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3/28/2011 9:07 PM
LNG...I am new to this forum as well. We have 3 failed IUI's but are proceeding with IVF next month. I am also being careful about who we are sharing this information with. I am very nervous, but hoping and praying it will work. Let me know how things go for you

3/21/2011 3:52 PM
Hi everyone! I am new on here. I am feeling really discouraged right now, although after reading many of the stories here I may have a long way to go. We have been doing IUI for the past three months unsuccessfully. This cycle we started with Follistim, but still no success. The fertility issue is not with me, but surprised he is having issues since we are both under 35 years old. Anyway, just thought I would join this group to get support from others who are going through the same thing and who truly understand the struggles. We have decided not to discuss with any family or friends, so hopefully I'll find some on here! Have a great day everyone.

8/21/2009 1:21 PM
Nice to hear from you. Despite the oral surgery, our little baby boy is doing great. Saw my ob/gyn on Monday and the baby's heart beat was going nuts, plus he's such a kicker now especially when I drink milk, hot cocoa or when I eat cantaloupe. My belly is growing and at least I'm putting more weight on. Are you doing a 3D ultrasound? I opted for just a regular one because I just wanted to see and know that our baby is doing great. We got some major pieces for our nursery, and we hope to put the decor up by next week. We converted our office into the nursery, but we'll keep the walls very vanilla in color, and leave the wall decor to add color and flare to the room. I'm really glad you're taking the time to go away for some R&R, you really need it, especially with the type of work that you do. I really hope you have a great time. Well I'm crossing my fingers that both of our babies will make it to full term. As for the circumcision dilemma, it's not a big deal for us, but we might do it anyway. My husband doesn't care either way. Our big dilemma is having the baby christened. Our parents will both be here January, and my husband doesn't like the idea of having the baby christened at such an early time, less than a month. Plus the Catholic church that's close to us are requiring so many things, which we're not too happy about. Since you're a seasoned mom, I was wondering if you might have any tips on what's necessary to have handy during the first 2 months of the child's birth. Hope to hear from you and take care.

8/12/2009 12:31 PM
So great to hear from you! Sorry about your oral surgery...what a drag! I hope you are on the mend. All is well with me. My anatomy us is not until week 22 later this month, but I am excited. I started embroidery on sheets and onesies, so I am pretty set on Isaac(Ike). I am not registered anywhere as I truly have everything I need. Luckily, I was not a stickler for pink things with Edith so I have lots of things I can put a baby boy in! I feel pretty well, have some energy back and have started turning the library into a nursery and expect to paint this week. We are getting a lot of trips done before Ike is here, while it is just us two. We are going with the family to the mountains Laborday weekend and just got back from VA. We are going to Ga this we have been pretty busy. Edith starts preschool in 2 weeks and we are both pretty excited about that. What to expect when you are expecting is a great resource, I know it well. It is also worthwhile to get the one for the first year. It is a great resource and saved me from calling the Pediatrician multiple times! You are right also about the 24th week...within a NICU setting they have a good chance of surviving...but lets have term babies okay?! A baby boy Wow! I am getting a little grief from my family re my decision not to circumcise him...what do you plan to do? Just curious. Take care, looking forward to hearing from you soon!

8/7/2009 10:34 AM

Oh I'm doing fine, I had a major oral surgery 2 weeks ago and it was scarey for me. I didn't see that one coming but because I'm on my 2nd trimester, my doctor and dentists told me that it's better to get it done now and get the infection out of my system before it spreads. I had to take penicillin which was awful and smelled yucky, but it's safe to take. I found out that epinephrine is not good to have with the local anesthesia so I asked the surgeon not to use it. For a few weeks I couldn't eat anything solid so I was worried about the little one. I just had my 20 week anatomy ultrasound on Monday and the baby is doing great, he's a boy and he's doing great. The amniocentesis results were also good overall. He's now 3/4 of a lb. The doctor also told me that my length of my cervix is nice and long which is what you want. Isaac is a very nice name, we haven't pin-pointed a name that we want for our baby boy but we're so excited. He's quite the kicker! Yup we certainly are halfway there. I read somewhere that when your baby reaches 24 weeks it reaches the point of viability. Have you registered yet? Read any good books? I've been reading What to Expect When You're Expecting and another book which is more about what to do once the baby is born. I've also been listening to a lot of podcasts. It's amazing what I've learned so far. So nice to hear from you!

