IVF @ age 20
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3/26/2013 11:10 PM
I forgot I posted this because I have been so busy in all of the chaos. After our implantation in April my 2 embryos took and we now have 2 fraternal twin boys that are 3 months old. I have been one of those people who read other people's posts about success and when I saw that it is out there I know how hard it is to see the end of the tunnel that you will be just as lucky. We were lucky enough to have had success the first try but the whole pregnancy I was a wreck afraid the whole time I would lose them. I want to say one thing that helped me the most during the IVF treatment and the implantation was keeping as calm and stress free as possible. When you are on your bed rest make sure to keep distracted like watch your favorite movies, eat your favorite food, etc. I am sorry to hear that you are going through this because believe me I know how you feel and it is nice to know someone other then family & friends that try to give you support (and I know we appreciate it) but they just don't understand no matter how hard you try. I wish you the best of luck and I will pray you have as much luck and success that we had during IVF. Please feel free to keep in contact and I can answer any questions/concerns you have if you want someone to talk to.

3/22/2013 6:39 PM
So, I actually joined this to read other people's entries with no intent of responding. However, I amin the same position. I am 25 years old and my husband is 32. We tried for a year and a half on our own and finally had a work-up done. Come to find out, everything is fine with him, but I have a low ovarian reserve. This has been a very difficult and trying time emotionally and finacially. I just started my first cycle of IVF this month and we are shooting for a retreval date of April 10. Fingers crossed! It is so difficult because we dont know if this will work. Withmy continually high FSH levels my success rate is low. Well, just thought I would let you know you aren't alone. I wish you and your husband the best of luck!!!

3/19/2012 7:24 PM
Hi Everyone,

This has been the biggest roller coaster ride I have ever been on. 2 years ago my husband and I started to try and have a baby. I am currently 20 and he is 24. We had heard multiple times that it takes awhile possibly 6 months to get pregnant after you had been on the pill so I had let 4 months go by without really thinking of anything. At month 5 of trying I finally went into see an OB to have them check everything to make sure I was ready and good to go to have a baby. She told me they can't diagnose "infertility" until after 1 year of trying so she told me to keep trying (NOT OK with that answer) 3 months later I went back to see a different OB because my mom had just had a hysterectomy and they had found endometriosis in her so I wanted to ask if they thought I had it. 2 months after I had met with that OB I had a tubal dye study, and a laparoscopy to see if my tubes were open and to check if I had endometriosis. Well I did and 1 of my tubes seem to be blocked. It isn't 100% positive because they spasm a lot but they think it is more than not. At that point when they found the endo they wanted me to try the basal body temperature and after trying 2 months doing that I went to see a fertility specialist. (BTW: BBT was such a waste of time) So then we went to a 2 hour meeting at a fertility specialist that put me on letrozole for a couple of cycles. Didn't work. After 2 months there we had decided to go try a new Reproductive center specializing in infertility. I was put back on letrozole there and they partnered letrozole with ovidrel & timed intercourse. That didn't work either. After a couple months there we stopped seeing infertility specialist per wasting a ton of money and just stressed and exhausted. We were back on our own trying and still not working. I was doing a ton of research online at this point and that is where I found really the only thing that would work for us would be IVF. That is where we are today. I am going to be starting injections very soon for my IVF cycle and going to have my transfer scheduled for about mid April. Anyone else around the age of 20 going through the same thing? Also does anyone have any suggestions or tips for taking IVF injections?
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