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1/3/2016 10:55 PM
Dlmiracle, I'm going the donor route. I currently write posts on this forum in the Donor section. I'm not far in the process other than I've decided to do it. It comes with its own unique challenges. I wouldn't take too long Of a break. Because this to take some time to get started.

10/10/2015 9:38 PM
Nwells congratulations to you and your family. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I feel like I know you from following your story since I joined 5 years ago. I hope that everything goes smoothly with your adoption and he is your forever! That is so amazing, I didn't even realize you could get a newborn baby through foster care. I assumed it was older children. What a great story I am sure you will be an encouragement to many others! God bless you and your family!

9/26/2015 10:38 AM
NWells - Hooray!! It has made my day seeing your update here, I am so very happy for you and your DH and what a LUCKY little baby to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy. Congratulations to you all xxxx

9/16/2015 8:59 AM

YAYYYY, God definitely works in misterious ways, and we just absolutely, have to trust his timing!!!!

Congratulations...words can't describe the joy im feeling for you...just awesome!!!!

9/14/2015 10:55 AM
Hello ladies, It has been a Loooong time. I see some of the old faces are on here again. I haven't had a chance to actually read all the posts but I see some of you are trying again. I wish you the best. I use to receive emails about the forums and lately they have been coming every few months. So I thought I would update everyone on where I am at.

Life does have a funny way of working out, and for those ladies just starting out on their journey to becoming parents take if from someone who tried so hard for over 5 years, yes discouraging, but there was a purpose for my husband and I.

Here is my story, so you all know we started the DCF classes, Well, on Tuesday 6/30, i get woken up by a call at 9 AM, asking for us to be at the hospital for a meeting. My husband and I go to the meeting with DCF, and on 7/1 we walk out of the hospital with a 3 day old baby boy!!!! CRAZY!!! My head was spinning for weeks, and it took a few days to really set in. We had a crash course of what to do with an infant, had to gather as much baby stuff as we could because we didn't expect a call that fast. I mean they told us once you finish it could happen quickly but we didn't think this quick. We hadn't even bought the crib or car seat yet. They gave us a voucher and we spend the 4th weekend shopping for baby stuff. Which was fun!!! So we are fostering him, and every thing is looking petty good for adoption. He is now 10 weeks old, cutest little boy ever and we are in our glory. It made the last 7 years all worth it. When I look at him I don't even remember the struggle we went through to have our own, he is ours, we were meant to be where we are right now. This was the path our life was supposed to go to have a child. We are parents and loving every minute . He is in day care, and dropping him off every morning is SOOO hard!!! However picking him up is the best. He has the chubbiest cheeks you just want to squeeze them. He is an active little guy too, we hike with him all the time, and every where we go he goes. He is smiling, and laughing and he coos, ugh so cute!!! At night sometimes I just hold him and stare at him and he will talk to me(coo), and I just sit there smiling, We are so happy.

So that is my story!!! Ladies I am a MOM!!!!!

5/15/2015 10:50 PM
DL - I'm really sorry your cycle got cancelled - that's so disappointing.
I know there have been some women on this forum who have had great success with donor eggs - you could try doing a search of this forum and see some of the previous posts about it. Good luck and let us know what you decide xx

5/15/2015 4:47 PM
So....our cycle got canceled...doctor saw only one good follicle...recommended either doing a mini IVF or using donor eggs, I think we are going to take a couple of months off, but was leaning towards donor eggs. any thoughts?

5/12/2015 10:22 PM
That's good, it is pretty early still..... Just breathe, good luck and let us know how it goes on Thursday - thinking of you

5/12/2015 5:53 PM
tcr21 - thank-you...I received the call from the doctor, he wants me to continue the meds, and him personally will do another ultrasound thursday, he is hoping that is just a slow start. So please, keep your fingers crossed for me, I'm trying to stay positive, but with all these hormones in my system, and i am naturally a sensitive person, I feel like crying everytime I think about it, which is every other minute...

5/12/2015 4:09 PM
Hang in there DL - for me there were about 8 follicles, but on one side, they got nothing out, so I ended up with 3 eggs, 2 embryos, 1 baby boy.... It's so stressful to get through - not much makes the process easier - thinking of you and keep us posted - I'll hope you can keep going forward for this cycle.....

5/12/2015 11:33 AM
Feeling discouraged....went this morning for follow up ultrasound and blood work, day 4 of meds, and nurse only saw 4 follicles in one ovary and none on the other...told me to wait for instructions after they get the blood work back, sometime this afternoon...