8/5/2009 5:58 AM
Just wanted to check in and see how your are feeling. Hope all is well. Besides feeling hot, fat and tired consistently, I am elated. I have gained more weight this time...but trying to keep things in check. Pregnancy at 43 is significantly different than at 40! I have decided to name him Isaac, "Ike", and nearly everyone likes it. Do you know the sex of your baby yet? We are halfway there!
To others out there, don't lose faith...I had only one good egg and one healthy embryo and was successful, so hang in there and don't let the daily grind of meds and apptmts get you down..the outcome will be worthwhile.
Kristina- congratulations! Hope you continue to get good news!

7/10/2009 5:55 AM
I am 39 My hubby is 44. In May i began on the IVF meds
On May 19 We only had one 10 cell grade 4 embryo to transfer, 3dt
I got my first faint positive 7 dpt I test everyday
Then on june 1st my beta was 337 Second beta (3days later) 740
Have a 3 ultrasounds baby looks great. I just went off the progestrone shots
and have my first obgyn appt on july 16.
We are very excited.

6/29/2009 7:10 PM
Hi Roxanne,

I am actually happy that you still post. I come here from time to time just in case I stumble into a post that relates to what I'm going through. Thank you for thinking of me, and I too thought of you in my prayers. The test itself doesn't scare me as much as the result does. Being 42 now, the statistics on my group is scarey, but we're far invested in this pregnancy, and all I can really do is hope and pray for the best. At least your past the danger zone and your pregnancy is coming along just fine.

Oh I had my share of chicken cravings. I had 10 pieces of chicken wings and french fries. I told my husband, I don't think I can eat chicken anymore, not for weeks. Today, I bought some pregnancy snacks all made by Belly Bar. 2 days after my amnio, I'm flying to Chicago and will need to bring some healthy snacks, and I got some belly bar chews which contains folic acid, dha and calcium. It's expensive at $10 a bag, but it does taste good. I got the belly bars which I found to be cheapest at Target for a pack of 5 for $7.99. At pea in the pod and the motherhood store, those cost $2.50 each, and wholefoods they're $2.25 each. Lastly, I got the bellybar shakes, which are not cheap at $10.99 for a pack of 4, which I found at wholefoods. All 3 items you can actually take before, during and after the pregnancy.

I really like Daniel too, and it's not common here in California. That's actually one of the names I have in mind if it's a boy, but my husband is more partial to an in Italian name, so Mateo is the winner. We seem to have more choices for a girl and we haven't pin-pointed which one we want, and we might wait until we see how the baby looks and then decide on the name. None of them are on the top 100 and they are foreign names.

Hang in there, at least you know what to expect because you're already a mom. Everything is new to me. My husband is hoping for a baby girl because from I've been told he made his mom run around, but he's great because he's been taking good care of me, and he cooks!

And regarding the clothing situation, I've been swapping clothes with my sisters. I've been giving them clothes that no longer fit me, and they'be been giving clothes that don't fit them anymore because they lost weight, and I put on the weight. Do keep me posted. I enjoy hearing from you.

6/28/2009 9:20 PM
I was so happy to see you are still checking postings...I had been thinking about you. I have heard that amnio is not bad at rest assured. I tend to be a pessimist about things, I am an ER doc and am kind of programmed to look for "the worst thing" a patient could I think I really held back on a lot of joy waiting for CVS results. It is a shame, but it is something I recognize in myself. So, now it is no holds barred for me..I am elated, however, I am tired, emotional and nervous as well. It is such a leap of faith bringing new life into the truly is. Being a mother already, I not only worry about the new baby's health, but I have to worry about my own...for her sake. It is comlicated emotionally...I envy the 20 year olds who carry a devil may care attitude about it all..

It sounds like you are doing great. I too, have found my clothes tight and am ashamed to say have already gained 10 lbs. I do crave food, but mostly food that is not too very healthy. I used to love chicken, I can barely handle preparing raw meat for my daughter now! I have had no vomiting but a lot of nausea so I eat ravenously when it appeals to me and frequently this causes me to not make great choices. Thanks for the supplement info., I will definitely get some. I have a really hard time swallowing the horse pill prenatals. Try not to worry so much about your weight...I truly believe that your body tells you what you need in the form of cravings. I experienced that last time as well.

