Egg retrieval tomorrow
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5/17/2013 2:16 PM
Hopingforababy - Good Luck to you on your retrieval. YES after your retrieval you will fell better. Still may take a few days, but all worth it. Just keep positive. You should do your post on IVF Buddies, a lot more ladies on there with your same experiences. Good Luck to you Girl... Stay positive...

5/17/2013 1:10 PM
Good luck! My retrieval is Sunday! I was so glad to hear at my appointment today that the Lupron injection I did this morning was my last one (no Follistim tonight!). I am also having mild overstimulation symptoms, the nausea is the worst part, but we are going through with the transfer, so my case is probably more mild than yours. Hope you are feeling better soon! I hope for the best for you and that this journey is worth all the struggle for us all! Keep us posted on your follicle numbers...

5/17/2013 11:44 AM
This is my first IVF cycle, been TTC for 6 years. I'm feeling so bloated and my breasts & belly are tender, I can't wait to have these follicles taken out tomorrow- I hope I feel better after that! We're doing a "freeze all cycle" because I'm on the verge of Ovarian Hyperstim they said.
Anyone else going through this? Any words of wisdom or advice?
Thank you! This is my first post to the forum.
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