5/11/2015 2:58 PM
DLMIRACLE - Happy Mother's Day to you and the best of luck for this cycle - I hope things are going well - let us know how you go - all fingers crossed xx

5/9/2015 9:42 AM
tcr21 - It is so great to hear from you and thankyou for all the kind words!!! We just started with the meds friday 5/8. We are excited and nervous at the same time, specially since we will be biopsin the embies before doing the transfer.

But you are so right, we do have one precious miracle already and extremely thankful for him.

I will do my best to relax and keep the faith.

I will definitely keep you all updated, as this is my source of strenght, I have visited this forum almost daily for the past four years, all of you ladies are amazing and your strenght and your courage and detrmination is all we need to keep moving forward.

Happy mother's day to all of you!!!!

5/8/2015 5:23 PM
NWells - so good to hear your news and really happy for you and your DH - You have been through such a journey together and you will be such amazing parents - please keep us posted on the rest of your journey, we will look forward to hearing more from you!! You should write a book about your experience one day, you really have a special way with words.

DLMiracle - Congrats on taking the step for trying for a second baby - I hope things are going well for you.... have you started the cycle? I've been there myself and remember what it was like as if it was yesterday!! We also have a 3 year old, (nearly 4) and It took a lot of persuasion for my DH to get on board for a second child, as the fertility journey for the first one seemed so emotionally stressful, but for the second child it ended up feeling very different. After all we already were parents, which is what we had so desperately wanted. We went into it the second time thinking we would just try one time only - if it worked, then that would be amazing!! But if it didn't, then that was ok too - we already had our beautiful daughter and just couldn't feel disappointed about that. We were going to do a frozen cycle, but when it came to the cycle, we only made two mature embryos, so rather than risk losing them in the freezing/thawing process, both us and our RE decided we should just put them right in on day 3 and cross our fingers. Amazingly it actually worked and I now have the cutest, goofiest little 18 month old boy and our family feels complete. He was born a month before I turned 40. I truly wish you the best of luck and keep us posted on your journey this time around......

5/7/2015 4:02 PM
Nwells - reading your posts always make me smile and cry all at once. I am so excited for you and your husband!!! I wish all the best, you two are going to be the most amazing parents!!!

Thank-you for all the words of wisdom and encouragement, xoxoxo!!!

5/7/2015 9:57 AM

Yes it has been quite sometime and looking at this blog it looks like everyone has gone to another one, don't worry I will find you!!!

So my last post was back in Nov, a lot has changed in the past few months!!! I met with my RE in Dec and told him i was DONE, no more. We talked about all the options and he could say one would work better than the other. I hugged him good by and said it was wonderful working with him. He said he wishes me the best and he has seen stranger things happen.

We Met with DCF, and started our classes on March 18th... Last night was our 7th one we have three to go and then it is our home study and licensing. My husband and I are in a great place. We had a wonderful winter of skiing, a cruise planned for August and a summer full of trips and hiking and kayaking. We figure if a child enters our life anytime in the next few month it will be a welcoming adjustment but we just have to make it happen. The classes are great and Michael and I have learned a lot about each other, our parenting styles and even our strengths and weakness. So next time I post I am hoping to be letting you all know, I am finally on my way to being a mom.

Ladies who are just starting this journey, utilize your resources, this forum is a great place, it helped me through the last 6 years, it is has kept me strong and pushing forward. The ladies are wonderful and are there for you. Who knows where your journey will end, just know getting there will have its ups and downs, and for each person the end result of being parents is different, doesn't matter how you get there, it just matters you made it there, you are parents!!! Looking back, I almost feel this is our calling, we were meant to be where we are, wish I came to this realization 6 years ago, but then we wouldn't have been ready... Now we are!!!! Stronger and ready.

Love you all!!!

4/28/2015 5:49 PM

I haven't posted in a while, but always read everyone's posts.

My IVF miracle turned 3 years old this past february and he is doing great, getting into everything.

My husband and I finally got the courage to try for another baby, and we have our base line appoinment this thursday.

Our doctor is recommending PGD because of my age, 42, which means we will, god willing do a frozen cycle, as that is the only way to test the embryos.

I have mixed feelings and concerns, as I know that sometimes embies don't make it throught the thawing(defrosting) process.

Your prayers and advised are greatly appreciated.

by the way, in case you are wondering, I was successful on our second IVF cycle, four years ago.

God bless you and best wishes to all of you amazing ladies!!!