I really like the name Daniel, although it is a very popular choice. My daughter's name is Edith and I find people either truly love it or despise it...I love it because other than the occasionsal 90 year old ER patient, you never hear it! We call her "edie". I am still thinking about names however. I am also nervous about raising a son as a single parent. My brother gave my parents hell! Well keep me was really good to hear things are well!

6/26/2009 5:36 PM
Thanks to you all for posting! Reading through the success stories helps ease some of my frustration and gives me renewed hope.

I also was wondering if I could ask you something - when you were trying to conceive, what vitamins/supplements seemed to work for you? I've tried various combination's but I'd love to hear from someone who was successful, to see what worked for them/you. My husband and I will do one more round of injectables before moving on to IVF. Thus far we've done a total of 6 IUI's. Any advice you have to offer is more than welcome!

Congrats to you all!

6/25/2009 7:03 PM
Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm 41 and have had 3 miscarriages and 1 failed IVF cycle. Just last month, however, we transferred the one remaining frozen embryo and it worked. I'm about 7 weeks right now, but very nervous because of the previous miscarriages, also because of concern about Down's or other problems.

Our infertility issues are unexplained, but likely due to the age of my eggs. When we did IVF, only 3 out of 30 developed to the point that they could be implanted. I don't know for sure what helped, but I started seeing a counselor last fall after the most recent miscarriage. She has really helped me bring my stress level down. I also started walking 3 miles everyday without fail, and that helped with the stress as well. I didn't really expect the frozen embryo transfer to work. I think the reduced stress helped, but in any case it made me a happier person. Wish me luck with this pregancy!

6/25/2009 2:54 PM
Hi Roxanne,

Congratulations on your CVS test results, and I bet it's exciting to know that it's a baby boy for you. Have you decided on a name yet? My husband and I decided to skip the first trimester screening test and opted for the amnio, only because we're also both in our 40s, and it screens for other genetic disorders. We actually consulted with a genetic counselor to assess what works better for us. I'm having the test done on the 6th of July so I'm crossing my fingers. I definitely understand your concerns, because it's the same thing we are going through now. Oh fyi, I saw my ob/gyn for my 2nd trimester appointment. She recommended that I take omega 3 supplements, she recommend Expecta, especially if DHA/EPA or omega3 is not contained in your prenatal vitamins. From my blood test results, they found that my blood count is on the low side, so I'm taking iron supplements, she recommended SLOWFE. That explains my afternoon fatigue and why I'm been craving meaty foods. But she also recommended the green leafy veggies, and prunes to fight any constipation brought on by the iron supplements. The DHA/EPA supplement is really important for the baby's brain development, and to prevent a premature birth. I have to admit that at this stage, I've been an eating machine, and I've been drinking a lot of fluids too. Also, a lot of my clothes don't fit me that much anymore, which scares me sometimes, but it doesn't matter, the baby is more important to me. I'm not at the point where I'm showing, but my doctor did tell me that in 2 weeks I won't be able to wear the pants that I wore at my appointment. My tummy is measuring 12 cms, and we heard our baby's heartbeat which is at 160bpm.

So I have to ask, are you having any food cravings right now? Did you ever get nauseous at anytime during your first trimester? Strange, but I never got morning sickness, just a slight heartburn at night, but I don't even get that anymore. But I did crave cherries and lots of fruits, chocolates, and sometimes Chinese food.

Thank you so much for keeping me posted! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

6/24/2009 4:18 PM
Hey, just wanted to check in and see how things are with you and to give you an update. I am breathing a big sigh of cvs results came in today and and there are 46 chromosomes and he's a boy!!! I am relieved and thrilled. It has been a roller coaster ride and I finally feel on the "down-slope". I was truly worried re genetic defects and being an older and single mom, I did not want to burden my daughter with someone who may be totally dependent on her if something should happen to me. I hope all is well with you and hope you check in to see my note and give me an update. Second trimester here we come!

5/15/2009 3:24 PM

Well it was a great birthday present for me and a Happy Mother's Day to you. I'm just on the weekly progesterone but they want me to stay on it for another week, until my next blood test which is next Thursday. I can't believe my progesterone level went down to 14.8 which according to them is borderline. I'd rather be safe than sorry so I don't mind the progesterone shots. I'm so glad you all is going well for you too. The cramping has definitely dissipated, but I've had some strange pains when I do stretch. Please follow your doctor's instructions because he/she would know more. I tried to see if there's anything I can do naturally to improve my progesterone level, and the only thing I found was taking more vitamin b6, but I'm not sure if that information is reliable or not. I can't believe your due date is just 11 days away from mine. Yes it is indeed a great Christmas gift for us.

