Today is a big day for us and I'm super nervous!
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Today is a big day for us and I'm super nervous! Expand / Collapse

4/1/2013 1:25 AM
Thank you anxiouslywaiting! I just realized I haven't posted an update in awhile. As of today, I am now in my third trimester! I am 27 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby girl.

2/15/2013 8:09 AM

11/7/2012 1:23 AM
Had our six week ultrasound yesterday, we are having one baby! The heartbeat was strong and all looks well. My husband was a bit sad that we lost one but I know one baby will be more manageable than two so I am happy with our one!

10/27/2012 12:33 AM
Just wanted to give an update.... I am PREGNANT!!! Will be five weeks pregnant on Sunday. We go in on November 5 for our 6 week ultrasound to hear the heartbeat for the first time and to find out if we are having 1 or 2 (we implanted 2 AA embryos). I know the first twelve weeks are critical so please keep continue to keep me in your thoughts!

10/19/2012 7:31 PM
Cynthia711 - Good luck to you!!! keep us posted. Really wish you the best. I have posted on the IVF Buddies so you may go there and post.

10/12/2012 9:51 AM
Hello everyone!

My name is Cynthia and I am 39 years old. I am in the process of my first (and probably only) IVF cycle. Today at 3pm PST I will be arriving at the doctor's office for the transfer of two embryos. I am super excited but also super nervous. The process has been going well for us so far besides some side effects to the myriad of medications that I am not use to. My issue is blocked fallopian tubes due to a PID (and abuse) that happened to me when I was in my teens and then a ruptured appendix that occurred in 2005. Our doctor is hopeful for us though as hubby's sperm is great even though he is 47 and my uterus, ovaries, follicles, and eggs all look good also. My blocked tubes seem to be the only issue. I had 11 eggs removed which resulted in 9 embryos (8 excellent and 1 good). That number reduced to 4 excellent but doctor said it's normal to lose about half. We are implanting two as we are thinking this will be our only chance to do this as we are using all of our savings and with both of us being educators (and I am currently an unemployed one), we just don't have unlimited funds. Please send lots of good thoughts our way today! Thank you for reading and for your support!

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