Hyperstimulation Syndrome
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5/23/2013 2:26 PM
Cassienews- I've been seeing an acupuncturist since December. I had my retrieval Saturday, felt terrible Sunday. Had an acupuncture appt Monday night and started improving Tuesday morning. I always see her on Wednesdays, so today I feel 100% better, no lie.
Give it a try! It's nothing to fear, and can help you now, and in the future after your Transfer!

5/23/2013 2:06 PM
How many visits did it take for you to feel better? I am still kinda miserable. I haven't tried acupuncture before but will to try anything if this doesn't go away soon. I can't take another night of not sleeping, in a recliner because I can't breath if I lay down... Glad your recovery is on the up swing.

5/23/2013 11:04 AM
Cassinews, I hope you are feeling better too! I am finally- the only thing that seemed to work was my acupuncturist. If you still aren't feeling well, make an appointment with one! It's amazing how quickly I've recovered since then.
My RE pulled 28 follicles off me last weekend and 23 fertilitzed! So at least my pain had a gain! Take care-

5/19/2013 12:09 AM
I am right there with you. My retrieval is tomorrow morning. The worst part is the nausea. It is usually worse in the AM so I don't want to eat all day. Then when dinner comes around I am so hungryi eat everything in sight. Then nauseous all over again. So my suggestions are to stick with the sports drinks and eat 3-4 small light meals a day. Soup seems to go down pretty well. And definately listen when they say limit activity. Like a dumbie I mowed the grass today. Even though it was a riding mower it was really bumpy. Pretty sore now. I hope you are feeling better soon and good luck to you.

5/17/2013 3:10 PM
Ladies, I'm going thru Hyperstim and feeling crappy! Any support or tips to get thru this please? So far I'm taking Tylenol and drinking Gatorade.
This is my first IVF cycle, egg retrieval tomorrow.
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