5/14/2009 7:09 PM
That is awesome! I am sure that they are just being cautious...are you on estrogen as well? I had a 7 week us done yesterday, so far all is going well. I am extremely tired consistently but no more cramps. My doc wants me to stay on prometrium and estrogen patches until week 9, "just to be cautious", although my numbers supposedly look okay. I am hopeful, but still reserved until I have CVS done on June 8th. I was glad to see your recent post and know things are well. Keep me updated! Good Luck.

By the way my EDC is Dec. 28th! What a Christmas gift for us both!

4/14/2009 5:13 PM

I'm turning 42 in May. My doctor actually was the one who told me to do the IVF treatment instead of IUI because of my age and FSH level. The center where I got my treatment seems to be more in favor of IVF because of the higher success rate. One tip, I'd love to impart with is that I gave up a lot of the things I love to: no long distance running during the ivf cycle, absolutely no caffeine, no alcohol, no deep fried foods, and I drank milk, lots of water, ate organic food, didn't have refined sugar nor carbs in my diet and I ate 3 small meals with and 2 snacks. I can probably say that it probably helped.

4/13/2009 5:24 PM
Glad to hear of all the success stories. I'll be trying IVF again in May. (Been doing medicated IUI's so far early this year.) I keep hearing that you just have to keep trying. I'm up for that, but my eggs probably only have so much life left in them (I'll be 42 in Oct.) Also, bank account can only handle so much. I think by the end of the summer I am not Pg I'll consider adoption.

4/9/2009 4:31 PM
I'm new to this site but I thought I'd share my first IVF experience. I really had no one to talk to except for the nurses and doctors where I had my first IVF cycle. I'm 41 years old and am about to turn 42 in May of this year. I started out with chlomid and I was doing accupuncture for the first cycle. I stopped accupuncture, but did 3 more cycles of chlomid, which didn't really work. My doctor referred me to an infertility clinic. At first I was recommended for either an IUI or an IVF, but after I had my blood test done, in which my fsh level was about 12, my doctor said to do the IVF treatment. My next decision was either to start the cycle this year or next year, or this month or the next month, my ob/gyn said do it this year because my egg quality goes down as I get older.

So I started the cycle in March, and not everything went smooth. I had problems ranging from billing, not getting the calls, getting bruises from my blood tests and etc. I was instructed to get more medication only to find out the next day that I won't need them after all. The worst experience was probably the egg retrieval day when they couldn't get the ivy on me arms nor on my hands, and fasting after midnight. My doctor was only able to retrieve 3 eggs and told me that I was going to do the 3 day transfer. At this time, I changed my diet, (no coffee, no added refined sugar on anything, no white pasta, very little white rice, and nothing medium rare nor raw meats nor fish. I had 2 breakfasts, smoothie and an oatmeal, and protein rich food for lunch and dinner. I had no alcohol, and I curtailed my exercise to a minimum of 30 minutes of walking or hiking that's not strenuous, and used 5 lb weights for easy exercises. Got a lot of exercise to minimize my stress, but I was under a lot of stress this whole time. So I changed a lot of things in my life and so did my husband.

On the morning of the transfer I was told that my eggs had not developed at the level that they would prefer to do the transfer which is about 6 to 8 cells. If I did the transfer on the 3 days, the doctor said that there's a 5 to 10% chance that I can get pregnant. But if I went with the 5 day transfer, I'd have an 80% chance that the eggs will not develop, but if they did develop further I'd have a 20% chance of getting pregnant. I decided to go with the 3 day transfer and take my chances that it will develop more inside of me even though I only had that small chance of getting pregnant. My odds were not really good, but it was a chance that I was willing to take. The trasfer was easy and non invasive. I was told to drink 32 oz of water before the transfer. I thought that was a lot of water for someone as short and tiny as I am, so I only did 16 oz. When my doctor checked he said that I need to empty my bladder. When I got home after the transfer, I just stayed in bed and ate in bed and only got up to go to the bathroom or check e-mail. I read in some post that eating pineapple helps with the implantation. I gave it a try and had some in my smoothie. The progesterone shots are not fun, by far it's the most painful shot I've had to take out of all of the medications from the ivf cycle. One night I had a bad pulling sensation on the right side of my uterus, but I took deep breaths and my husband got me some hot towels to put on top of my tummy and that helped. I experienced this immediately after the progesterone shot. My butt got bruises and that area was really itchy. But today, I got my first blood test. I had my papsmear test 2 hours later and while I was there I was asked to take a pregnancy test with the urine. My obgyn told me that it's positive!!! After a few minutes my other doctor announced that I'm pregnant with 140 level. I'm still taking it in and can't believe it. I told my husband and he can't believe it. I told him that we're not on the clear yet because I still have to take another blood test and a final ultrasound with my doctor before I'm released to my regular obgyn. Lastly, I weighed myself yesterday and found myself to have lost 5 pounds. I was told that it's ok because my body is supposed to adjust from all of the medications that made me bloated. But they did tell me that I will soon gain weight with the pregnancy. That's my experience so far!

