scale goes so I'm very hopeful. The remaining 2 that had divided 4 times continued on and by day five it was questionable if they were going to be able to be frozen. Well today is day six and I got the call that they would not be able to survive the freezing process. I was super sad and even burst in to tears when I got off the phone. The thought that we will have to go through this process again from the beginning (and we will because even if we are sucessful this round we want more than just one child if it's possible) is daunting.
So now our hopes lie on this one "nearly" perfect embryo that is incubating in my belly. If there is anytime that I could use some crossed fingers its now. I take a pregnancy test a week from tomorrow! The longest week of my life but I couldn't be more excited!!!

8/1/2013 10:54 PM
Awesome news AngieS!!! I am so excited for you! I can't wait for tomorrow's update! Many prayers and so much happiness for you! Congrats!!!
Chrissyb5- that sounds like great numbers! I completely agree with wantstobeamommy that it only takes ONE!! I can't wait to read more - prayers for your transfer!
Wantstobeamommy - keeping you in my prayers, for a good response from your cousin! I agree with you not understanding the whole secret. I think they should tell their daughter when she is an adult definitely not now!
Things are good over here - we are actually out of town this weekend for a friend's wedding (sort of mini vacation)! Definitely much needed relaxation!
I can't wait to hear from all of you!!

8/1/2013 9:27 PM
Holy cow AngieS!!! I'm super happy for you! I could only imagine how that glad to see that your life has taken a turn for the best and a new road can now begin (or something poetic like that). Come on 7 weeks! My fingers are crossed.
So, I'm only a week and a half behind you! My retreval went great and they got 6 eggs with 5 that fertilized. Now we wait to see if we will do a 3 day or 5 day transfer...that's either saturday or monday! so soon! Hopefully I'll know what it feels like to see 2 lines on a test soon too!! (my hopes are through the roof)

8/1/2013 2:28 PM
CONGRATULATIONS, AngieS!!!! That's wonderful news. I'm very happy for you and your husband! Blessings and well wishes headed your way!

7/31/2013 11:36 PM
Good to hear everyone’s updates!
Chrissyb5 – how did the retrieval go?
JAK1234 – not long until you start the sim meds, it will come around so soon.
Well I have some good news! It worked! I am pregnant. I can still hardly believe it. I couldn’t wait until my blood test and ended up taking a HPT on Sunday. It was VERY faint positive. I had to ask my husband if he could see the second line too, as I was worried that I had willed it into existing. I took one again on Monday morning and it was ever so slightly darker. So I called my nurse and asked if I could come in a day early for my blood draw. I went in yesterday and they confirmed it! They will repeat it on Friday to make sure it is rising appropriately. I’m trying to stay cautious until my first scan at 7 weeks but it’s so hard not to be super excited.
I’m calling my Mom tomorrow to tell her the good news

7/31/2013 10:50 AM
Chrissyb5...10 follicles are great....your chances of getting a good number are really good! We need to always remember that it only takes one! Lots of luck, hoping our dreams of becoming mommies come true for us all!

7/30/2013 11:08 PM
So here is an update for everyone...I took my trigger injection last night and I'm going in for the "harvest" tomorrow morning!! It looks like I have 10 folliclles so we'll see how many good eggs they get tomorrow. My hopes are definately up! It's all been pretty exciting so far and I guess we will find out in about 2 weeks or so if all went well. I'll let you know how many fertilized once we find out in a few days.

How is everyone else doing? AngieS? lak1234? wanttobeamommy? it's been a few days now since our last posts so give me the updates!!

7/26/2013 11:45 PM
Hi everyone! I started the Lupron shots on 5 shots down what a million more to go... :-)!! I've been very busy at work this week so it was great to log on tonight and read everyone's stories! I agree with all of you that this is a great place to come and have a group to "share in the excitement" or "vent the frustrations" of the wonderful/hectic process of conceiving a baby!

I go back to the dr on Wed for a sono & to learn how to "mix meds"! I start Bravelle & Menopur (Stimulation) on Aug 4th!

AngieS - so you are half way through your 8 days, how exciting! You will be in my prayers!! Definitely keep thinking positively! I can't wait to hear from you this next week!

Chrissyb5 - it sounds like you are already in stimulation (I could be wrong - I get all the meds mixed up). When are you tentatively scheduled for retrieval? I should be somewhere around Aug 16th. You will be in my prayers too!

Wantstobeamommy - I understand you wanting to be a mom so badly! Most of my friends already have kids and all of my siblings & my husband's siblings have children in fact we have 13 nieces and nephews and a 14th on her way this Oct! Praying for you and for peace and not to be stressed (though I know that will still happen)

We haven't told our families & friends (except my best friend) for all the same reasons you listed Chrissyb5!

Glad to talk to all of you tonight & loved reading all of your comments and stories! I'll try to log on more and stay up to date!

7/25/2013 11:49 PM
Thanks Chrissyb5 I need and appreciate the positive vibes! No changes here, been feeling totally normal but taking that as an OK sign. Fortunately I've been really busy, crazy work schedule plus I actually have a 2-yr old to chase around (our miracle baby, conceived after 3 years of trying and one IUI, still a complete mystery to me how it ever happened). But I've still been waking up several times a night unable to think about anything else.

Hope your shots and monitoring appointments have been going OK. Are you almost ready for the retrieval now? Not being able to eat/drink for a morning was possibly one of the most challenging parts of the whole process for me LOL.

