Estrogen protocol before FET
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12/11/2012 1:09 PM
Well, as I'm sure a lot of posts start, I have never posted on here before. I am currently going through IVF because I am a carrier for Fragile X disorder. Our first FET did not take so we are getting ready to do a second one. It is tentatively scheduled for Christmas Eve. My protocol is to take 2 mg of estrace 4 times per day. I started this past Saturday, the 8th. However, last time I filled an estrace prescription they were 1 mg pills. This time they are 2 mg pills. Unfortunately I had a complete blonde moment and didn't realize this till yesterday. So the first two days I inadvertently doubled my estrace dosage. I took 4 mg 4 times each day before I realized it. I corrected it and now I'm taking the correct dosage. I'm scared to call my doctor and tell them. I have an appointment Monday, the 17th for them to check my lining and my levels and so I'm just hoping I will still be okay and I didn't mess up my levels completely. Has this or something similar happened to anyone else? I'm hoping because it was only the first two days, I'll still be okay. And the transfer is 16 days after I started taking estrace so maybe it's not too big of a deal? Any thoughts, advice, experiences are very much appreciated!!

Britt in Florida
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