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3/9/2013 5:27 PM
I finally met the right man. We both have children-and we were both primary caretakers. Now we have a true partnership and want to have a "family circle" with the completion of our own little one to add to the mix. His, mine and ours...

After both of us conceiving using birth control in our earlier years (unfortunately tears of "how am I going to do this?" and now here we are...asking for just one more chance. Murphy's Law, my husband says.

We know the odds are stacked against us. I have high fsh and low ovarian reserve. We are trying 300 iu of Follistim (225 for the first 4 days and 5 follies of 8 or less) and IUI when (and if) we get the chance. Its day 5 of injection meds. Our RE is wonderful. Not negative, but realistic and going for the aggressive approach, thinks it won't hurt to try with our own. My sweet husband has a high count, but 2% morphology and 52% mobility. He's a Type 1 diabetic in great shape. So that's what we are up against.

We'll try the injections for a few cycles and move onto donor eggs. Time is not on our side. Would love to hear from others in a this trying situation.
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