3/13/2009 11:54 AM
I really like this web site, there are so many people my age dealing with the same problems. I've just posted on another topic as well. My infertility is due to endometriosis and PCOS, as well as retroverted uterus. My husband and I got married when I was 31 and started trying right away. 16 months later, we decided to start IUI treaments with Clomid. After year or so of that we decided to go straight for the big guns: IVF. It worked right away! (we have one child) But we've tried 3 times since then with no luck. Now, at 39, my ovaries are pre-menopausal and all the eggs retrieved from this last cycle were all abnormal. We're looking at an egg donor if we decide to continue our quest for more children.

I am a big believer in pursuing IVF if you can. I can't say enough how lucky we were to decide to try it years ago because I think that if we had waited, it might not have worked. I have a friend who has been considering IVF for a few years now but has been too afraid to spend the money in case it doesn't work. She's older than I am and desperate to have a child and I've been encouraging her to just do it. In my honest opinion, I feel that if it's at all possible to pursue, it's best to at least try and end up having to say, "well, I did all that I could" instead of not trying and wondering if it would have worked!

2/14/2009 4:20 PM
I have been through a total of 9 IUIs to date (the last one was yesterday). The first 3 were done with Clomid & the rest were done with Follistim AQ. I was successful on my 6th IUI (which was the 3rd one on Follistim) and have a 24 month old. I was 34 & my husband was 40 when we first started trying. Even though he's older, the problem is with me, not him. I had unexplained infertility as is so typical of when something is wrong with me. I had my baby when I was 37. Now, we are trying again & I'll be 40 in May.

2/12/2009 12:04 PM
Jaydeekay - I had 3 IUIs and I'm trying IVF for the first time now... almost at the egg retrieval part if all goes well. I have endometriosis and aparently, that makes my "eggs" get old faster. I'm almost 34 and my eggs are already pre-menopausal as I understood (or at least much older than my age). That was a shock but as per all of you, I'm crossing my fingers and hope that faith will be as I wish for so strongly. Best of luck to you! sincerely!

2/12/2009 10:04 AM
Glad to hear you were successful. We are also "old". I am 41, have been trying for 2 years. His sperm is fine - been deemed "excellent" by Doctor. So problem is with me. Have done 6 IUIs and 2 IVFs (getting ready for third.) Hoping that it won't take too many trys, bank account can only afford a couple more. ! Had one miscarriage from first IVF.

2/12/2009 7:04 AM
BURLHB - how many cylces of IVF did you have to go thru before it was successful? And this may be too personal also, but would you share what problems you and your husband had? My husband and I also are both contributing to the problem of not being able to conceive. We are getting ready to go back to the Dr. in Mar. for the first frozen embryo transfer.

1/9/2009 1:38 PM
You're welcome.

1/9/2009 12:42 PM
Thanks again for sharing.

I'm encouraged!

1/9/2009 12:41 PM
I see...

1/8/2009 9:14 AM
It was both of us.  I think we are just really old!

1/7/2009 10:09 PM
BTW, I know that it's a personal question but,

But is it you or your husband that had the fertility problem?

You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

1/7/2009 10:04 PM
Thanks for sharing!  I didn't know that assisted reproduction could take that long but I guess every circumstance is different.

I'm ready to give it a try anyway...

1/5/2009 8:36 PM
We conceived after IVF - but it took many years.

1/5/2009 8:33 PM
Did you conceive naturally or did you undergo treatment?  If you needed treatment, what finally worked?

1/5/2009 8:28 PM
After years of trying it took a long time for us to conceive.  We tried everythnig.   Stay with it.  It's hard to say what really works, but don't give up?
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