Bleeding with progesterone gel?
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12/8/2011 12:27 AM
Amy....just checking back in tonight and saw your post. I am very sorry for your sad news and your loss. No matter when it happens, it is always very devastating. I am glad to hear that your RE is going to check you and your hubby out for chromosomal issues though. Not sure how old you are and if age is a factor too. Hopefully that might provide some clues as to why your losses are happening. Hopefully, they will also check you for immune issues, blood clotting disorders, sperm fragmentation, etc. There are so many variables that can make a difference so it is best to rule everything out. I lost twin boys last year at almost 23 weeks (after 4 rounds of IVF) due to an undiagnosed blood clotting disorder. A simple baby aspirin and low dose blood thinner injection daily could have prevented that loss and possibly helped me get pregnant sooner. I am currently 27+ weeks with a little girl and thankfully, the meds have made all the difference.

I know it is so hard when other people don't understand this whole crazy infertility journey. Be sure to reach out to us here and also on the "IVF buddies" page as that is the most active board here. Keep us posted and good luck with everything. I hope you find some answers and more importantly, a solution soon.

12/2/2011 10:16 PM
Thank you both for your reply. We went in for a U/S sound today, and unfortunately they could not find a heartbeat. I am stunned. The bleeding stopped early this morning, and the cramping was never that bad. I fully expected to go in and it be nothing.. worst case limited bed rest and a change in my meds. I had completely put the possibility of another miscarriage out of my mind....I couldn't even process it when the Dr told us, I just kept staring at him, waiting for him to say something else. So now we have to wait 10 days and if it doesn't "resolve itself" we will have to do a D&C. Just what I need...more waiting. Then once the pregnancy hormones are out of my system they will run tests on me and my husband to see if there is a chromosomal problem or some kind of "matching issue". To be honest, it has been 8 hours, but I am still kind of in shock. I don't think it has really it me yet. We had not told many people because it was so early and because of what happened last time, but now the thought of having to tell the few that knew is killing me. I had to have my husband call my mother, I just couldnt do it. I dont know where to go from here....I know that I still want a baby more that anything, but I am tired and my heart is broken all over again. It is nice to have people to talk to who understand - the ones who know we have been doing fertility treatments all act like it is no big deal - just like another check up with the Dr....they try to be supportive, but how can anyone understand the emotional strain if they have not been through it...there are just no words for this....

12/2/2011 11:51 AM

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I recently went through my 1st round of IVF and was very fortunate to get pregnant on the 1st try!! I am almost 12 weeks pregnant. At about 7 weeks they swapped me from the progesterone in oil shot to the Cinone 8% cream. I had 1 day of very light spotting. It was on a Saturday and I went to the ER to get checked. I wasn't taking any chances since this is my 1st pregnancy and it is an IVF pregnancy. Everything was completely normal. I never had another day of spotting\bleeding since then. I just had a lot of discharge like white clumps (sorry I know that sounds so gross) but that was also normal from the Crinone. It is a GREAT sign that you got to see the baby's heart beat though. However, I would still really press my Dr. to bring me in for another check. Throughout my process I had TONS of questions and concerns, but my thought was that I was paying a lot of money for their services and with them dealing with infertility cases daily the Dr. has to know that we "moms to be" worry A LOT! Good luck with everything!! =)

12/2/2011 11:29 AM
Hi Amy,

First, congratulation on being pregnant! I have not used Crinone gel in my cycles (I've had 7 IVF's) but have heard that it is common to have a smallish amount of bleeding as the Crinone can irritate things and cause this. Since this is how your previous loss started, I can totally understand your concern. You did see a heartbeat yesterday though which is a very, very good sign. Did you see a heartbeat on the previous pregnancy? You could always speak to your Doctor about switching you to Progesterone injections (not fun, but no bleeding) rather than Crinone. Remember, it is your body and you've gone to all of this trouble & expense, so feel free to speak freely with your Doctor and ask for the things you feel you need. Since you just did an ultrasound yesterday, they likely would have seen if there was another reason for the bleed (such as a SCH--clot, etc). Since they didn't mention any of this, I would think it is likely due to irritation. In the meantime some things you can do are drink lots & lots of water (you should do this your entire pregnancy) and put your feet up whenever you can. Also be sure that you are not lifting anything over 10 lbs (a gallon of milk weighs 9lbs!), no intercourse, and generally taking it easy.

I hope the bleeding stops soon and you can breathe easily. Also, for whatever reason, remember that bleeding is very common in IUI & IVF pregnancies. In my first pregnancy, I had a hormonal bleed (almost like a light period) at 4 & 8 weeks. This pregnancy, I've only had implantation spotting. Good luck to you and keep us posted.

12/1/2011 11:22 PM
This is my 9th round of IuI. My last round in May was successful, but I miscarried at wk6 day 6. I was devastated, and didn't think I could stand another round, but I couldn't stand not to do it either, so we had another IuI done on October 22nd. Today is Wk7 Day5 for me and I am a nervous wreck I have been taking Crinone 8% progesterone gel vaginally each morning since the IuI with no bleeding, but yesterday we had our 7 week U/S. We saw the heartbeat (amazing) but I started spotting late last night after we got home and I have been spotting ever since. It seems like the bleeding is getting heavier, but it is not like a full on period. My Fertility Dr said that i could have some bleeding with the Crinone, and not to worry about it as long as it was not more than a period but I used Crinone last time and this is pretty much exactly how it started then, and I am worried. What was it like for anyone else who has used Crinone - did you bleed much?
I am trying to stay calm and positive, but I am just so scared.....any help would be appreciated.
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