7/23/2013 3:38 PM worries. I'm not mad at you. You're right...I need to put this behind me. It's just difficult to not have these feelings when we are going through so much to have a child and it came so easy to him to do so with somebody else. It doesn't help that this little boy is rude and talks back to me, adding fuel to the fire. My husband steps in and we both address the issue but I can't deny it, I get very upset.
I have moments of anger, where everybody gets the worst in me. Lol! It's not that bad...I don't snap. I just get very emotional and cry. I, often times, don't want to hear about people I know and their pregnancies or their babies. Going through these emotions, I know is all part of the process. I know my husband loves me and wishes he could do something to make things better. I just need to take this one day at a time.

7/23/2013 3:12 PM
Oh my gosh AngieS!! I don't know why I'm so excited for you but I am! 8 days is so long but totally worth it. I think I'm excited for you because I'll be in your shoes in about a week and a half. I can't help but to be positive (a little bit annoyingly positive) about this process because I figure that it will keep me less stressed. If it doesn't work then I'll be pretty sad but at least I'll know it wasn't because I was stressed out

I have only told one of my friends about what we're doing and for me it's because I don't want them calling and asking me questions about the whole thing. This process is fairly quick and if we have a great out come from this then they will learn soon enough. If we have a negative out come from this then I'm not sure I want anyone to know right away until I've come to terms with it. So I guess I'm saying that I don't blame you for not telling many friends.

So I'm on day 5 of injections actually and the first day I gave myself a nice bruise but only that first day. Wanttobeamommy, I thought about having my husband do the shots for me but I kinda like doing it myself. He does get my Menopur shots ready for me at night though. He mixes them up and puts it in the syringe. He really has been awesome. AngieS I had my first monitoring appt. today and I have 5 great sized follicles on one side and 3 ok ones on the other and my lining is 1/8th inch which apparently is good. I go back on Thursday again for another check up so I'll keep you ladies posted.

Wanttobeamommy, I know I'm just a stranger and who am I to cast my opinions on you so you can just disregard this if you want to but I think you need to stop dwelling on the fact that your husband already has a 6 year old. He may sound insensitive some times but he probably feels a little guilty that he can't give you the one thing you desperately want. I'm sure he want's nothing more than to make you happy. ok, that's all, hope that didn't make you mad.

Good luck to you both and can't wait to get updates!!

7/23/2013 12:15 PM
AngieS, your story sounds just like mine. Wishing you lots of luck this next week. I remember waiting for that phone call to let us know if we were pregnant. I couldn't answer the call, made my husband do it. Nerves and stress are all part of this process. Wishing you (us) all the best and for us to have baby bumps soon!
I love this forum, it's awesome to log on and see that we are not alone in this and share this ride with other women. My husband often tells me to stop feeling sad and stressed but I can't help it. I sometimes feel that he does not understand since he is a father to a 6 1/2 year old. Then, he has meltdowns, crying like a baby and it tears my heart. We'll see where this ride takes us. This weekend, we will be asking my cousin if she would consider donating eggs to me. Wish me luck!

7/23/2013 11:44 AM
Hi Chrissyb5. The transfer itself went fine, although I was pretty devastated about our report from the embryology labs - we only had 2 embryos that made it to Day 5 and one was rated poor and one was fair. The RE was really positive, saying that it was a good outcome, but my husband and I were really hoping we would have enough to freeze. We can't really afford to do another fresh cycle. They transferred both anyway so now it's time to wait. It's going to be a long 8 days!
I think the reason I was so devastated is that everything had been going really well up until fertilization. My body responded well to the medications and we retrieved 14 eggs (13 mature). But only 6 fertlizied (with ICSI). They all made it to Day 3 but 4 of them stopped developing somewhere between Day 3 and 5. I am relatively young for IVF (just turned 34) and have no known issues other than borderline low progesterone but maybe I was too optimistic.
Anyway enough about me! You must start the shots soon? Are you nervous about that part? I was initially but it really wasn't that bad. The first one took many deep breaths to actually start but after that it just become routine. Keep us updated. And yes it's so nice to "talk" to someone about this experience. I haven't told many of my friends, I don't know why, I just feel like it's really hard to share, and most have young babies and are pretty preoccupied with them!

7/22/2013 10:30 PM
Hello JAK1234! I'm in a fairly similar situation. I think you're probably a week ahead of me in your treatment but my husband and I also both have issues. I began my injections on Friday but I'm doing Follistem and Menopur. I'm really low on eggs so we are also having a time issue but we're both staying hopeful. How are you doing now? What have they told you so far?

AngieS, how did the transfer go? Where are you at with it now? It's exciting to know that there are people in the world that are going through the exact same thing that I am and to be able to talk to them is awesome

7/22/2013 3:31 PM
Hi there. I just did my first cycle of IVF (embryo transfer was this morning). The whole process was pretty stressful but honestly was not as bad as I was expecting. You do kind of get into a routine with the shots and appointment.
I didn't do acupuncture as I didnt want to have any additional appointments and felt like adding anything additional would only stress me out.
I wish you the very best of luck!!

7/18/2013 9:51 PM
I'm 35 & my husband is 37 and we have been trying to conceive for 4 yrs. we finally went to a specialist 6 mts ago & they said we both have issues so we jumped straight to IVF. I start Lupron on Monday. I'm getting nervous but excited. I've been praying a lot and feel that if we are supposed to have a child it will happen! Praying for the first time but am a very realistic person and know that it could take more time! Any suggestions at all whether on diet, exercise, calming effects, etc are welcome? A friend suggested acupuncture...anyone tried this? If so did it help relax you? Good luck to everyone out there going through all/any fertility issues!
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