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3/9/2014 10:54 PM
Wow! this is encouraging! I am on my 2 week wait and its beginning to eat me up. Today is day 6 after a blastocyst transfer. I would be having my tests this week, but I am having slight cramps which feel like my period is coming. This is why I am so nervous. I am so happy for you.

1/16/2012 7:04 PM
Just to update on my last post, our baby girl was born January 5 2012! Looking back on this time last year, I did not know if it ever would be possible for us to be parents of your own newborn. But, here I am, feeding and changing a new baby, at once elated and sleep deprived just like any other new parent. We are so lucky to have our little miracle, I hope you soon have yours too.

6/11/2011 1:15 PM
What a long journey this has been! I want to share my experience to show that all the emotional and physical pain, the money and the time spent on these treatments can be worth it. After TTC for 1 year we went and started the battery of tests. First we found my husbands sperm is slow. All my hormones looked normal and tubes were clear but my Doc suspected endometiosis. The other thing she found was that when she did an ultrasound at ovulation my endometrium was thin. We did 4 IUI's with clomid, without success. I then had laproscopic exploration for endometiosis, which she did find, and removed adhesions, including ones that were adhering my ovaries to the wall of my abdomiopelvic cavity. We than did 2 more IUI's without success.

We decided IVF was next but knew we needed time to relax some and save money (although we did not save enough, the IVF process used nearly all of our retirement and savings). This last december we started the first IVF round, they immediately had to change my med dosages due to my endometiral lining not thickening like it should. After that things looked good and all signs pointed toward plenty of good eggs. However, when they retrieved them we found they were not mature. The doctor said with where my follicles were, and my hormone levels, it was very odd that my eggs were not mature and he had only seen that 3 other times in all his years in IVF.

So, the next round (we let my body rest for one natural cycle then started back up again), I did a double "trigger shot" which matures the eggs. The results were better but still not great, particularly for my age (28). We did get 7 to fertilize, but they were not dividing very quickly and the doctors were not optimistic. They said although my body creates hormones for some reason my ovaries and uterus don't seem to respond appropriately. We transferred 4 embryos but pretty much expected a negative pregnancy test. The should have been 6 or 8 cells each and our were 4 and 5. We were looking into options for donor eggs.

But then, my test was positive, a beta of 89. And everything is still going well, I am now 9 weeks and have seen and heard the baby's heartbeat. This is a long story, but the ultimate message is that it is possible to beat the odds. Don't give up hope.
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