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2/26/2017 8:52 PM
Hi it’s good to find inspiration from people here. my husband and I visited an IVF doctor in Singapore 2 years ago and underwent an assisted reproduction now we have our little boy and he is just amazing as we’ve been always dreaming. It’s amazing and you’ll just realize that it’s worth it in the end. Extending my prayers also to those coping with infertility. I recommend Dr. Ann Tan in Mount Elizabeth if you want to undergo fertility test. We’re checking this page too so to better understand it before the step.

5/22/2013 9:41 AM
Hi! As I already posted before (, I wen throught my IVF in abroad ( and now I can say it was successful! After years of TTC I still can not belive I am mum now!
After such a long time of TTC I started to doubting about having baby but now I am so happy I did not gave it up !
For any question do not hesitate to contact me! Wish you all luck
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