Ugh... tired of this already
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5/17/2013 11:49 AM
Not going thru the same thing as you, but just completed Follistim shots. Sometimes they burned and other times I felt nothing! I didn't have any hot flashes or mood swings like I'd expected (I did on Clomid like crazy). I just feel really bloated and my breasts hurt. We're doing IVF and I felt like you- UGH, I was not ready mentally. But I feel like time is the enemy and I'm turning 34... so I decided to bite the bullet and do IVF.
I hope you can find some peace in the craziness that is RE! Hang in there~

5/6/2013 5:18 PM
So... Here is my story. I had a baby when I was young (16) no troubles getting pregnant or with delivery. Then I went on the depo shot. 6 years later went off the depo shot prior to getting married. One year after that went to a local OB doctor who gave me clomid. We tried that for a few months, not really to get pregnant, but to try to get a cycle back. Well that didn't work at all. I kind of put the issue on hold for a while until November 2012. I started seeing an RE about 3 hours from where I live.

She started testing and found my estrogen levels were super low. I was started on estrace and they kept bumping up the dosage. I think I was on 8 a day for a while. Vaginally and orally. Ick. So then she started me on Fermara with estrace, ovidrel, and endometrin. Two months of that have failed. Now I am going to start the injectables. My first shot of follistim is tonight. Back for a recheck on the 13th, HSG on the 14th. This whole process is exhausting, expensive, and just ugh. We are just doing timed intercourse (which seems to be unheard of.) My nurse spent an entire day planning things out for my IUI... and I'm like what? Noooooo. Seems like they really shove IUI and IVF at patients. I just don't want to go there.

Anyone else at this point? Just wondering if there is someone out there that has or had a similar process.
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