1st attempt at IVF was a fail. Where to go from here.
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1st attempt at IVF was a fail. Where to go from here. Expand / Collapse

3/18/2013 8:25 PM
Sorry first time wasn't successful Did you decide to use the frozen embryo? I think that doing a frozen cycle is cheaper and easier than a fresh cycle.

2/1/2013 9:12 AM
Hi I'm new to the whole IVF process, I opted to have the IVF with ICSI done. My husband has a low sperm count with not so good mobility. I went thru the Follistim process, then ganirellx, trigger shot to the progesterone. I started the Follistim shot on Jan 6th, 2013. Had the egg retrieval on Jan 16th (I had 23 eggs retrieved with 18 of then injected but only 4 fertilized then we lost one the day they were to be put in so I had them put in 2 and freeze the last one) with the embryos put in on Jan 21st. Went in for the pregnancy Blood test on Jan 31st, got a phone call that I was not pregnant. We are soooo upset, my husband and I both want a child so much and we have been told that IVF is our only option as he had cancer when he was a child. He is 41 and Im 30 when I had talked to the IVF Coordinator i had to ask if i needed to discontinue the progesterone which i got a yes answer but when i asked what do i need to look for as I have not had any abdominal pain or bleeding i got no answer. Has anyone else when thru this and what did they tell you? I have support of my husbands family but none of them have ever went thru IVF. Im at a total loss as to what to do now the coordinator told me that the next cycle starts in April and I would be using the only embryo we have left but my husband isn't sure he really wants me to go thru this again as the doctor had given us a 50% chance of it working the first time and I have done everything that I was supposed to and it didn't work. I am terrified of needles but was willing to go thru it for a baby of our own. We would be disappointed if we went thru it a 2nd time and have it fail again. As its not a cheap process for IVF as it is insurance doesn't cover anything except a few of the medications and we have nothing left in savings to even try another go at it.
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