2/14/2015 6:33 PM
Hi all!
Hope everyone is doing well, just an update. The twins are due in 2 weeks! Only a slight hiccup, had high blood pressure and some sudden swelling a couple of weeks ago, now on bp meds temporarily. Just made 36 weeks on Friday. Can't wait to see what they look like! Just wanted to let everyone know, there is hope! Last year at this time, I would not have believed this was possible!

1/17/2015 11:33 AM
Hopefulmom-o-saurus ~ Congrats!!! So happy to see all is well.

NWells ~ I'm sorry to hear of another cycle not bringing your joy. I'm happy to hear though that your dreams of parenthood are still underway. I've met many amazing people through the blogging world, and if you're looking for a good read or some support. Check out a book called "Everupward." It's an amazing story! (((Hugs)))

Update ~ I'm 24+ weeks. We have decided not to find out the sex of the baby and are looking forward to being surprised. Things seem to be going well.

12/14/2014 10:17 AM
Nwells so sorry. I have been checking in on you for awhile now. I am sorry this has not worked for you. I hope that you can adopt and find happiness in that child. Did you meet with the RE about tnext steps? I know you mentioned you were done but going to hear him out? Did anything change your mind?

What ever you decide I wish you all the best!

11/21/2014 11:35 AM
Figured I would check in with everyone, it has been a very long time. I don't have great news, we did our last cycle. We started the stims in October, but due to my progesterone #'s rising before trigger my embryos were frozen. We ended up with two, multiple celled, one 6 one 8. I did a natural FET so they track my surge by doing blood work starting on day 10, once you surge they put the embryos back three to six day later, mine was day three. Once again, something happened, I had HCG in my system but the numbers were low, this time so low that it was hard for them to tell me no but they couldn't tell me yes, all I got was continue the meds and hopefully it was a late attachment. My second blood work the numbers dropped, and trust me they didn't have far to go. SO with that being said, I am ok, I think I have just come to terms with the fact it is just not going to happen. My RE wanted to meet with me, so I go on Dec 16th to see him and see what he has to say. This was only my second cycle with him so I don't know what plans he has. I say this was my last, but if he presents something new, I may bite LOL!!!! For now Michael and I have planned our ski trips for the winter, we are meeting with DCF Dec 3rd, and beginning the process to adopt.

I wish everyone the best of luck, looks like many of you are on your way to being parents. The journey for some is longer then others, but be strong, have faith and never give up!! Some how some way the blessing of becoming parents will find you...

11/14/2014 11:29 PM
Forgot to update everyone. I'm at 23 weeks and the twins are a boy and a girl! Hope everyone is doing well!

10/11/2014 2:26 PM
That is exactly how I feel about it better to know early

10/11/2014 7:57 AM
Sorry your cycle was cancelled. Hope the next one will be perfect. It's better to know early though, before you waste all of your money/insurance.

10/9/2014 11:41 AM
So my cycle got cancelled due to a simple cyst which was causing a lot of estrogen so I go back Monday the 13rd for bloodwork again After taking the Novarel

10/8/2014 7:53 PM
Thank you baby & also keep me updated on the baby's progress

10/7/2014 8:47 PM
Good luck with the acupuncture treatment! I hope it's helpful! Keep us updated on your progress. It can feel like a lonely road without someone to talk to who understands. I hope you have people in your life who are supportive, otherwise just vent here!

10/4/2014 2:41 PM
& thank you soooo soooo much you dont kmow how much of a great help you are to me right now, its like im a emotional wreck bcuz i just want to do everything right so that i can be successful, i am going to eat healthy , my physician insist me drink lots of water & stay away from salt & alcohol.... i start my first acupuncture treatment on wednesday hopefully that goes well.

10/4/2014 10:07 AM
Hopeful mom congrats on the bundles of joy ! Thank u I am only taking prenatal & I am going to do fertility acupuncture , I will keep u updated

10/4/2014 8:15 AM
Momfor26, Welcome!
i just went through my first IVF cycle in June after 10 years of trying , on and off (age 35). Fortunatly we got 17 eggies, 14 were mature and fertilized, 11 made it to the second day. We transfered 2 and now I am 17 weeks pregnant with twins! I never thought it would work on the first try! The RE said our embryo quality was excellent! We did take several supplements, starting 3 months in advance to try to improve our sperm/egg quality. Don't know if that is what helped, since those were the first eggs we ever retrieved. We also did ICSI, which I think is routinly used for nearly all cases at our clinic. I also listed to the circle+bloom IVF series, after my husband gave me my injections each day, which helped me get over my ick factor feelings, since I am a needle-phobe! We will find out on the 16th of October, what brand of babies we are having! I wish you great success! Try to eat healthy and moderate excercise! I look forward to hearing more from you on your Journey!

