pcos/glumetza/ovarian drilling
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6/6/2011 9:35 AM
hi new to the forum, not new to fertility treatments. 34 yo, have thin woman pcos, have done clomid, iui, and had a little boy in 2008 after 2 yrs and 2 rounds ivf combined with accupuncture. having been trying for 2nd child ever since this time with femara, follistim, ovidrel but no success. not sure i'm willing to do ivf again (cost, what to do with left over embryo's etc) so looking for alternatives. have tried everything so looking for something outside the norm if you will-
couple questions: i see a lot of people on Glumetza? why that instead of the more common generic metformin or metformin er? the reason i ask is the 1st time around i was able to take 2000mg/day of metformin er no problem-not that it gave me cycles, but RE said reduced risk of miscarriage. this time around i can't even take 500mg (1pill) per day without dibilitating diarrhea. curious if anyone had similar experience and able to tolerate glumetza better.
2nd question-anyone with pcos had ovarian drilling? no RE in my area (WI) seems willing to do it, but i see a lot of internet chat with women who have had success.
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