Choosing an IVF protocol for over 40! Help!
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Choosing an IVF protocol for over 40! Help! Expand / Collapse

3/20/2013 11:31 AM
Take the BCP if that's what he wants you tp do. What that does is gives your ovaries a rest, they are going to be all over the place here soon and need a little nap before they get to work. Also if you are over 40 I would highly suggest doing genetic testing on your embryos before implantation, that gives you a better shot of having a viable pregnancy. My husband and I had 13 embryos that were watched through day 5, by day 3 we had 11 and by day 5 we only had 3. We sent those into have genetic testing and out of those 3 we have one boy one girl and one downs. We had the boy implanted on valentines day and after 2 years of ttc we are 8 weeks pregnant.
So words of advice, listen to your dr and go to a dr that does icsi and watches embryo through day 5 before implant and also has available the resource of genetic testing.

8/22/2011 1:05 PM

I am new here, 41 yo and gearing up for my first IVF cycle in Oct--getting nervous, especially since, considering my family's finances, we may only get one shot at this. My highest FSH has been 14 and my AMH was 0.34--so I was diagnosed --ARA advanced reproductive age and DOR diminished ovarian reserve. My antral follicle count was 8 total--4 on each side(not bad, I thought!). My RE first wanted me to NOT do birth control and just Lupron and Follistim (high dose). Now he has changed it to me using BCP for 21 days and then doing micro dose lupron--then high dose Follistim b/c he was worried I would over supress. I am thinking about pushing for NO bcps and just estrogen priming during the two weeks between ovulation and stims. What do you ladies think? I really feel like the first time is a crap shoot--I just want to make sure I have made the best decision that I can.

Any input or experiences are greatly appreciated!

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