10/3/2014 11:51 AM
Mom26 it was on the today show. So its national story now. I am not really worried about a mistake, but my husband and I do joke about it. The funny thing is she looks a lot like him so people ask me where she came from. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Although my mother has blue eyes and blonde hair so I do have the genes for it. Its just so crazy that it happened at the clinic we went too.

10/3/2014 8:17 AM
Lucky3128, I saw that this morning. What a scare, and it is funny coz I keep thinking on the delivery day what if we get a suprise... Mistakes happen but I believe there are extremely rare.

10/2/2014 6:22 PM
Wat channel news wat it on ?

10/2/2014 6:20 PM
Just curious if anyone saw the story on the news about the woman who got the wrong donotr sperm. Then later found out it was from a black man. Do you ever worry about mix ups from the clinics? Well it really made me think as this was the same clinic we went to. This mistake happen a year after we were there. I really think our embryo was ours as she does look like my husband. But if they made a mistake to late she is ours and I love her so much.

Just thought the whole thing was crazy and too close to home.

10/1/2014 5:43 PM
Hello everyone I'm 26, had 2 ectopics after having both my tubes tooken out , I'm undergoing my first cycle of ivf I'm on my last day of bcp & starting stims soon, any tips for success anyone got that is helpful besides not stressing

10/1/2014 2:45 PM
Good Afternoon,
Toni, HI!!! great to hear from you!!! Yes I have been down a long emotional road, but I keep trucking away. This is however our LAST round. I figure at this point it is all in GODs hands, I am relying on him to make everything work. If it doesn't then we know that adoptions is the road for us. As we have been exploring that option as well. Here is the post I put on the other forum conversation.

I have been very busy so I haven't spent much time on the forum. It looks like everyone is doing well. My Retrieval was on Saturday. My stims went well. AND as expected my Progesterone was 1.6 the day of trigger. My RE say that if your Progesterone spikes before trigger the chances of a successful pregnancy are decreased. SO we will be freezing all our embryos. Now I had 19 eggs, 17 mature, I don't have a problem making them that is for sure, but only 4 fertilized. SO those 4 are growing under a high powered microscope, being monitored and evaluated constantly. Tomorrow will be day 5 so I hope they make it to be frozen. Once I get my period, I call and instead of doing a normal FET with hormones, I am doing a natural FET. Just me and my body and my own hormones. I am kind of excited about this. They say the ovulation sticks are unreliable so I go for my base line on the third day of my period, then on day 8 I go for ultra sound and blood work, and then every day there after just blood work until I have my LH surge. Then they will put our embryos back 6 days later, GOD willing we have some and they survive the thaw. So that is where I am. Great mindset this time, not stressing, even with the 4 embryos I am ok. So I will keep everyone posted as to what happens.

All you pregnant moms take it easy, and relax you have made it this far, it will work out!!!!

9/30/2014 8:45 PM
Hello Ladies,
I have been gone for what feels like YEARS!!!
As I sat here after having been to the hospital to watch yet another girlfriend give birth to a HEALTHY SON, I felt the need to visit with my sisters on this site.

It brought me GREAT Joy to see Nwells is still on and cycling successfully. There was a time we did not even make it there.
I have thought of you over the years, and your post always brought up my spirits. Good Luck love. AND LOTS OF BABY DUST!


9/26/2014 3:02 PM
Jmbhopeful ~ that's great news! So happy for you!

9/19/2014 4:18 PM
congratulations jmbhopeful - What a great result - great decision! The best of luck with finding Mr right.

9/18/2014 7:56 PM
Just thought I would update everyone that I did a second round of egg freezing. I had my retrieval yesterday. 13 retrieved, 9 mature (8 m2 and 1 m1). I have six already frozen from the first round, so all in all I have 15 eggs frozen. I'm turning 38 on Sunday and am happy that I did this. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long to meet Mr. Right.

8/25/2014 7:40 PM
Yay for pink! Congratulations 2014mom!

I have separate sacs, I hope I do have an ultrasound at my first ob appt next Tuesday!

8/22/2014 12:52 PM
Hi ladies...we start our weekend by see a pink-ish future.

8/19/2014 6:17 PM
Hopefulmom-o-saurus: Congratulations on the twins!!! Welcome to the club!! I was so shocked when they told us we were having twins, just be prepared lots of ultrasounds every appointment. It is so fun to see them interacting in the womb though. Do you know if they are fraternal or identical? Are they in the same sacs or different sacs? Take care of yourself!!!

8/18/2014 8:26 PM
Hopefulmom-o-saurus ~ So exciting!!! Thanks for the update! Keep us posted on how you are!

8/15/2014 5:57 PM
Kana Joy,
Thanks for asking, I havn't checked in for awhile I guess! I am at 10 weeks today! Yay, last day of progesterone! I am having twins for sure. I am finished with my RE for now, and my first ob appointment is on the 2nd of Sept. I have been feeling fine, no symptoms other than sleepiness. I hope everyone is doing well!

8/10/2014 9:34 PM
Hopefulmom-o-saurus ~ How are things going?

7/20/2014 1:47 PM

Thanks so much for sharing your story. I can't believe you did 9 cycles! Im glad you got your little one in the end! I am considering doing one more round, but I'm trying to take a few months off to really think this through. This biological clock thing is really stressful. I did call my clinic and asked for a discounted rate, but they will not offer it. They are the only place in town that does it, so I'm kind if stuck. I know another girl in another state going for a second round who is getting a $3k discount. Really wish my clinics pricing was more reasonable. Sigh. If/when I do round 2, I will post here again.

7/19/2014 1:09 AM
For JMBhopeful....

I am an old timer on these boards and now that I finally have a toddler of my own, I seldom post, but when I saw your post regarding freezing your eggs I just wanted to weigh in with my opinion. Firstly, congrats on being proactive and freezing your eggs!! I think that is a very smart thing to do. I briefly considered it in my mid-30's but never really pursued it. At nearly 38 yrs. of age, I think you are very wise to be freezing for the future.

I finally started IVF right after my 40th bday. I had never tried to get PG before that. I only have 1 ovary due to a cyst many years ago. Anyway, on my first cycle, we retrieved 7 eggs, 4 were mature, 2 fertilized, 1 made it to transfer...BFN. Second cycle was exactly the same. Moved on to DE and retrieved 12 eggs from a young 22 yr old donor with stellar proven record. 8 were mature, 6 fertilized, transferred 2 & froze 4. BFP with twins which I lost in the 2nd trimester possibly due to an undiagnosed immune issue. Of the 4 frozens, 2 were transferred for a BFN & other 2 didn't survive the thaw. Fast forward to new donor cycle. 67 eggs retrieved (yes, I'm not kidding!), 52 mature, 38 fertilized, ended up with 18 blasts at the end of the day. Transferred 2 and ended up with 1 baby. Going for baby #2, did an SET which ended in m/c (thawed 3, transferred 1). Did PGS testing on remaining embies and several didn't survive the thaw process. Did another FET with 2 PDS tested blasts this spring and another BFN. Have 4 remaining out of the batch.

I've done 9 cycles so far and it seems that the law of 50% averages is a good rule of thumb to go by. Usually 1/2-3/4 of the eggs retrieved will be mature and or fertilize. Of those, another 1/2 will make it to blastocyst stage. So, at the end of the day 6 eggs may really mean 2-3 embryos if you are lucky. I am not trying to be discouraging at all, just realistic based upon my own experiences.

So, with that in mind, I would personally do as many cycles and freeze as many eggs as you are able to afford in hopes of having success with them in the future, especially if you want more than 1 child. While it may be expensive now, the cost of FETs in the future will be much less. I would also speak with your RE and see if you can work out some type of "package" deal for X number of retrievals rather than having to pay full price each time. It never hurts to ask and have found that many times they will work with you if you just ask.

Best of luck to you and I hope that some day you are holding your baby(s) in your arms.

7/16/2014 6:28 PM
Had an ultrasound yesterday. Dr. saw 2 sacs, but at this time could only see one yolk, so I guess we'll know better in 2 wks at my next appointment. He said it may be a bit early to see, or it may be hidding. Still no symptoms except tiredness!

7/16/2014 11:42 AM
Jmbhopeful you are really a brave lady..cheers to you. I would say do whatever you feel is comfortable for you. If you want to cycle again and you are comfortable then well and good if not at least you have something already. Also Something to consider, yes as we age it becomes more challenging to get pregnant and chances are lower but there are many women in their 40s who are having babies naturally. So you never know, this could be your case. My sis in-law is 44 years old and she is pregnant naturally. Yes it does come with many tests and issues but it is possible. So I wish you the best in your decision and in finding Mr. Right.
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